Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality & Compatibility

 The Sun and Moon signs of these natives are in opposition, meaning that they counteract each other’s highs and lows, making the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon native a usually balanced individual.

Although they’re usually calm and collected about things and come to conclusions after deep thought, they can be ruled solely by emotion when it comes to love and relationships. They fall in love deeply and when you (or they) least expect it.

In general, however, they are steady and wise and think about things from an objective perspective.

Personality Traits

Here are some of the personality traits of people with this sign combination:

Often labelled as stubborn, these natives are mostly just very determined about what they want to do with their lives. But the label isn’t all farce, they can be quite stubborn when they want to and it takes a lot of time and effort to convince them of something, if it happens in the first place that is.

They like to be in control of most or everything around them if they can help it. This may seem like they are greedy, or lustful individuals, but that isn’t true. They like to be in power but they usually have no greed in them and only want to be in a position of power so that they can control what they do and how they do it.

They are extremely ambitious individuals who work harder than anyone for the goals they want to achieve. They are smart and know the best path to take to attain the level of success they are after and, given that the Taurus is one of if not the most enterprising of all the signs, they will stop at nothing to achieve the goal they are after.

These obstacles that come in the way of them achieving their goals can be physical or emotional, the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon native knows how to handle both. Even if they are stressed and nervous on the inside, they will never let anyone in on this secret and maintain a cool, calm, and collected exterior.

The intensity with which they go after their daily tasks is something to be envied and something that is envied by people around them. This leads to them gaining a lot of respect and adoration from their peers and colleagues.

taurus sun scorpio moon

When they get especially distressed about something, it is likely that they will turn to spirituality or philosophy in some way. They can be quite religious at times and sometimes not at all, but either way, looking inside and reflecting on their own actions is something almost every individual with this sign combination does.

Since their Moon is in Scorpio, they are also quite aggressive, impulsive, and instinctive. They like to go after things with a passion and let their intuition guide the way.

They often crave stability in life and hold on to things that provide them. Given that their Sun is in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, these natives are great at handling long term projects in terms of their work, and also long-term relationships.

They carefully pick the people they want to be around and often don’t betray their emotions quickly or to anyone. As mentioned, they generally put on a tough exterior and don’t let anyone see what is going on behind the mask.

If you’re one of the few people that they trust enough with their emotions, you should keep that trust and never break it since their Scorpio Moon leads them to be extremely vengeful if or when crossed.

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They are very artistic in nature and are likely to end up in a profession that allows them to use their creativity to its utmost potential. They like to find the beauty in things and this pursuit of beauty allows them to create wonderful pieces of art or to integrate art or artistic mannerisms and patterns into whatever it is they’re working on.

They find it quite easy to deal with their own emotions and fight their inner demons. In fact, they don’t fight their inner demons at all. They make peace with them, acknowledge that they exist, and try to change them as best they can. They can find calm and peace quite easily, as compared to other signs, and this also allows them to be better creators and better friends and lovers.

They may also be interested in the occult or in psychology since Scorpios are also known as The Sorcerers. It is likely that they will be a little devious once in a while and use the psychological knowledge they have to manipulate people to have their way.

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon man can be quite unlucky in most matters due to the opposing signs in his zodiac. Although he may face a lot of hardships and try his best to overcome them, he will never let anyone know that he is struggling and will maintain his charming exterior that invites people into his world.

They can also be quite self-destructive because of this because they have no proper outlet for their feelings and emotions since they tend to keep to themselves mostly about their emotions.

Although quite ambitious, they can be lazy at times and procrastinate until work begins to pile up. This is not something that usually happens but the idea that it might shouldn’t be discarded either.

Since they find it so hard to trust people, the ones they do trust, they rely upon. This can often lead to toxicity and neediness in the relationships of these natives. They are also likely to take a long while to recover from a breakup since it took so long for them to build a foundation of trust with this person and they now have to let them go.

When they are in a relationship, they can be quite possessive, once again due to their trust issues. They are not above spying on their partner when in dire straits.

He has a rare magnetism and charm that is fueled by his calm sense of self. This makes him extremely attractive and it isn’t unlikely to find them being hit on by multiple people at once.

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The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

Just like their male counterpart, the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon woman lacks trust and can often have lower self-worth than natives of other signs. They can be quite sensitive to what others have to say about them and this leads to them being defensive when they hear anything being said about them.

On the inside, she is incredibly passionate and wants to channel all of her energy into the projects that she is working on. They take things in a fun and playful way when they trust you but at the same time, their intensity is unparalleled. They want intensity and passion from their partner and want them to reciprocate how they act towards them.

Due to her Scorpio Moon, she is an extremely sexual person and wants this to be the case with her partner as well. It is possible that she will give more importance to sexual chemistry and intensity over other desirable factors in her potential partner, like intelligence or sense of humour.

They thrive in natural settings, and given their wild nature, are likely to be found outdoors.

Love & Marriage

As mentioned, the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon native is extremely passionate and intense. They place a lot of importance on physical pleasure and it is essential for them to connect with their partner on a physical level before agreeing to anything in the long term.

Since they also take a while to trust people, finding them a good partner can take a while. But once they do find this person, they will make sure that they are completely devoted and loyal to them.

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Their devotion makes their partner feel incredibly safe and secure, but they should be careful not to cross or cheat on a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon native since they are likely to be extremely vengeful and come back at the person who hurt them with full force.

They need physical demonstrations of love such as hugs and kisses and can’t do without constant reassurance since they don’t trust easily. Their intuitive nature can help them know when a person is lying to them. They can feel it in their gut when something wrong happens and most of the time their instincts are right, so they should follow them, albeit not blindly.

Best Match

The best match for someone with the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon sign would be a person who has a water sign or a strong water sign influence, preferably Scorpio. Scorpios value sexual intensity and connectivity and are loyal like no one else, so they will make great partners for these natives.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon sign natives are not likely to have a good relationship with an air or fire sign individual since their signs are completely opposite as are their personalities. 

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  1. I am a Taurus/Sun-Scorpio/Moon-woman, who was married for 63 years to a Ram-man.We grew up in post-war Germany and knew each other since I was 15 and he 17, because we went to the same High-School. From the beginning there was a lot of friction between us, we even parted for 3 years, while he went out with another girl and I also found a new love. But unfortunately, this young man soon found someone else he loved more than me. Hurt and disappointed I opted to go to England for a year as an “au pair”, but before I would leave, “Mr. Ram” surprisingly called me one evening and asked to see me.It turned out that his girlfriend had found somone else, and when he consulted his “little black book”, he found my name and thought:”why not?!” Since we both had matured a bit, we started dating and found each other quite pleasant, only when I told him of my England-plans, he became quite upset. But since that would not happen until a month from then, we spent a lot of time together and realizing that we were both falling in love.Pretty soon though problems developed with our families. We came from different religious backgrounds, plus his Father had already visions of the ideal wife for his son, which were the complete opposite from what I was like..
    My Mother ( my Father had been killed during WW II ) also had strong misgivings about this young man: he was NOT at all, who she had envisioned as a husband for me. But now I was encouraged by both sides to go England for a year as planned… and if by any chance we would survive the separation and feel the same way about each other as now, no one would stand in our way anymore.We agreed, and so I started the longest and loneliest year in my life alone in England.
    Needless to say: we survived the long separation and our families had to accept the fact: that we were together now forever!
    While I was in England, my future husband had enrolled in a Technical University to get a Mechanical- Engineering degree,while I, after my stay in England, started working for an Insurance Co, so we only saw each other on weekends.
    Then something unplanned happened: I found out that I was pregnant! When I told him he said:” oh… good…let’s get married tomorrow, because I don’t have classes then.” Of course we had to buy rings first and get blood-tests, and we only told his favorite cousin and his wife about our plans.We did not want to tell the family yet, because his Father had an explosive temper and would rant and rave for hours when things did not go according to his plans…and this we wanted to avoid right now! That meant: without telling the family, we would get married in “City Hall” first, at the time the only legal marriage in Germany that counted, and a Church-wedding could be done after that.
    A week later we were “Husband and Wife” and even went on a short weekend- honey-moon, in a little picturesque town on the Mosell-River, where I found out for sure, what I had not wanted to admit before: I was married to an alcoholic!
    A month later we decided to tell our Families, but separately: he went to his and I to mine.After the “Storm” had blown over, my new Father in law informed us, that we HAD to get married now in the Catholic Church, and he would arrange everything.
    I also should become a Catholic…NO WAY JOSE! But out of respect for my new Mother in law, also a convert after she had married, I promised do try!
    I was soon confronted by a dried up, humorless Jesuit Padre and told: that I was not allowed to ask any questions, that I had pray to the Virgin Mary for forgiveness of my sins, say the “Lords Prayer” 15 times and 15 “hail Mary’s” 3 times a day, and maybe then I would be allowed to join the Church! After I had recovered from this unpleasant surprise,I asked him If he knew anything about the Faith I was raised in, to which he crowed:”Faith?That is no Faith, that’s the devils work, you insolent child… Satan surely will get your soul after you die, and take you to hell and eternal damnation…! After that I got up and left, never to return. Luckily my husband had witnessed the whole thing and reported it to his Father, who after hearing this, left me alone about becoming a Catholic! But he scheduled a Catholic Wedding at St, Andrew’s Church in Town, and afterwards we all went to a very fancy Restaurant on top of a Mountain along the Rhine River.
    After that it was decided,since in” after war Germany” everything was destroyed and no apartments to be had, that we should move into my husbands parents house and live in his room. I was not happy about that, but there was not much choice, after all: we were expecting our first child.
    When our first daughter was born, I noticed a definite “cooling”-off starting with my husband.He did not come home after his studies were over, many nights it was 2-3 o’clock in the morning when he showed up, totally drunk! He had become the oldest and only son of the House again, among 3 younger sisters, who along with his Mother were at his” beck ‘n call”. He did not talk to me about where he was and why he was not showing up, and the new Baby was of course” all mine” to take care of,
    we were lucky that she did not cry during the night.
    After one of his nightly-excursions I told him: I would move back to my Mothers House and stay there, which I did. The next day he came, apologizing and begging me to come back to him again. I was reluctant because I knew he would not change,but I gave him a chance. This time he kept his word, and all of a sudden he took an interest in his new daughter, helping me bathe her, changing her diapers and giving her the bottle. For a while everything was well between us, but then he became restless again and withdrew from me, I thought for sure: this would be the end of us!
    Then a letter arrived from America. We had friends who had emigrated the year before to the USA, and now they were telling us how they had fared so far.
    They had their own Apartment in a nice neighborhood, and one of those great American cars with white- wall tires, “street-cruisers” we called them… he had found work right away, she was working too, and they urged us to follw them, they would sponsor for us and we could live with them for a few months, until we could move into an apartment of our own!
    This was God-sent to us, and we applied for our Visa the very next day!
    Our Families of course were flabberghasted! Were we out of our minds? Move to a strange country across the Ocean, not speaking their language, having no idea what we were getting into, and there were Gangsters and murderers around every corner…and my Father in law made the prediction: “you’ll be back here within 1 year, and your wife will run away with the first rich American she meets!” Oy Veh.
    One year later, on a crisp November day 1957, we took off in a Ship from Rotterdam, Holland across the Atlantic Ocean towards NYCity USA.
    Since then we have been living in the USA, frequently moving from State to State because of my husbands changing jobs.
    WE started in Chicago, where we lived for 5 years and had one more daughter.
    In Chicago I became aware, that my husband was unhappy with me. He did not show up from work at night, but prefered instead going to topless bars and worse.
    Unfortunately he met a Mexican with low morals and carnal knowledge, he passed on to my husband and our life changed because of that. He seemed to have no interest in his family or his children, least of all in me. I was bewildered, because he refused to talk about things, saying it was not my fault…which was most confusing of all! Finally I told him, that I would go back to Germany with the children and get a divorce, so he was free to live the life he preferred, away from his family. But that he did not want at all and our family-life became better.Then he surprised me one day with the news: that he, the Mexican and 2 other guys from work were going to Mexico for 3 weeks, because he needed a vacation! I was crushed. But at a party one night I had overheard the Mexican tell the other men: that each year he was going to Mexico to visit all his favorite whore-houses! To the question:” aren’t you married”? he answered:” of course, so what..my penis has no eyes!”{
    When I told my husband about that he said:”oh, don’t believe that, he is just kidding!” Well, he was NOT kidding and had invited my husband and 2 other married guys along for the trip! I begged him not to got, but instead take us on vacation somewhere, but he was set on going!
    The three weeks he was gone I did not hear ONE word from him: no phone-call, no postcard, nothing, while the other wives received plenty information from their men.
    I was miserable! Why should I stay here waiting for him? Why not pack my suitcase, take the children and fly to Germany, I had the passports already. But then I thought of my Mother I would have to stay with. She never liked my husband and told me at every opportunity that I should divorce him, becaues he was neither a good husband, nor a good Father! Thinking of a life with my Mother, with me going to work again and she raising my children, was aboslutely out of the question for me…so I stayed! On the said day he would be back, he came running up the stairs, the girls heard him coming and opened the door, he swooped them up in his arms and they squeeled with delight…and then it was my turn…bittersweet…knowing where he had gone and what he had done! He also had presents for us, he brought me a whole bagfull of silver jewelry…”to atone for his sins?” I thought…I never wore one piece of it! I asked him where they went and what they saw, but he hemmed and hawed, never answering my questions. Only once he told me:” we went to a Bar, there were all these women sitting around, and one got up, came towards me and said:”I’ll take him!” “Well” I asked him” did you go with her?” He looked at me and said without blushing:”you don’t think I really would…don’t you?” I did not answer… not wanting to frighten the girls. But it was clear to me from the very beginning what he had in mind, why did I stay with him?
    I was torn inside: “why did I let him do this to me,…why didn’t I throw him out…WHY? Obviously he was cheating on me from day one, and I never did anything about that, not even let him know that I knew! This is something that baffles me to no end…what am I….who am I…why did I stay with him until he died recently…and why do I miss him after all that? Can someone really love a person and then do all those things without any remorse over and over again,what kind of “Love” is that? I guess I will never find out now. becaus he is gone, and I am the one who is tortured by the past.


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