Capricorn Sun Libra Moon – Personality & Compatibility

A Capricorn Sun Libra Moon personality is not only ambitious but also a very comfortable one. They do not have any grand expectations from their lives but such a personality will also not settle for anything less than that they think they deserve.

It is alright to say that a Capricorn Sun Libra Moon personality is very contradictory in nature. Many people think that they are harsh, too ambitious, or carefree, but in reality they are warm, nice and always have good intentions towards others.

The goat sign enables them to be careful and organized, whereas the Libra makes them a bit indecisive and enables them to act on sudden impulses.

People around them will find them to be unconventional, but such a personality does not lack self-confident and is also very optimistic. They love being around people, especially friends and family, but at the same time they are more attached to other material things than actual people.

Personality Traits

The combination of Capricorn Sun Libra Moon makes this individual very open and positive compared to other similar Libra Moon personalities.

A bit of self-confidence and knowledge of their own capabilities makes them feel more independent. Sometimes they may struggle to achieve their dreams as the Libra present in their sun-sign, forces them to want too much of appreciation or approval from people around them.

One of the best qualities a Capricorn has is that they will easily forget their own needs or desires when it comes to making other people happy. But in terms of expression, they are usually shy and it is really a shame for them to be so shy.

Their ability to contemplate and their bold attitude is what makes them wise. They should always allow the Capricorn present in them to take over their ideas and put them to practice.

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In matters of love, they are very romantic and would love to put their partners on a pedestal. They will really work hard to make their relationship interesting but what they really need is to look beyond just the physical aspects of being in a relationship and choose someone who shares some similar spiritual attributes as they do.

Such an individual will always be afraid to disobey anyone or any individual. One of the biggest challenges of their lives is to become more incisive instead of always finding a way by renouncing their own needs.

They will do very good in any kind of business till the time they are able to convince others how good and fair their offers are. The truth, that they want to be successful in life is what inspires them to work hard for their dreams and aspirations.

One of the things that they need to work on is their emotional side. They should always keep a tab on their emotional needs to ensure that they fulfil all their dreams and be as much consistent as possible.

They are always eloquent; hence people can easily understand them without asking too many questions.

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Good Traits

Thanks to the Moon present in Libra, this individual can many times feel tormented, especially with the dilemmas in his/her life. But one of the best aspects of it is that, it is very much possible for him/her to win this psychological drama by simply suppressing sensibility and following a clear and precise path.

Very honest and objective, such individuals tend to use up everything very similar to the depth and consciousness of the Sun present in Capricorn.

They will use all of their qualities and develop in many directions and are very well able to utilize all of their abilities or forces productively and wisely.

He or she is usually a balanced personality, who can easily keep cool even in some very chaotic situations. It is true that at times, even after being aware that they cannot handle a situation as it should be, they will never give up on trying.

In all they are kind, not very sensitive and empathic. 

Bad Traits

A Capricorn Sun Libra Moon personality is someone who has some very complicated characteristics. He or she is someone who cannot keep on condemning themselves for being sober and to have control over things, no matter how much they want. It is true that they usually succeed in doing so, but in the end they become lonely.

This is one of the major reasons, why these people many times have absolutely no idea where things are at present and are also not sure of their own deep-rooted desires. But even in such situations they will always adhere to their own beliefs and principles.

Their sense of simplicity and beauty will also lead to contradiction especially with their own concrete and clear spirit that wants them to live securely and safely.

Because of their insecurity, these individuals can sometimes completely fall apart, which is again because of the strict rules or principles that they keep on following.

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The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Man


There are very few women who can actually keep away from the charm of a Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Man. Although not a big help when it comes to domestic responsibilities, this man will win over everybody with his devotion and love especially towards his family members. He will display his love with the help of some grand gestures apart from sticking to all the promises that he makes.

Such a personality will always want to live a good life and will spend a lot on expensive and luxury items. He is more of an artist and less of a practical person. It is very much possible for him to get fame or recognition that too from a very young age.

The only drawback this personality has is that such a man will be prone to illegal substances or alcohol. If he is leading a very active life from the very start, it is very much possible that by the time he is thirty he will have no more life goals or dreams to achieve and this is the time when he will start to move towards self-destruction.

He will never shy away from expressing his love to someone he is really interested in and as a husband will do everything that is best for his lovely wife.

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Woman

Very similar to the Capricorn Sun Libra Moon male counterpart, this woman is also known to be bold and knows what she wants in her life and strives to achieve the same.

Her partner should be a strong person who is capable of keeping secrets really well. As an adult she will need a secure and romantic relationship. It is also true that for most part of her life she will have strained relationships with her father, brother, husband or any other man in her life.

Love & Marriage

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Similar to his/her life conditions, such individuals do not like fighting or quarrelling with their loved ones. But their partners need to be cautious, as they will say yes to everything that suits them and their principles, without even thinking of what their partners might want.

Love for them is something that should bring stability, peace and enjoyment in their lives and should not bring any kind of conflicts at all.

Unlike other Capricorn people, this type of personality would love his private life to be arranged.

In a relationship, he or she would be the one who is not only tactful but also very peaceful. Their sense of justice will work really well even in terms of his / her relationship. They believe that a love-affair is not a one-way thing and hence always develop deep loving relationships.

Of course because of the presence of Moon in Libra, he/she will always try and balance out their mental and emotional feelings.

They are very open when it comes to compromise for a relationship and any romantic bond they share will always grow stronger with time.

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Best Match

A Capricorn Sun Libra Moon personality is a bit conservative and tends to follow traditional values. Although their partners might feel that his/her essence in love is a bit cold, but actually such a person is very warm and always wants to share his/her feelings and thoughts.

Because of this contradictory nature, people often think of them as difficult to be with or sometimes even awkward. But all of this is not entirely true. Such a personality, in actual is very sentimental and loves to perform all of his/her duties towards their partners, which at times also includes sacrificing many of his/her own dreams for others.

The only lover who can match these traits in terms of love is the Aries sign, which is also opinionated, strong and passionate.

These two people when come together as a couple, complement each other really well. Others around them might feel that this is a very unusual combination, which is also true as both of them are stubborn and strong, but are of course different in all other ways.

Their partners should be tolerant and patient. Such a personality needs someone who can make him/her laugh comfortably. They need someone who is not only very serious and responsible but also kind and romantic and someone who understands the institution of marriage the way they do.

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