Libra Sun Virgo Moon – Personality & Compatibility

Capable of bringing some real change in this world a Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality is both idealistic and logical. Although at times they can become very reserved or even timid, but behind all these reservations they would love to express themselves.

They cannot tolerate chaos or defect, hence when they encounter anything like it they just go crazy. They worry a lot and have a tendency to think that their dreams are not going to turn into reality. The presence of Moon in their sun-sign inclines them towards healthy living.

They are very curious and will take note of every minute detail, like how their body is reacting to the food they are eating or how their muscles are twitching after a session of exercise. It is very much possible that some of them or as you may also call them the hypochondriacs will suffer from physiological issues or even paranoia.

Personality Traits

Libra Sun Virgo Moon personalities can very easily charm people with their organization and pleasant attitude, hence are very good hosts or managers for any event.

Discipline and discrimination are their qualities.

One of their best characteristic is that they will never hold a grudge for someone even if they don’t agree with them. They will silently stand behind their own values and beliefs without engaging in any confrontation with anyone.

They are never worried about challenges, they simply concentrate on their work and strategy and ensure that they succeed in what they are doing.

They are very good listeners but also have a great tendency to look at both sides of a situation.

You should always listen to their advice but for that it is very important for them to get totally involved with your problems. Being less cold and also emotional is what suits them.

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Although it is in their nature to express themselves but they are at times too shy to do so.

They should understand that being themselves is what suits them the best. The sun-sign that rules them gives them the critical and logical spirit of the Virgo which is then mixed up with the sociability and refined taste of the Libra.  

It simply means that such individuals are thoughtful and logical, if not asked for about their opinion they will never speak or open up. But once you ask them to talk, it will be just impossible to make them stop.

Libra sun

They love being around people who are influential, as it makes them feel a bit important. They should actually use their intellectual and creative abilities to give back something to the world.

Their insight and logic could help them to become good doctors, writers or even social workers.

They are very good in seeing behind the scenes and reaching up to an equilibrium especially when situation demands.

They will spend a lot of time decorating their home and office and will do that very skilfully, as they need a good, neat and tidy space for themselves.  

Doing something related to arts is what they should definitely try. As art can be a great way to put up all their thoughts and emotions into, which will not only be good for the world to see but also for themselves.

Good Traits

One of the best qualities of a Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality is that these people are blessed with patience and they bring a sense of balance in everything that they do. They are never excessive in any manner and will never go overboard with anything or anyone.

They are very good in controlling their emotions and feelings and no matter what goes wrong they try to maintain their self-control at all times, as if in good times they will stay normal and in bad times will try to remain calm and composed.

They will lead their lives with harmony and balance and like to open-up or close themselves up as and when they want, not how others around them expect them to be like.`

Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality is a one with principles, who is primarily guided by the ideals of love, justice and passion.

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Bad Traits

It is very natural for such a complex personality to have some flaws, and hence very common for them to feel split between pessimism and optimism, realism and idealism – but in the end what matters is which way he or she will choose.

Because of this dual nature, sometimes the situations become very complicated for them especially when it comes to dealing with people. This duality many times will give rise to various misunderstandings in their surrounding environment.

It is possible for such a personality to neglect his/her creative nature just to ensure things are right or perfect, but by doing so he/she definitely loses on to other things.

They can be critical and judgemental as they think that they know what is best for them and also do not like others to manage things for them. They feel like improving everything and hence keep on organizing others also.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon Man

libra man

Such a man can easily analyse and talk about just anything for a long time. Although he takes his time to land-up at a decision and should also ensure that he is not paying much attention to his very first impulse. And it is always a good idea to first measure things up, as he is very good in seeing all the pros or cons of a situation.

He is sincere and direct and not at all a macho kind of a man. He will openly express himself and will also expect others to do the same. He will love someone who is neat and also tidy.

As a parent, he will give everything to his children including loads of his time. Such a man is very passionate about health and well-being and will love to visit every organic shop that he could find around him.

A Libra Sun Virgo Moon man loves to criticise and can scrutinize every single piece of art or object with his critical mind.

He is definitely not the one who loves to party a lot. It’s not that he is not that social, rather he prefers or likes simple quiet nights with his loved ones around.

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The Libra Sun Virgo Moon Woman

The best characteristic of a Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman is that they have an ability to analyse everything or everybody to the very detail. Such a woman is always worried about how things are done and hence will miss on a lot in her entire life.

This kind of a woman can get easily annoyed by even a small typo mistake and because of this neurotic nature, she is one of the least charming one among the Libra Sun combination.

She is committed to have a sense of order in her life and is a very good strategist also. If she is your boss, then be ready to gulp some stress pills as she is the one who cannot tolerate any mistakes.

Such a woman is very insecure. She will need someone who is not only loving but also compassionate but too much of romanticism might give rise to doubts in her mind about her choice of the partner.

She is very practical and would not prefer to receive flowers as a gift. Modest and decent, she never likes too much of attention on herself.

Love & Marriage

love and marriage

Many people think that individuals with this sun-sign combination lean a bit towards an eccentric lifestyle, but the truth is that he or she is someone who like simplicity and simple things. They believe that happiness lies in small things and also wish to have a balanced relationship with their partners.

In matters of a relationship, they are always loyal and devoted as they don’t like to be alone and would always want their loved ones to stay close. They would love to please their partners or loved one, but only in the way they want too. The same emotion also applying when such a personality is raising his/her children.

They are charming and very elegant, someone who is easy to fall in love with, but not easy to share your life at times.

Best Match

A Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality is someone who always acts reliably and loyally when in love. They tend to like individuals who are romantic and also gentle, because from time to time a Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality will need reminding how much they are loved and cared for.

Sometimes they will also hide their emotions or true feelings and at times they get into relationships just to cover for things that they want to be a part off.

The perfect match for such a personality is someone who is born with the Aries sun-sign, as people with this sign when in a relationship always prefer to seduce rather than being seduced by their partners. This is the perfect quality that a Libra Sun Virgo Moon personality will like.

They demand need clear communication, time and loads of passion when in a relationship. 

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  1. Really good description of my partner. He is all this and I am a Leo Sun Virgo Moon which makes us very similar. I am Fire sign and very romantic and passionate. We are togheter 9 months now and goes well. Had ups and downs but working on them.


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