Libra Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality & Compatibility

More decisive and determined than other Libras, people with the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon sign combination are often looked at as nice, kind, and gentle, but they are cunning people with great passions. They can be control freaks based on their Scorpio Moon and will manipulate and convince people into giving them their way instead of forcefully taking things from people.

Personality Traits

Here are some of the personality traits of people with this sign combination:

  • They can be self-reflective, looking at themselves through the lens of other people’s eyes, which makes them fix their flaws more effectively.
  • The zodiac describes them as balanced, serene, and calm, and that is how they are generally perceived by people. They achieve this state of harmony by looking internally and searching their own emotions.
  • Although Libras tend to be secretive and keep their feelings to themselves, they’re happy internally and have a good mind-heart connection due to their introspective ways. They have fears and doubts like anyone else but they know where these doubts stem from and how to take care of them in a proper manner.
  • They always strive to be their best, regardless of the situation. They have a lot of potential and want to fulfill this potential as best as their situation will allow them, earning them the title of being extremely determined and ambitious.
  • Although they’re not very competitive, they do have a bit of a fire burning inside of them to be better. It may not mean being better than their opposition, per se, since it could also mean being better than they were previously, almost always being their productive self. They also take loses nicely and don’t let a few upsets here and there derail their progress. If they fall seven times, they will get up eight.
  • They are rational thinkers and diplomatic in nature. Although they don’t generally instigate fights or arguments, they don’t back down from them either, instead focusing on understanding where the other person is coming from and looking at everything with as objective a lens as possible.
  • The Scorpio Moon gives them a certain intensity and seriousness that they may have been lacking otherwise. They can look calm and composed, but inside they are ready for the challenge, prepared for it as they are for most things.
  • Although they can be calm, collected, and nice, the Scorpio Moon leads them to be enigmatic, giving them an edge. They can be manipulative at times, convincing other people to give them what they want. But most of the time, it’s their Libra Sun that dominates and leads them to have a calm and friendly demeanour, especially with those that they know.
  • Above all, they look out for themselves most of the time. They want a comfortable life that they’ve built for themselves and they’ll be as competitive, manipulative, and aggressive as they need to be to get there.
  • They aren’t the most stable people in the world. Infact, they change rapidly and radically and don’t rest until they’ve accomplished what they’ve set their mind to, and then moving on to the next interesting thing.
  • They are intellectually-gifted and are oriented towards philosophical thought. They are interested in spirituality and metaphysics and will do well in intellectual settings.
  • They also make for great leaders given their tenacity and their, albeit sometimes toxic, controlling nature. Although, they do have a major flaw which keeps them from reaching their potential which is indecisiveness. Instead of beating themselves up over this, however, they should know how to look into themselves, as they do for most other things, to find a solution.

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The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Man

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon men are amongst the most sexual in the entire zodiac. This is because the combination between Libra and Scorpio is asymmetrical which also leads them to be quite single minded about this issue.

They are passionate and sexual men who want excitement and spice more than anything else and will go to great lengths to her them. They are more sexual than other Libras and are also more passionate about the things they love than other Libras.

They are a combination of Scorpio and Libra which leads them to be quite balanced individuals since according to the Zodiac, they are both a warrior and a lover, respectively. They can be gentle and loving when they want to and also competitive, ambitious, and cunning when the situation requires it.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Man

Although they can be charming and manipulative at times, they will never be deceiving. They might convince you to do something that they want but they will never lie to you to fulfill their means. They have a strict distinction between what is right and wrong and they try not to do any wrong when possible.

The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon man is a family man who will love his children very much, although he can be a little harsh towards his significant other. They can be jealous at times, ignoring and spying on their partner when they think something fishy is going on. Although he may come off as a self-sufficient man who knows what he’s doing in terms of his work and his love life, the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon man needs a lot of love and affection. But they do think of this need for love as a weakness and will try to play it off by being funny and sarcastic whenever possible.

Their type is the independent woman who knows how to carry herself and isn’t reliant on anyone. He would like to be with someone who isn’t weak in the face of adversity and can stand their ground when their thoughts and opinions are challenged.

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The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

She’s the type of person whose anger you remember and take seriously because of how rarely she gets angry. They can be grumpy from time to time, but they’ll only get angry when they’ve been severely offended by something or someone.

Just like their male counterpart, the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman is also greatly interested in sex and has a very strong sexual magnetism about her, making her very attractive to potential partners. They’re so attractive, in fact, that men line up to be her partner and she doesn’t even need to do much besides being herself to make you greatly infatuated with her.

They’re extremely talented and goal-oriented individuals who have a keen eye for detail. They would do well in jobs that involve deep concentration and looking for minute details, jobs such as detective work, being a doctor, etc.

Love & Marriage

When it comes to relationships, Libra Sun Scorpio Moon natives are naturally domineering and controlling and are often the ones to dictate where the relationship will go and in which direction it will move. Since they are combative individuals, due to their Scorpio Moon, they will get into arguments easily and will not back down from them.

They are sociable and realistic most of the time but when they get jealous is when all rationality goes out the window. Since they pick up on details quickly, it will be hard to cheat on them or cross them without them finding out.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon love and marriage

They are incredibly passionate in their relationships and need something deep and intimate with their partner. They are incredibly faithful themselves and want the other person to be like that towards them as well.

Since Venus is the planet that rules love and beauty, and also rules Libra, and since Scorpios are naturally passionate and emotional, people belonging to the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon sign combination will be extremely seductive, romantic, and idealistic. They are not the most straightforward individuals and like to flirt and play mind games before committing to someone. This is their way of finding out if that particular person is right for them or not.

They want someone who is just as erotic and passionate as they are and someone for whom they feel deeply. If they don’t have a special place for you in their heart, it is likely that they will never date you or if they do it won’t be serious.

Best Match

Since Libra Sun Scorpio Moon natives need someone who is as emotionally and intellectually gifted as they are, it can be hard for them to find a good match for themselves.

Their need for chemistry on the emotional level as well as the physical level is something that is not negotiable, and it is only with someone who has both of those that they will form a relationship.

Their perfect significant other would be someone who’s deeply intelligent and self-confident whole not being boastful about it. Although Libra Sun Scorpio Moon people do give some importance to physical attraction, it is their curiosity and intellect that you need to capture more than anything else. 

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