Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality & Compatibility

People who have a Virgo Sun and a Scorpio Moon are usually very honest and to the point in their inner monologue but on the outside, they are soft and gentle, making them more approachable. They have the ability to hide their feelings from the world really well, which is why they seem so confident and outgoing on the outside, even if they may not be so on the inside.

They have great intuitions and know how to use this to their advantage. They are quiet and observant instead of brash and loud-mouthed, making them seem more mysterious and sensual.

In this article we will be talking in-depth about Virgo Suns and Scorpio moons: about what their personality is like, how they differ based on gender, and what their love life is like, along with who makes for the best partner for a Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon.

Personality traits

Here are a few of the personality traits that the Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon has,

  • The most emotional of all the Virgos in the zodiac, people of the Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon sign combination will be ruled mostly by their emotions even when they try to use logic more. They may be great intellectuals given their Scorpio Moon, but in dire straits, it is their Virgo Sun that dominates them and leads them to act on their feelings and emotions more than on facts and logic.
  • Although they are fast thinkers and can think of solutions faster than others while still being true to their ideals, the Scorpio Moon in their zodiac leads them to be impulsive at times, which makes them hurry on decisions where they should take their time. Their emotional intelligence is more valuable than their logical thinking is and it is harder for them to adjust in situations that are completely new to them emotionally or are difficult for them to comprehend from an emotional standpoint.
  • They use their intention more than logic, even though they like to think that they are more intellectual minded than they actually are. They pick sides on topics no matter what the issue, since they see almost everything in either black or white; they do not like being indecisive and remaining in the grey.
  • They are charming individuals, but they can also often come off as disconnected from reality and from others since they live inside their own head so much. They have great ideas and it is easy for them to identify that their ideas are usually better than most other peoples’. And since they are great at the art of communication, it is not hard for them to convince others to follow along with their ideas as well.
  • Although they do have great ideas, at times they can be far-reaching, idealistic, and theoretical. These ideas will look good on paper but will be very hard to put into practice since they can be too radical and unrealistic.
  • All of their suppositions are based on intuition even if they might try to portray an air of cool, calm, collected genius, and even if they may seem cool and collected on the outside, you can be sure that their internal monologue is bursting with life and is quite vibrant with new thoughts and ideas.
  • Given their Scorpio Moon, they are very ambitious individuals who have their mindset on certain things, and they won’t stop until they’ve accomplished the goals they’ve set for themselves. They are incredibly passionate about their ideas and favour certain types of ideas and topics which they usually love to work with.
  • As mentioned above, they have a calm and cool exterior that they like to show to everyone but the people closest to them. Very few people know how they actually feel and if there is something troubling them since the exterior they put on can fool almost anyone. Inside, they are deep and sensitive and need love and attention, but they will not ask for it openly unless they trust you completely.
  • Since they can be so unclear about their feelings by not putting them on display as often or as seriously as others do, it is hard for other people to understand what these Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon natives want. If only they could communicate their feelings in a more emotionally mature way, it would be a lot easier for people to give them what they want emotionally. And since they try to be very rational minded, it is often the case that they try to suppress their passions in an attempt to make themselves look smarter. If they stopped doing this their passions would shine much brighter and would help them achieve wonderful things.
  • Another area of life that can cause a Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon a lot of trouble is their love life. They are incredibly jealous people who will most likely point out all of your flaws in a very demeaning manner. This is not only very hurtful but can also get very irritating over time. But it’s not all bad for them. They are very sensual beings who will love their partner as much as they possibly can, even if they do get jealous from time to time.
  • They can get caught up with their work, however, and forget all about relaxing and loving. They will pursue their interests till the end of their lives and nothing will ever come between them and their work.

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon is intense and one of a kind. He is extremely interested in religion and the occult and is set in his opinions. It is quite hard to change his opinion on something unless he changes it himself, or unless the argument against his point of view is very good. Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon men can be obsessive about ideas and if he happens to have his Mars in Scorpio, you can be sure that he will take sex to the extreme since that is where they channel all their energy.

Men with this Sun and Moon sign combination are mysterious and alluring and can often dwell on the dark side of things. It is not impossible that they won’t engage in drugs and may possibly become addicted to substances. Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon men can be dependable, albeit secretive, and they are courageous individuals who want intimacy in their relationships. This is because they want to be worshipped in some sense or another. They can be difficult to get close to due to their secrecy.

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

Although they can be extremely judgemental and find faults in everyone and everything, women with the Sun and Moon sign combination are very attractive. This is because she has her Moon in Scorpio. They are expressive and have many different talents and they are likely to have a successful career. Being in a marriage with women with this sign can come with its share of problems.

Women with this sign combination do not like to compromise on anything, let alone things of importance. It’s either her way or no one else’s. They are never very flirtatious but can be intense and sexual when they get close to someone. Even if a relationship with a Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon woman ends badly, you will be left with plenty of good memories to remember her by.

Love & Marriage

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

People with this sign combination are usually very stable and down-to-earth and also practical and calculated. This means that they know exactly what they want from their relationships. They do not like to waste time on matters of little significance, although they are prone to obsession with certain ideas or infatuation with certain people who may not be their ideal match.

This mainly happens due to the Scorpio Moon. The Virgo Sun gives them stability and brings them to their senses when things are not going right.

They are mysterious and hide their passions and emotions under a mask of cool collectedness. They are also very picky people and only want what they like. They like commitment and are not afraid of it but they like to date around to see who their best match is before finally settling down with one person.

They also have high expectations from their partner and expect them to be loyal to them. Infidelity towards people of this sign combination will definitely lead to a breakup or divorce. They do not mind leading the relationship and being the responsible one as long as they know that the person they’re with is committed to them and their relationship.

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Best Match

The best match for a Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon is someone with an earth or water sign and ideally someone with a Scorpio influence to match their intense sex drive. Air and Fire signs can also be a good match for the Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon, but only if they have significant Scorpio influence on their chart.

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