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Hello friends!

I’m Caitlyn (Mrs Aquarius) and my companion is Alice (Ms Libra). Since childhood, she and I have always been attracted to a strange world that science cannot explain. Mysteries about supernatural phenomena, the magnificence of the galaxy, or unbelievable stories about the zodiac signs from thousands of years ago. Moreover, we are all people who love mysteries and want to decode dreams in life.

Today, people are becoming busier, so we have forgotten the feelings or the words of the heart of each person. So, together we created Sign Meaning – A blog to help people better understand the voice of the soul through dreams, symbolic meanings in life, or the magic of relationships in the Zodiac.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of dreams? Why do they always appear when you sleep from day to day? Is the dream a harbinger of future events?

You know, dreams are a natural phenomenon in everyone’s life. Everyone will have dreams in their life, but few people understand them well. More than that, dreams are also the voice of the soul, wishes, or hidden confidants that cannot be shared with anyone.

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Dreams according to scientific interpretation

According to science, each adult sleeps an average of 7-8 hours a day. Human sleep is divided into two major cycles, namely NREM and REM. The NREM cycle is divided into four sub-cycles: lull, light sleep, deep sleep, and very deep sleep. Alternating between these cycles is REM sleep, a period of rapid eye movement.

Each person’s sleep dreams occur during the REM sleep cycle. Dreams can be understood as hallucinations that occur during certain stages of sleep – the REM stage. It is like a short story that appears while we are asleep and quickly disappears. After waking up, we may remember all or part of the dream or forget it all.

Dreams are the voice of every human soul

Dreams are always a magical world with many colors and full of emotions. There are dreams that bring joy and hope for a happy world. However, you can also have nightmares of horrible things and feel fear when immersed in that dream. Meanwhile, there are dreams that will become harbingers of future events that many people have encountered.

The meaning of dreams is important in our journey to better understand ourselves. Having recurring dreams is a way of reminding us of an important future event or hauntings of the past.

Dreams are divided into two categories: dreams with happy content and dreams with scary and sad content. Scary, sad dreams are also known as nightmares. After having a nightmare, we will wake up in a state of anxiety, fear, and even crying.

Nightmares can be caused by stress, anxiety, or sometimes in response to certain medications. Everyone will have a few nightmares throughout their life. However, if someone has frequent nightmares, it is a sign of a worried and hurt soul. So take the time to listen to your soul’s voice, your wishes, your dreams, or the warning signs of health.

Happy dreams will appear when you have a good soul and health. It will be wonderful relaxing moments to recall beautiful moments and or dreams of a happy life in the future. Nightmares occur when you feel anxious or afraid about something in the past or future. So, don’t try to avoid it, face it and find a solution to soothe your own soul.

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans even believed that dreams could contain prophecies or omens of things to come.

Although what we see and experience in our dreams may not necessarily be real, the emotions we do are real like feeling happy, excited, bored, frustrated, and scared…

It is these strong and very real emotions that drive us to search for meaning in the dreams that have possessed people’s minds through the ages.

People have been trying to interpret dreams for millennia. For a long time, dreams were thought to originate from beings outside of our bodies. Dreams are even interpreted as messages from the gods or communications from our ancestors.

Basically, many researchers have revolved around the concept of the suppressed desire in the soul of each person that creates the dream.

Dreams are a way of describing repressed and unresolved desires. Dreams can help people grow and understand themselves. 

The strange thing about dreams is that they always seem to “dodge” when we try to recall them when we wake up. Until now, researchers still don’t know for sure why dreams are so easily forgotten. Perhaps, the human brain is programmed to forget dreams because if people remember all their dreams, they may not be able to distinguish between dreams and reality.

And one last thing that we need to remember is to listen to the voice of each person’s soul. 

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