Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality & Compatibility

People with this zodiac sign combination are usually described as sweet, nice, and gentle. This is quite obvious and expected since the sensitive and intuitive nature of the Pisces Sun and the ambitious, yet conservative nature of the Capricorn Moon mix well together.

Personality Traits

Here are a few of the personality traits of people born in Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon:

The coming together of the Pisces Sun and Capricorn moon is like the coming together of hydrogen and oxygen molecules to make water. The emotional side of the Pisces, mixed with the reserved, yet ambitious nature of the Capricorn brings a lot to the table.

These natives are ambitious and want to achieve a lot in life but are also aware of other people’s feelings and their own and can understand the emotional side of people well, hence bringing them more opportunities and more friends.

Although they may want a lot of things and feel a lot of intense emotions, they are not the ones to scream their brains out when they’re angry or anything like that. What they value most is discretion and they don’t want to do anything that will bring the spotlight on them.

Given their Pisces Sun, they are extremely intuitive people who have a great gut feeling about most things. They don’t use their intuition for any malpractices but instead are quite honorable, responsible, and practical in their approach to most things.

Money is a really important issue in their life and the more they have of it, the better. They feel secure and stable when they have a lot of money saved up and are quite responsible fiscally, although they do like to buy nice things from time to time. A lot of nice things.


In fact, they would argue that their development as a human being is hugely dependent on their financial situation, with the more money they have, the more opportunities being presented to them to grow and excel at.

Due to their high regard for money and their want to have as much of it as possible, they will quite likely be addicted to the work they do, spending a lot of extra hours in the office because they want to impress their boss or to get the overtime wages.

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Another reason for their workaholic nature is that they want a respectable position in society and want to be looked up to and not looked down on. But not all of their motives are external. They are also likely to love the work that they do, hence not minding spending extra hours to work on a certain project that they’re very passionate about.

They do not get caught up in the details of things and can easily see the bigger picture behind whatever it is that they’re doing.

They have exceptional focus skills and can accomplish a lot of things in a small amount of time because of how focused they are and how well they manage their time. There is nothing that they can’t accomplish if they really set their mind to it. They are extremely hard-working individuals who won’t back down from a challenge.

But along with all the good that comes from their conscientious nature, there is some amount of bad as well. They are likely to undermine themselves and not believe in themselves as much as they believe in others. This is because they think of themselves as not worthy of being in the position that they are in and hence constantly battling imposter syndrome in their head.

They quite often underrate themselves and think that they can’t accomplish a certain task even if it is quite firmly in their grasp. They need to stop putting limits on themselves and being so overly prudent about what they think they can do and what they think they can’t do.

Their hard-working and focused nature will allow them to be great managers or be in a great leadership role, but this will only be a fully realized goal if they allow themselves to reach above what they think are their limits.

Their lives are usually filled with pessimism and cynicism due to their emotional nature and their habit of feeling ‘too much’, but it is quite in their reach to overcome this. They need to realise that their feelings are valid and that they don’t always have to dwell on the bad ones for too long. They need to learn how to let go of things and of grudges because that is the only way they will be able to live a happy life.

Their gloomy nature can come in the way of their work, especially if they’re in a creative field, which would lead to them having a creative block due to the overwhelming nature of their thoughts. If they are able to control these thoughts, however, they would do very well in a creative field since they have so much that they want to say and express. They would be great writers, painters, and musicians.

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The Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Man

The Pisces Sun Capricorn Man is likely to be very influenced and affected by his childhood, more so than other people. They require security in all aspects of life will thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally if provided with such a space.

As time goes on, they’re likely to become more adventurous and even more curious about things. Their old age won’t keep them from travelling or experiencing new things, places, and people. But it will still be in their nature to be constantly worried about things.

Even from a young age, they will find that they can’t stop thinking about the bad things that may happen to them. They may think to themselves, ‘What if I lose my job?’, ‘What if I don’t save up enough money for retirement?’, this is because of their Pisces Sun, and it will be these and similar thoughts that will plague them for their entire life unless they learn how to control and get the better of such thoughts.

pisces sun capricorn moon

When in love, they like to be in control of almost everything. This is where things can get a little toxic since this may make their partner feel like there is no room to breathe in the relationship, which may lead to a breakup.

But apart from this one caveat, they are very good partners. They are attentive to their partner’s needs and will do anything in their power to make them happy when they are feeling down.

Their self-doubt and, sometimes, self-hatred will make them think that they deserve all the bad things happening to them. For example, if they find out that their partner is cheating on them, they will wait until late into the night for their partner to get home but won’t question where they were or who they were with.

This is because they feel like they deserve this and that this is the best that they will have, when this is absolutely wrong. They would do very well to find a partner who is loyal and as attentive as they are.

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The Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon woman

Just like their male counterparts, women born into the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon zodiac sign combination, are likely to be plagued by their thoughts for all their lives. Since they have such intense feelings about everything around them, including the environment, animals, or people in need, they are likely to be overwhelmed with everything that they feel and have to process.

They are extremely hard-working individuals who want to have a high social position and also want to help as many people as they possibly can. They are likely to spend entire days in their workspace, not thinking about anything but the task that is in front of them.

Although they are likely to suffer through emotional torment just like the men in Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon, it is possible that they may one day snap out of their self-loathing and leave everything that they have built with their partner just because of a few mistakes that their partner may have made.

But otherwise, she will be a loving partner who understands the needs of the person she’s with. She is also likely to make for a good mother, although she may try to shield her child from the world out of fear of harm.

Love & Marriage

Extremely loyal when it comes to relationships, they are likely to have just one partner for life. Since they are very intuitive, they may fall for someone based on feeling alone and not think about reason or anything like that.

Even if the person is bad for them, if the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon native is attracted to them, they are likely to go after them.

Best Match

The best match for someone in the Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon sign combination is a person with a dominant Cancer sign.

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