Pisces Sun Aries Moon – Personality & Compatibility

People of this sign have a strong intuition which they gain from the Pisces Sun and a lot of courage which they get from the Aries Moon. They fight for what they believe is right and never give up on their dreams and what they want to accomplish.

They do need to, however, learn how to care about how others feel while still not compromising on their own life goals.

They can be very nice to themselves but the same can’t be said about their behavior towards others. Gaining respect for others while still having respect for yourself is an important aspect of the growth of the Pisces Sun Aries Moon.

Personality Traits

Here are a few of the personality traits that people of this sign contain:

  • They are quite the artist and mostly fit into the stereotypical idea of what a creative individual looks like. They are charming and know how to leverage other people’s emotions to their benefit and are endlessly interested in art and all that it beholds.
  • They have a very strong intuition, almost akin to a sixth sense, and can convince people of almost anything. This is another reason why they very carefully choose who to be around and spend their time with. Their craftiness and intelligence indicates that they would do well in a scientific setting.
  • Although they may not be selfish, they do usually look out for themselves first and then think about others. Their comfort and their success are what is most important to them and they do not let other people’s feelings get in the way of that. They crave security and safety from life and their intuition guides them to the path of gaining this security.
  • Although they can appear frail and timid, they are quite ambitious and very intense, owing to their emotional side which comes from Pisces and their hastiness which comes from Aries.
  • They are very independent and it is not usual for them to ask for help or be in a sticky situation out of which they can’t get out. They are fast thinkers and are quick on their feet while retaining their honesty and integrity.
pisces sun
  • Since they are quite charming, they use this to their advantage to get what they want by convincing people into giving it to them. They are excellent negotiators and will turn any situation into a win-win, making sure that they get the larger slice of the pie.
  • They do land in trouble, however, when they are hasty with their decisions or take uncalculated risks. They can feel what most others can’t and this helps them choose their close ones carefully.
  • They need to learn how to be more patient if they want success in their career since their jumpiness and their need to move on from one thing to the next will lead to them never finishing a project, no matter how ambitious they are.
  • They are great leaders and are often very charitable, making them great doctors or managers of hospitals. They could also be great artists since they have both a vision that they want to express and a strong sense of character to define that vision and express it in a physical form.
  • Since they are honest, consistent, and serious about their work, they are usually trusted by people. They can get authoritative sometimes when in a position of power but can also be quite flexible at the same time.
  • They are quite understanding and are capable of giving people good advice when they are down. But even if this is the case, they will never stop looking out for themselves first. The way they do this is by building a strong, hard exterior to hide their inner weaknesses and emotional instability. They can be aggressive when threatened and find different ways to protect themselves, even if those ways are looked down upon or involve hurting someone else.
  • They are realistic about work and like to talk figures more than they do abstract concepts. This makes them good for a management role or one that involves handling money.

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The Pisces Sun Aries Moon Man

These are creative and passion-driven men who have or want to have a purposeful life that is driven by high ideals. He is not complacent and doesn’t just accept what is handed to him. But this can sometimes come back to bite him since in doing so and by seeing the world as he does, he is forgetting about reality. This particular Pisces Sun Aries Moon combination is quite determined, unlike other Pisces. He can be both sensitive and authoritative according to the needs of the situation.

He is appreciative of those who stand by their ideals and values but he can also cluelessly hurt other people without meaning to. This can lead to problems in his career and relationships, even if people view him as a peaceful person.

Men of the Pisces Sun and Aries Moon are big dreamers and they know what to do to bring their dreams to life. They are courageous and calculated but can also be quite impulsive at times.

If they are taken advantage of, they will reveal their bad side. They can be over-reactive and vengeful and find ways to get back at people in ways others would deem unthinkable and horrible.

They know what your weaknesses are since they are keen observers and great at identifying human behavior and they will use these weaknesses against you if so prompted.

The Pisces Sun Aries Moon Woman

aries moon

The women of this sign combination are feminine, strong, independent, and self-reliant. They take no nonsense from anyone and neither do they expect someone else to do their work for them. So if you were planning on being her knight in shining armor and sweeping her off her feet, you should probably rethink that idea.

They are loud and extroverted and are not scared of declaring their hopes and dreams to the world. They are totally and completely themselves and they will not change for anyone but themselves. They are also extremely empathetic and kind towards other people.

They are determined and want to be remembered for their work, but they can also be plagued with self-doubt and insecurity about their talents. They are very straightforward when it comes to love and show intense passion for the person, they’re with.

Women of the Pisces Sun Aries Moon sign combination are quite interested in religion and philosophy and hence have strong and idealistic beliefs. They are also quite set in their ways and it is difficult to change their opinion on something they are already convinced about.

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Love & Marriage

Since they are idealistic in other aspects of life, here too the Pisces Sun Aries Moon is quite idealistic. They have unusual emotional experiences with their partner and connect more deeply with them than most people. They are also likely to be with people who are polar opposites to them.

They have a short temper and can get quite angry very fast. This usually happens when they do not understand something or someone’s actions, leading them to become anxious and irritated. Since Pisces Suns usually live in their own fantasy world, it is not unusual for them to be hurt when in relationships or to be the one more hurt when a relationship ends.

People in this sign need to be productive and constructive and need partners who understand this about them. This usually includes Water and Earth signs. Their passion and emotional behavior is second to none and their partners need to be well aware of this as well as match their intensity. They need to be constantly excited since being in one place for too long breeds boredom and that is something people of this sign absolutely resent.

They look forward to commitment and want a long-term relationship with someone who is worthy of being their lover and for this relationship, they are willing to work their hardest.

Best Match

People of the Pisces Sun Aries Moon sign combination face the world openly but internally are quite afraid and stressed if something is going wrong. They are temperamental and want to convince others of their way of thinking and can become aggressive at times.

Their lovers must be aware of these facts and the fact that they are idealists who want to stay true to their morals, with exceptions for no one. The best match for someone in this sign combination would be a Scorpio or someone with a strong Scorpio influence on their chart.

This is because the Scorpio too is considered a great lover and can match the intensity of the Pisces Sun Aries Moon. A couple with these two signs among them are sure to be the envy of everyone around them since they are passionate and powerful and there is strong sexual and emotional compatibility between the two.

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