Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality & Compatibility

Although highly emotional and sensitive, people of the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon combination are amongst the most intuitive and perceptive people in the zodiac. These are their defining traits, making them ambitious but also a little less determined than you may think. They have a keen sense of observation and do well in careers that require them to nitpick on details.

Personality traits

Here are a few of their personality traits:

They are great students and like to go in-depth into topics that interest them. They are deep thinkers and topics that others take at face value have deeper implications for them. They have a great imagination and can spend hours alone, just them and their thoughts.

They are curious creatures and hence are quite humble. They experience emotions and events deeply and hence their problems can seem more difficult to them than they may seem to other people.

They analyse everything, from people to events to places to emotions. Nothing escapes their scrutiny, even if they aren’t very judgmental people. In fact, they are down to earth and passionate, even more so due to their Scorpio Moon, which enhances their Pisces Sun.

They can be extremely determined and persistent and this gives them stability in their life. They are demanding individuals and don’t spare words when they feel something and aren’t afraid to show it when they want something. They thrive in the public eye and can be quite demanding at times.

They are secretive individuals who are also very temperamental. They’re not someone who you’ll hear disclosing their plans openly but when they do have something planned, their entire energy and focus will be set on obtaining that particular thing.

Scorpion Moon

They are possessive individuals who are also very moody. This is especially true when Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon natives enter relationships. They can be manipulative at times, using their own emotions to get what they want from someone else.

They have an obsession with wanting to reach a ‘higher consciousness’ which can lead them down some dark holes. They are likely to become addicted to substances, and if not, they are likely to try as many substances as they can to achieve this state of higher existence.

They would do well by not being so attached to everything and everyone. This gives them a different perspective on life and also keeps them from being so completely rigid about everything and letting things flow on their own.

They are always interested more in depth than in breadth. They would rather know a lot about a little, than a little about a lot. This leads them to be interested in philosophy and other such domains and is also part of the reason why the real world can seem dull and depressing to them.

They would rather change their environment than change themselves and since this is not possible in most cases, they usually turn out to be quite anxious people who live inside their minds.

They can also be rigid in the sense that they are unwilling to entertain other trains of thought. What they’ve first thought of is what they’ll work with but since they are incredibly creative individuals, they can find many different ways to fulfill their own dreams.

In relationships, they are likely to get obsessive about their partner which is something they should seek to avoid. They have a hard time having fun with others since they are usually more prejudiced than most people.

Although they can be passionate about the things they do, they need to learn ways to turn that passion into tangible work. Learning new skills that will help them with their creativity is imperative for the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon.

Giving them criticism is a hard task since they can get very offended about things. It is important for them to open themselves up to new ideas and people so that they can tolerate others’ ideas along with their own.

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The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon man

pisces sun scorpio moon

They can be very sexually motivated men who are always up for something dangerous and exciting. They are charming and confident but never come off as overconfident or arrogant. They prefer to be humorous instead of trying to prove that they are the manliest man in the room.

They are magnetic men whose mystery intrigues women and invites them into his world. Men of the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon sign combination are generally very successful with women. The best part is that they are reliable and supportive partners, to the extent that they can be.

They are interesting, secretive, and intense with both Scorpio and Pisces making them interested in mysticism and the occult.

Although they can be very kind and deeply passionate, they’re quick to take revenge once they are crossed. They can also be extremely jealous individuals. They aim straight for the heart when they are in a conflict and can hurt someone much more than they intended to in their fit of rage.

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman

Just like their male counterparts, the woman with this sign combination is alluring and mysterious, while being highly attentive and noticing everything about everyone in the room. They are dreamers and can be quite determined to accomplish something but only if they set their mind to accomplishing that goal completely and not looking back. They can be rigid too, not changing their mind about something once they have a strong opinion about it.

The passion she has for her dreams and the things she loves can sometimes blind her to the people in her life, isolating her in that way. Her passion can be confusing to others, especially since she’s not great at looking ahead and planning and avoiding obstacles that could have easily been avoided had she planned ahead.

Again, the women with this sign combination too are interested in the occult and the paranormal, which leads many to find her tastes unconventional.

Although she is loyal herself, or perhaps because of it, she can be quite jealous and possessive. What is hers is hers and nobody else can lay claim on it. She needs loyalty in a relationship. Relationships tend to consume her, although she eventually finds her footing and remembers all her own ideals and principles.

They too are deep thinkers and can get to the base of the problem without requiring much information. They can tell when someone is deceiving them. They can be very vengeful and her rage knows no bounds. They don’t forgive or forget easily so it’s best to not cross her.

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Love and Marriage

 Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Love and Marriage

People with the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon sign combination are deeply emotional people and are very empathetic to those around them. For this reason, they can get caught up in the feelings and emotions of others even when they are not the one undergoing a stressful situation. They require loyalty in a relationship since they are very loyal themselves and they want someone who is upfront with them and doesn’t waste their time, energy, and mental space by playing mind games.

They want a deep connection with the person they love since they go into relationships for the long term and not to just while away their time.

Their need for emotional intimacy is enhanced by the Scorpio Moon. If they find that they click with someone and feel as if that person understands them, they will completely unravel themselves and reveal everything to their lover. They are also great at observation and are deep thinkers so they will always catch you in your lie or uncover your secret.

As mentioned above, crossing a Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon is not a good idea, especially if they have been emotionally involved with you. Cheating on them or lying about things will not go down easily once they find out and they will hate you for a really long time, possibly forever, finding new ways to get their revenge on you whenever possible. If you don’t feel fatal attraction for them and want to settle for life, don’t begin dating them at all since they only want something that will last a long time.

Best Match

People that are Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon natives are highly emotional and moody, one of the most emotionally driven people in the zodiac in fact. Since they are so emotionally demanding, they require someone who is completely aware and capable to tackle this. They require loyalty and commitment and they don’t do so well when they are cheated on, so it is advised that you don’t get into a relationship with a Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon unless you are ready to commit 100%.

They require passion in the relationship as well but need someone to be less temperamental than them so that they can count on them in times of need. According to all of this, an Earth sign would be the best match for a person of the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon combination. 

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