Capricorn Sun Leo Moon – Personality & Compatibility

These are people that change very quickly and very radically over time. They can start off as idealistic and removed from the world, but as time goes on and they integrate themselves with the world, they will turn into diligent and hard-working individuals who can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

They can turn out to be quite power-hungry at times, their need for power often becoming an obsession. They also have a superiority complex and only want to be the boss, nothing else and nothing less.

Personality Traits

Here are some of the personality traits of people belonging to this sign combination:

Although, as mentioned, Capricorn Sun Leo Moon natives change and grow in terms of their personality very quickly, they never lose sense of themselves and are always confident in who they are as people.

What they are is determined, confident, and charismatic and this leads people to be attracted to them in both the romantic and platonic sense of the word. People are drawn to their attitude and the way they carry themselves and they involuntarily end up treating them with respect due to the high regard they place for themselves.

They can be very proud, and not in a good way. They need constant praise and admiration from the people around them and they can often shun people who they think are ‘beneath’ them.

Their Capricorn Sun is to be blamed for this since it is the sign of tyranny and despotism. This also leads them to be self-centered and condescending. Everything needs to be about them or they will quickly lose interest in the conversation.

Despite all their negative characteristics, they seem to be quite popular everywhere they go due to the charm that they have and their high self-esteem. They are energetic and generally quite fun to be around.

Although it may not seem like it, they are quite easygoing creatures who don’t take things very seriously, but alternatively, they also have a tendency to take themselves way too seriously than is required by the situation.

Although they hold themselves in high regard and think very highly of themselves, they never order people around. In fact, they are very diplomatic and know how to talk their way into or out of something.

They can convince you to do something for them without it being a big deal at all, and this is how they get what they want without being too demanding. It is their ease and confidence that makes people want to win these natives over, which means that they’ll do what they ask as long as they ask nicely.


They long to be appreciated for their good looks and for their intelligence, but most of all, they want to be in a position of power where they can control most, if not all, of what is happening around them.

They do not ask for this leadership role out loud, however, since that would be needy according to them and incongruent with their image of cool class.

One of their most dominant traits is their confidence. They have so much confidence in themselves and have such a high self-esteem that they can convince people of what they’re saying simply by talking to them since their words have such conviction.

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They can convince others to trust them, and they will not break this trust because Capricorn Sun Leo Moon natives are very loyal people who will do anything to protect their tribe.

In love, they are very caring and compassionate and loyal and it is almost certain that they will always be faithful to the person they’re with. They can also be very mean, however, when they are crossed or wronged.

Although it is in their nature to be loving and compassionate to the people who love and respect them, it is also natural for them to be quite cold and calculated.

This can leave people feeling like they’re rude and mean, which can be the case if this you are at the receiving end of this native’s scorn. They can be easily triggered if someone puts their intelligence to question, and they will try to outwit and insult you to prove who has the superior intellect.

It is important that they learn how to be humble and treat their partner as an equal instead of trying to control them since that is what their instinct tells them to do. Being more respectful and modest can help them have a good relationship and avoid conflicts due to ego.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Man

capricorn man

They are showy individuals who are never satisfied with what they have and how much they have. They are always on the lookout for more money, more fame, more power, and more recognition. They like to show off all that they have in a bid to earn other people’s admiration. They are also likely to be quite arrogant as they keep climbing the social ladder. The higher their wealth will be, the higher their egos.

But they are also quite enterprising and do not want to stay stuck in a situation or feel sorry for themselves. They love to work, and they will do whatever is required to get them to the top. Since they want to be in power and will certainly do well as leaders, they will make for good CEO’s and politicians, as long as they can control their lust and greed for power and money and use their charm and appeal for good.

They also need to learn how to be less arrogant since this can attract a lot of enemies and showing off your possessions will certainly bring a lot of envy your way.

As they grow older and more mature, they are likely to start spending a lot more time alone, cutting down on the amount of time they spend on other or with other people. They certainly will still go out and have fun, but it will be minimal and occasional. This is also the time when they will discover their creative side, engaging in the arts or in any other hobby.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Woman

Just like their male counterpart, the Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman is dominant and authoritative, while also having an insane work ethic and a lot of dedication. They do not let sexism get in the workplace get in their way, and they are determined to get to the top of the social ladder.

They would do very well in areas of commerce such as a stock market, or more adventurous jobs such as a pilot or ranger.

When it comes to relationships, they are very loyal to their significant other and require that same amount of commitment from them. They are very fierce and protective of the ones they love.

She loves living the good life and will want to be with someone who has proven their worth to society. They want to be with someone who is productive and cares about their job since that is what they want to do with their lives as well.

When it comes to children, although they will be authoritative, they will make for great mothers given their Leo Moon. They will protect their kids from the world while also preparing them to face the world when the time comes.

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Love & Marriage

love and marriage

When it comes to relationships, as mentioned, these natives are extremely loyal and are faithful for life. They want this reciprocated towards them as well and hence will only settle down with someone who they can completely trust.

They are quite conservative when it comes to love and marriage and it is likely that they will want to maintain traditional family values, while also being very passionate and loving towards their partner. They do not give up on their partners easily and will try to face every problem and work through every kink in the relationship.

They are very protective of their loved ones and will do anything to give them a good life. This is why they require a like-minded partner.

Best Match

Although it isn’t noticeable at first due to their charming persona, Capricorn Sun Leo Moon natives are very emotional people, and hence they only want to be with someone they can trust with their emotions and feelings.

They do not want to be coddled, however, and need someone who will be honest and open with them about what they feel and what they think their partner is doing wrong.

For this reason, we think that the best match for a Capricorn Sun Leo Moon native will be someone with a strong Sagittarius influence on their zodiac. Sagittarius natives are open, honest, and direct about what they feel and are also quite adventurous and love to travel.

This will keep the relationship from going stale while building an even stronger connection with the Capricorn Sun Leo Moon native.

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