Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon – Personality & Compatibility

Determined and ambitious while being equally emotionally equipped on the side of the Scorpio and analytically and intellectually gifted on the side of the Virgo, these sign combination natives use the best traits of both signs to their advantage.

They are extremely detail-oriented and find things that most other people wouldn’t notice at first or second glance. They are quick to use their analytical mind to prove their point. They can be quite solitary and detached from the world.

Personality Traits

Their ability to focus is one of their biggest strengths. Since they are hard-working and detail-oriented individuals, they know how and where to look to find exactly what they are searching for, but this can also turn into a negative if they get lost in the details and forget what the big picture and what their driving motivation for doing the work that they’re doing is.

They should also try to entertain differing opinions, thoughts, and ideas since Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon natives aren’t the most tolerant individuals. They can also be quite harsh with the people that they love the most since they believe that it is with these people that they can share their truest self. For this reason, it is possible they don’t have many close friends.

When giving advice they should see to it that they’re providing the person with constructive criticism instead of just pulling them down with their words.

Although to the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon natives it might seem like giving their honest and raw opinion would be the best thing to do, it is often the case that the person on the receiving end of this criticism just feels angry and irritated instead of feeling inspired to do better.

scorpio sun

Given their perfectionist nature and their proclivity to be as raw and honest as possible, they’re also not the type of people that you can vent to since, as they do with themselves, they will hold you to high standards and will not allow you to feel sorry for yourself, instead they will find ways to fix the problem with you by being logical and using reasoning.

Although they are really good at what they do, one area that they lack in is self-knowledge. They don’t really understand their own mind, including their thoughts and feelings and to overcome this they need to do a lot of introspection and figure out what makes them happy. Doing this will help them further their career and also find happiness and joy since they will be focused towards what they need.

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They are modest people. Although they may achieve a lot in their lives, they will never be the ones to show off or brag about all that they have accomplished. They are the most modest out of all the Scorpio sign combinations and take it to the extreme; they quite dislike being in the spotlight and being the subject of praise or attention.

Although they can be very serious when it comes to their work, Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon natives are quite easy-going in nature and love to have a good time with the people they love and enjoy spending time with.

They may take themselves seriously and hold themselves and others to a high standard, but they aren’t so caught up in their own mind that they can’t have a laugh about their failings and learn from their mistakes.

They are very efficient people and take a keen interest in their own health and wellbeing. Although they love to undertake challenging work, they will make sure that they do not sacrifice their own health to finish their project.

Since their organizational skills are much better than that of their contemporaries, they will organize their work in such a way that they can accomplish both things at once- being healthy, and being great at their job.

The Virgo Moon that influences their character leads them to aim so high that most, including themselves, would label the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon native a perfectionist. This is why they can be so critical of people who are not efficient or hardworking and why they can sometimes come off as rude and condescending.

Since they are extremely rational most of the time and are very detail-oriented individuals, they would do well in jobs that require these skills such as detective work or forensics work.

Since they are Scorpio Suns, they have a high libido and are very sexual beings and are great lovers. But their Virgo Moon balances this out and makes them a little calmer about their sexuality, allowing them to choose the right partner and the right situation.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Man

 Scorpio sun virgo moon

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man is the rugged, masculine type that so many women often fall for. In fact, they are very successful in relationships and are great lovers due to their Scorpio Sun, while also being deeply insightful, giving them the ability to understand what their partner is thinking and talking about.

He is the dominant sort and wants people to comply with his wishes, although this is a side of him that he usually tries to hide and only allows certain people to see.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man has a certain type. He needs someone who is as passionate about things as he is. It doesn’t matter what is partner may be interested in, but as long as they have a passion for it that is easily recognizable, the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man will be head over heels.

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Men of this sign combination are very enterprising and will do anything to make sure that their partner is comfortable. Working two jobs or freelancing on the side, they will do anything it takes to make their partner happy and to make their own dreams come true; such as buying a house or a car, or going to Paris for the summer.

They are very picky individuals, especially when it comes to picking a partner. Nobody can avoid their scrutiny, especially their potential partner, and you can be sure that they will make sure they know everything about this person before getting into a relationship with them. But once they do, they will treat them with love and affection and will make sure they never feel lonely.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Woman

Just like their male counterpart, the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon woman will do everything to make sure that their partner is happy in the relationship. Although they aren’t submissive per se, they can be if the person they are with wants them to play that role.

But all of this will only happen if she is the subject of genuine love and affection and is treated with utmost love and respect.

virgo moon

Although she means to be supportive, her perfectionist nature and her can-do attitude make it hard for her to sympathize with the people she is consoling. But as a friend, she will always be there for the people that she loves in whatever capacity she can manage. She’s a supportive friend who only wants the best for other people and isn’t needy in any way.

A detached and analytical individual when it comes to work, although she’ll make a great leader and/or boss, she may have a hard time understanding the people that work for her and cutting them some slack in case they mess up.

Her perfectionism leads her to believe that everyone should be as hard-working as she is which can lead to disagreements and arguments given how high she sets the bar for her colleagues.

Although her level of commitment may change over the course of time, she will make sure to communicate however she is feeling with her partner.

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Love and Marriage

Although they are very loving and supportive when it comes to relationships, they will not be a good person to be around if you have crossed them in any way. Scorpios are known for their vengeful nature and this comes out in full effect if they are hurt or cheated on or anything other of the sort.

Best Match

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon native is someone who likes to hide the parts of themselves that they deem weak, unworthy of being loved. They also show incredible restraint, sometimes keeping things inside just to avoid an argument so that their significant other isn’t in any form of distress.

This can lead to problems in a relationship since communication is key in any and all relationships. For this reason, we think that the best match for someone who is a Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon native would be someone of the Cancer sign.

The only problem that may arise in a relationship between members of these two signs would be the emotional aspect of the Cancer.

Cancers are known to be emotional lovers and this may be too much to handle for the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon native, although it is unlikely that such a scenario will occur. In all other aspects, these two signs seem perfect for each other.

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