13 Common Dreams Of Betrayal And Their Meanings

For any person, betrayal is a painful, bitter situation to learn to accept and deal with. Thus, when you run across dreams of betrayal, it’s necessary to take the contexts into account and figure out what they mean.

To stab someone in the back or be stabbed in the back in a dream indicates the fear of something unpleasant happening in your sentimental life.

For instance, your loved ones leave you, or you’re no longer the apple of your husband/boyfriend’s eyes.

There are various reasons for having this stressful dream. Stick to the end to see if there’s a suitable interpretation for your dreams here!

What Does Betrayal Represent?

If someone betrays you, tells you lies, and you find it out in your sleeping mind, it reveals that you’re in an extremely difficult position in real life.

On the other hand, if you stab someone in the back, you may deeply hurt some people around you with your actions, either unintentional or deliberate.

Generally, betrayals represent humiliation that any human will experience at least once, either professional or personal.

It’s critical to look around and see if your words or actions are appropriate for the environment.

Sometimes, you might say or do something without any evil intention, but people consider it a betrayal.

These dreams could also point to an upcoming change or that you need to make a difficult decision, professionally and personally.

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Most Common Dreams Of Betrayal

Our subconscious creates various visions that we must solve. You can consider this a mini dictionary in dreams about betrayals and look up the messages of your dreams here.

Betraying Someone

Dreaming about betraying someone indicates that you’re facing more worries.

You’re sick and tired of everyday problems. Finding a thing that makes you smile now seems to be an arduous task.

You make decisions, keep questioning, and always feel that you’ve not given your best to everything.

Regarding the most significant role you play in your life, you’re afraid of getting failing, which might induce serious consequences to your beloved ones.

Being Betrayed

If someone plays you falsely in your unconscious vision, particularly someone you love and trust, it denotes that you have a fear of being hurt.

You avoid expressing your sincere feelings as you don’t want anyone to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Your subconscious mind produces this painful vision since it tries to tell you to release your tension, relax, and ease the fear of being hurt.

Of course, we shouldn’t trust everyone easily. But once you find someone trustworthy, feel free to let that person close to you and start an ordinary relationship.

Your Family Betrays You.

Unfortunately, this scene results from an upset piece of memory related to the early stage of life.

It reveals that you do not trust your family or find it hard to rely on your siblings. They might have once betrayed you, so now you refuse to commit to your family.

We may call sorrow and disappointment the explanation of this vision. Children always need their families to stay by their side. But, this doesn’t happen to you.

Your Parents Betray You.

Like dreams of being betrayed by family, this scene is related to a part of your past and childhood.

It reflects your vulnerability and weakness, showing the deep pains you went through as a child.

If your parents didn’t support or encourage you during the early stage of life, it’s easy to understand why you often encounter such dreams.

You feel like there’s no one to talk and share things with. Now, you may need a reliable friend who will listen to and be by your side.

Your Partner Betrays You.

dream about betrayal
You may be too hard on your partner.

Don’t rush to misjudge your partner since this vision may result from your intense harshness on them.

Sometimes, even you can’t satisfy your expectations, not to mention others. So, why do you set the bar too high to reach?

Instead of expecting them to read your thoughts, why don’t you express your feelings and mind? 

Say what bothers you. Be open and honest about sensitive matters. You can’t just stay silent and hope they can figure out what’s wrong.

You Betray Your Partner.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a betrayer in real life if you encounter this unconscious scene. It means that it’s time you stood up for people around you.

Say a co-worker makes a decision against others’ opinions and faces harsh criticism. From an objective perspective, you think it’s unfair. That’s why you defend and rescue your colleague from backlashes and attacks.

That’s right. It’s better to tell that co-worker in private what’s wrong with her decision or why it’s not the most intelligent.

You Betray Your Best Friend.

Should you see yourself betraying your bestie in your sleeping mind, you probably don’t find her worthy.

For some reason, you think your current best friend doesn’t deserve your love and loyalty. That’s why you even ignore them if they’re hurt.

Another circumstance may be that you used to betray them, yet you didn’t confess it since you don’t want to lose your friend.

Honesty is the most important factor in building and maintaining a friendship.

Who knows if sincerity can help you get your friend’s forgiveness? And don’t ever replicate the mistake!

Your Best Friend Betrays You.

This scenario denotes two circumstances. First, you choose to trust your friend forever and believe they will never play you falsely. It’s just a silly dream which reflects nothing in reality.

Second, you find them not trustworthy and feel like they’re doing something wrong with you.

The advice here is to frankly talk to them to figure out if they’re doubtful or not.

Being Blamed For Betrayal

dreams of betrayal by a loved one
There’s no point arguing with stubborn, hostile people.

If you see yourself wrongly accused of betrayals, even though you’re innocent, it suggests that you have trouble arguing with a head-strong person.

Despite your effort to prove your innocence and attitudes with facts, they refuse to consider you right, accept the truth, and apologize to you.

There’s no point wasting your energy and time on such stubborn people.

Witnessing A Betrayal

Witnessing people treating each other wrong in your sleeping mind indicates that other people’s actions will disappoint you.

You may see some wrong-doings that ruin your hope for kindness and humanity. Indeed, you should know that there are bad people besides good ones out there.

It’s pretty normal to witness people betraying each other. They do it daily.

The key is to treat everyone with a warm heart and calm mind, despite all the evil intentions out there.

Betraying Yourself

Dreaming about betraying yourself (you may do something disappointing you’ve never allowed yourself to do) suggests that you will not put up with the rules you set out for yourself in waking life.

For instance, you intend to quit smoking, and this scenario pops up when you’re sleeping. That means you’ll betray yourself and smoke again.

The same can go for any issue in life. Thus, treat yourself with responsibility and care. Weigh up the pros and cons of every problem before acting.

Revealing A Business Secret

If you uncover an important business secret in your subconscious, you’ll probably get a task or assignment that goes against your moral principles.

Your boss may order you to accomplish a project that you never wanted to do. But you agreed to get the task since you can’t lose this job.

You have no choice and will end up hating yourself and regretting applying for this company.

Revealing State Secrets

The news about your country, its politicians, and the management you see or hear from the mass media daily can also go into your subconscious.

Did you watch an informative program that mentioned betrayals among states or political treason?

We don’t have an interpretation for this scenario since you simply have a remarkable impression of the news and transfer it into dreams.

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Here Is The Advice!

Should you encounter such dreams too often and see the same person betraying you (unknown or close), you’re facing a sense of insecurity in waking life.

You try to hide your vulnerability, but people around you start to notice that.

If these stressful dreams bother you, it’s advisable to frankly share your concerns with your beloved people or current soulmates.

Remember that efficient communication plays a vital part in developing and enriching romantic and friendly relationships.

It’s also essential to retain mutual trust and understanding.

The Bottom Line

We tend to be afraid of dreams of betrayal and curious about what messages they strive to convey.

Indeed, it’s hard to ignore such dreams, particularly when they occur too often.

The key thing to bear in mind here is that those scenarios don’t always reflect actual events in real life, but it’s a hint to figure out your next steps.

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