Why Do You Have Dreams about Your Spouse Cheating?

Is there anything more devastating that discovering your spouse is cheating on you? Unfaithfulness can be a heartbreaking experience, and though dreaming about it might sound like a nightmare, it’s not always a bad sign.

In this article, we’ll explain the different interpretations dreaming about your spouse cheating on you carries. As always, the devil is in the details, so try and remember as many as you can from your dream, as everything you saw and did in your dream might bring an extra layer of meaning to the message your subconscious is trying to send to you.

Dreaming about Your Spouse Cheating on You with Someone of the Opposite Sex

If you experience this kind of dream, this might be a warning that you tend to trust people too much, be it your significant other or any other person in your life. You are subconsciously worried that those around you might take advantage of your kind heart and trustful nature, so you would be wise to try and toughen up a bit.

You might be experiencing feelings of jealousy and concern over your significant other’s behaviour, even if they are not outright cheating. This might be a lack of confidence toward how they act towards you, how responsible they are and how much commitment they show in your relationship.

Perhaps you are worried that they are not being as hands on with the chores of the house as they should have or that they don’t really seem to share your same priorities toward the future.

It would be a good idea to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with your spouse, as this problem will only continue to grow and worsen if left unattended.

Dreaming about your Spouse Cheating on You with Someone of the Same Sex

Dreaming about your Spouse Cheating on You

If you find your husband other cheating on you with a man, or your wife cheating on you with a woman, then this is not a good sign.

Though your spouse is most likely not cheating on you, you are indeed concerned that they are keeping a big secret from your marriage.

You have most likely been arguing a lot lately with them and things are tense at home. Your spouse might be ashamed of the secret they are keeping from you, but don’t know how to talk to you about it.

Perhaps you are feeling neglected, like they are not paying you enough attention or they are not as romantic as they used to be.

Whatever the case, this dream is a big warning sign that something is amiss in your relationship, and that you should take action before it’s too late. If you try and talk to your spouse, perhaps you two can work things out and have a new start.

Unfortunately, this might also be a bad omen: If you don’t get your spouse to open up about their secrets, it’s likely there’ll be a divorce in the near future. It’s usually a bad sign to have this kind of dream, and you should try to be patient and open to conversation, until you are ready to call it quits.

Having A Dream about Your Spouse Cheating with More than One Person

If you experience this dream, it doesn’t mean your husband or wife is literally cheating with several lovers. The problem resides somewhere else: Your own resentment.

This is a sign that you have been harboring anger and disappointment towards your significant other and haven’t been able to address these issues correctly, so the wound hasn’t healed as it should have.

This is a big sign that you should open to your spouse about your concerns and finally close that old wound, since it’s doing neither of you any good to hold on to the past.

Having A Dream about your Spouse Cheating on You with A Friend

In this case, the focus of the dream is, surprisingly, not your significant other.

This dream is an omen of sorts: A warning that you will be betrayed by someone you are close to, most likely a close friend or a family member.

If you have recently confided a big secret or an embarrassing bit of information to someone you thought you could trust, you should definitely be on your toes and keep a keen eye on them, just in case they betray you.

This will be deeply disappointing, since it will be someone you cared about and loved, but at least you’ve had fair warning before it happened.

Dreaming about Your Spouse Refusing to Cheat on You

Having a Dream about Your Spouse Cheating

If you witness your husband or wife being tempted into cheating on you with an attractive lover and they’ve refused the offer, then this is a great sign!

You should be confident on your relationship, as your spouse cares about you deeply and they have proven themselves to be trustworthy in some way on real life, which manifested in your dreams through this situation. Your relationship is solid and based on trust and respect, so you should be glad you married such a loving person. Remember not to take your significant other for granted, as they truly love you deeply.

Having a Dream about Your Spouse Cheating and Admitting It to You

Dreams about Your Spouse Cheating

If during your dream your significant other reveals to you that they’ve cheated, then this is a sign that you’re not currently happy in your relationship.

You have been harboring resentment or have been aching for adventure in your life, and might be feeling trapped in your relationship, which manifested in this dream. You want to shake things up, and though you still love your significant other, you are feeling bored and perhaps even stuck.

It’s a great time to sit down with your spouse and have a heart-to-heart chat with them. Perhaps you could suggest taking a class together, or going on vacations? If you don’t address this issue, it’ll only get worse as time goes by, so don’t think these feelings will just disappear! You could very well save your marriage if you two work hard on finding new excitement in your relationship.

Cheating on Your Significant Other

If instead of being cheated on, you dream about being the one cheating on your husband or wife, then this is a sign that you are the one keeping a secret from them.

You might be embarrassed about an event in your past, or have made a mistake during the course of your relationship you never admitted to. This dream is a manifestation of the guilt you’ve been experiencing lately, and a way your subconscious has to prompt you to finally coming clean about the issue at hand.

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