What Do Dreams About Cheating on Your partner Mean?

In real life, cheating can be incredibly heart-breaking and life-changing for all involved. But what implications does cheating have when you dream about it? Does it necessarily bear negative undertones?

Usually, dreams about cheating are related to personal insecurities and self-doubting. Are you going through significant changes in your life and don’t quite know how to deal with your new surroundings? Or perhaps you are facing a new challenge and aren’t sure you are up to par?

Let’s take a look at the different interpretations of dreaming about cheating and how your unconscious mind might be sending you signals on how to deal with situations that affect your daily life.

Cheating on Your Partner

There are several interpretations for this particular dream: The most popular one seems to be that you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your relationship, and it’s reflected in you searching for these qualities with a new, exciting partner.

It doesn’t mean you want to be unfaithful, but perhaps it’s time to sit down with your significant other and address the issues that bother you about your relationship!

Other possible interpretations include feelings of guilt over previous sexual encounters and the need for a change in your current relationship.

being cheated in dream

Being Cheated On by Your Partner

Waking up from such a nightmare, many of us might ask ourselves: Is this a premonitory sign? Perhaps your unconscious mind is trying to send you a message?

Most likely, no. Dreaming about your significant other cheating on you tends to be related to your own insecurities or feelings of abandonment. Perhaps it’s time to take a better look at your relationship: You might be feeling neglected, or might be afraid they are not as committed as you are. You might even feel you don’t measure up to the expectations others have for you.

You could also be experiencing a deeply-rooted lack of trust, which might or might not be hinting at a real-life issue on your relationship.

These are fears you try and make sense of while sleeping, and might be unfounded, but it’s always a good idea to try and find a solution to your self-doubting.

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Cheating on Your Partner with Someone You Know

In this scenario, you might desire to possess the qualities the person you are committing adultery with displays. For example, if you are having an affair with your boss, you might wish you had their power and confidence.

It might also mean you feel this aspect of your life (work, study, friends), is eating away at the quality time you’d like to otherwise enjoy with your partner.

It’s an excellent chance to take a look at the way you deal with your partner, your friends and family and any other important people in your life: make sure you are happy with the amount of time and attention you dedicate to each one.

Being Caught Cheating

The dream began with you and your lover wrapped in each other’s arms, yet ended in the worst possible way: Your significant other walked in on the two of you, and now it’s time to face the music?

What does it mean? Being caught in the act usually points at feelings of guilt. Have you done something lately that might be tugging at your conscience? It might be a good time to come out clean about it!

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Cheating on A Partner While Encountering Troubles in Your Real-Life Relationship

Have you been going through a crisis in your relationship? Perhaps you are on a break or have constantly been arguing lately?

Then dreaming about cheating might be a good sign! It could hint at a reconciliation, so your unconscious mind could be letting you know you are soon going to be enjoying happier moments with the person you love.

Cheating with An Older Partner

It might imply there is some problem or issue in your life that remains unresolved. You might be holding onto a past relationship or unable to move past a lie or conflict you experienced with your current partner.

It’s a good sign to take a good look at the past and let go of the grudges you are holding onto.

Cheating with Several Partners

Girlfriend asking for explanation of her boyfriend

Sometimes dreams can get freaky. Sometimes you don’t only find yourself cheating on your significant other with a single person, but with three… or more!

It might be a sign your unconscious mind is trying to send you, telling you to let go of your inhibitions and experience your hidden desires.

This does not mean you want to experience multiple partners at once, but that you often let your fears and concerns get the best of you.

Try and analyze the limits you are setting for yourself and push past your comfort zone.

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Helping Someone Else Cheat on Their Partner

This is not a comfortable position to find yourself in. If you dreamed about being the other woman or the other man, it might imply you are feeling undervalued in any aspects of your life, even perhaps in your own relationship.

This is especially true if during the dream you experience feelings of guilt or you feel dirty about the affair you’re involved in.

A Simpler Interpretation

Sometimes, cheating on a dream is simply a way of exploring your sexual desires in a harmless, fun way. Perhaps you saw a movie featuring your favorite actress or actor; maybe you saw a hottie walking down the street. It might just be a way for your unconscious mind to blow off some steam and hold no significant interpretation other than healthy manifestations of your sexuality.

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