Dream Of Hugging – Dream Meaning And Symbolic Interpretation

How do you show your affection and love with gesture? You hug your dear one with your hands, and it proves your closeness and gratitude towards him or her. Now, what does it mean to dream of hugging? Does it have a negative or positive symbol? From the positive viewpoint, it indicates a joy. However, negatively, it is a sign of embracing an impending issue or bad future. We have presented you with the analyses of the dream of hugging.

It is very common to us to have dreams about hugging. These dreams can reflect not only love but also our feelings of security and protection. You may feel protected after encountering this dream. However, in a few cases, the dream can denote problem and conflicts in your real life, and you will be successful in solving them.

You may also have this hugging dream while you have thought of releasing the negative energy. In that case, you must take the step to think positively and to spread your love for others.

Another interpretation of the dream of hugging is that someone is going to accept you. It could be about your emotions and feelings. Some dream interpreters have believed it to be the symbol of your acceptance of other people.

Dream of hugging a girl – What does it mean?

In most of the dream books, we have found it as the symbolic representation of establishing a spiritual or emotional relationship with any person. When you have hugged a girl in your dream and you have good feelings, it means that your relationship will reach a good height.

However, in some cases, the act of hugging a woman in a dream can foretell bad news.

You may have an awkward feelings for someone in your dream. This type of dream indicates problems and issues in your present relation with that person. The dream of hugging an unknown woman reflects a chance of encountering some uninvited and unknown guests.

Interestingly, the dream of hugging and kissing an unknown girl indicates the impending issues in your professional or personal life.

We have shown you the interpretations of the dreams of hugging various types of girls.

  • Familiar girls- Warning some unpredictable situation
  • Pregnant woman- Commitment of any deceitful act
  • Beautiful and attractive woman- Reveals your readiness to accept something new
  • Your dear one or your spouse- Predicts your relationship adjustment or reassessment of values
  • Unfamiliar girl- Foretells a new or different acquaintance

Dream of rejection of hug

When you dream of rejecting someone’s hug, this is not a positive sign. This dream could reflect that you are feeling disturbed with someone’s presence. You are also feeling resentment or bitterness towards that person. Moreover, this dream of hugging could be about a person, who thinks of reciprocating his or her affection for you. If this interpretation is right for you, it is better to communicate with that person and tell about your feelings. 

Some dream psychologists think that this hug rejection dream reflects your isolation and lonely feelings. You can feel the loneliness in the coming days. The dream may also denote the challenging days of your present romantic life. You can prepare yourself for facing these challenges.

There is none and no action to provoke your feelings. You may try to analyze your internal conflicts for finding out the meaning of these dreams.

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Dream of exchanging hugs

dream of hugging someone

You can encounter a dream, where you exchange hugs with others. This dream may have a negative implication. For instance, it can predict your chance to become involved in conflicts and clashes. It may also indicate the risk of being betrayed or deceived by an intimate person.

Dream of hugging someone for pleasure

There is a positive implication while you hug someone for being glad and pleased. It can indicate that you are going to enjoy the good days of your life. In addition, this dream also symbolizes the contentment and peace and your present circumstance. 

Dream of embracing a companion

Your dream about being hugged by friend indicates the need of your help and guidance to that friend. However, it is a dream about hugging a friend, it indicates your present lonely feelings.

In some cases, this type of dream can reveal the good events in the coming days. It also signifies a chance of higher dependence on your close friends.

Another interpretation of the dream is that you are looking for friends’ assistance for overcoming emotional issues.

Dream of seeing the deceased person alive

Many of us dream of hugging someone, who passed away. This dream has a number of varied interpretations. For instance, it could mean that you do not like to accept the past. Besides, your subconscious mind feels the presence of that person, and it becomes reflected in your dream.

When you have this dream before your wedding day, it could warn the problems in your future marriage life. 

Dream of hugging a deceased person

hugging a dead person in dream

The dead persons, appearing in dream, always reflect your suppressed and stressed feelings. When you feel fear for the dream of hugging a dead person, there is no need to worry. It simply means that you are missing him or her.

Now, if it is a dream of very strong and uncomfortable hugging of the dead person, it reveals your potential to start a risky job.

Dream of hugging your rivals

When you dream of hugging an enemy, it means your acceptance of the previous rejected things. Thus, this dream has a positive interpretation, as it indicates your settlement in life.

Dream of tight hugging

A dream of hugging someone tightly reveals your good moments with that person. Although you may have a breakup from your lover, you can still find that person in your dream.

Thus, we can now conclude that the dream of hugging provokes various feelings, like love, pleasure and forgiveness. You may hug your friend, beloved, relative or someone else. You need to focus on these aspects of your dream for the accurate interpretation. You can read our analysis of hugging dream to find the right meaning of your dream.

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