What Do Dreams About Killing Someone Mean? – Surprising Answers

There are many interpretations of dreams about killing someone. It may indicate that you’re subconsciously attempting to get rid of something unnecessary in your life or someone who’s a disturbance to you.

Perhaps, you’re releasing repressed anger or rage towards someone or something in your life, and it could even be towards yourself! If your dream indicates that you have killed someone, such a dream could signify your desire to end a relationship with that particular person.

It may also be worth asking yourself about any range or anger that you may be harboring that could be the reason behind your dreams.

Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of Killing Someone

If you have had dreams about killing someone, this kind of dream is definitely not a good sign as it’s an indication of your current state of agitation. Perhaps, the feeling is already very intense and you’re already on the verge of losing yourself.

If your dream is about you killing a person you’re familiar with, then it’s time to question yourself about your feelings for that particular person because such resentment may have triggered that dream of yours. Such a dream may also indicate that you’re trying to get rid of some aspects of yourself that are represented by that person that you killed in your dream. Think about the characteristics of that person and see if these are the traits that you want to get rid of yourself. Perhaps, the personality of that person is something that you want to keep away from your own.

dream about killing someone

If you dream about killing someone, this might also indicate that you’re trying to dispose of some old beliefs and habits and you want to change the way you think.

Another possible meaning of dreams about killing someone is that you’re trying to end some bad habits or an addiction that you may have. This could also signify that you’re depressed or disappointed with yourself or somebody else.

Dreaming about Somebody Trying to Kill You

It’s also common for people to search about the meaning of a dream about someone trying to shoot me. This is actually not a good sign because this dream could tell that your actions are different from your emotions and conscience.

This dream may also indicate some drastic changes that you’re trying to make in your life. Perhaps, you want to get rid of some addiction or bad habits. In some cases, the dream may also signify that you’re being let down or betrayed by someone and you’re feeling disappointed because of that.

If you dream about someone being murdered, this may also indicate the end of a significant relationship. Perhaps, it means that you want to detach from your negative emotions. However, it could also refer to some unused or hidden talents that you have.

Dreaming about Seeing Someone Killing Another Person

If you’re dreaming about seeing someone killing another, then such a dream could mean that you’re denying rage and anger or certain aspects of your personality that you want to get rid of.

Dreams about seeing someone killing another person may also signify deep-rooted anger that you have for somebody.

Dreaming about Seeing a Killer

dream about killing someone

If in your dream you saw a killer, this could indicate your feelings of losing your identity. It could also signify a healing process that’s been going on in your life.

The dream may also indicate taking a stand on something or consider putting an end to some situations in your life.

Dreaming about Killing a Person Who Was Stalking You

If you’re dreaming about killing a person who’s stalking you, then this could be an indication of being exposed under scrutiny or becoming the center of attention to certain people in your life and this is something that’s making you feel uncomfortable.

Killing a person in your dream who seems to be obsessed with you could signify your need to end a very uncomfortable situation that’s going on in your life. Otherwise, you could lose control of yourself and end up doing something irrational.

Dreaming of Killing Someone and Then Escaping

If you have ever dreamt about killing someone and you were trying to escape, this dream could signify certain problems or obstacles in your life that are causing you many difficulties. Since you’re trying to escape after killing, this could mean that you don’t have the courage to overcome such problems by yourself. In this case, you may need to ask someone’s help to go through certain challenges in your life.

Dreaming of Killing a Family Member

If you’re dreaming of killing a member of your family, then consider this a bad sign. This dream could signify all those negative emotions and rage that you have accumulated and it’s through your dream that you have subconsciously purged the aggression and anger that you have been keeping to yourself.

Perhaps, you’re currently under so much stress and you’re totally unhappy with the current situation in your life. Maybe you want to be independent or get out of a suffocating situation that involves your family.

You probably feel that you’re being controlled by some of your family members, such as your siblings and parents, and you’re desperate to gain freedom.

Dreaming of Killing a Person Because Someone Asked You

If in your dream you have killed a person because someone asked you to do it, this dream could indicate that you’re being involved in certain activities that could cause a lot of inconvenience in your life in the future. Perhaps, you’re blindly following someone’s command and you’re allowing that person to have control over your life.

This kind of dream should serve as a message to think of the influences that other people have over your life.

Dreaming of Killing Someone and Burying Them Afterward

Dreaming of Killing Someone and Burying Them Afterward

For dreams about killing someone and hiding the body, this could refer to a determination to your desire to confront a certain obstacle or issue that has been bothering you for quite a while and you just want to deal with it for good.

Since you decided to bury the body in your dream, then consider that a good sign that you’ll have relief after you’re finally out of the situation.

Dreaming of Killing a Snake

If you killed a snake in your dream, then this could signify your desire to persuade other people into accepting your ideas. That way, you can accomplish your plans and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Dreaming of Killing a Vampire

If in your dream you killed a vampire then consider this a good sign as it usually indicates success for the future. This may signify your ability to beat your competitor and eliminate difficult situations from your life.

Dreaming of Killing a Cat

If you killed a cat in your dream, this dream may refer to your awareness about a person’s plan to hurt you behind your back.

Dreaming of Killing a Mouse

If you killed a mouse in your dream, this may be a good sign as it indicates your victory against your competitor. Perhaps, you’ll be promoted instead of your colleague who’s also expecting a promotion.

Dreaming of Killing a Fox

If in your dream you’re intentionally or unintentionally killing a fox, this dream could refer to your ability to get rid of something that’s been bothering you in your life. Perhaps, it’s about overcoming some negative aspects of your personality or overcoming some bad habits.

This kind of dream can also signify that you don’t have any enemy at the moment or that they’re no longer a threat to you.

Dreaming of Killing an Elephant

If you’re killing an elephant in your dream or you dreamed about a dead elephant, then consider that a bad sign as it could signify an unhappy situation in the future that could possibly jeopardize or ruin your security, peace, and harmony.

You might encounter some misfortune soon that could affect your finances, relationships, wellbeing, and condition. Sometimes, this may also refer to a life-threatening situation.

If you’re married, this kind of dream could indicate that you’re going through some financial issues that could possibly be a threat to your married life.

Dreaming of Killing a Butterfly

If you have unintentionally or intentionally killed a butterfly in your dream, then this is a bad sign as it indicates you will be facing some problems ahead. Perhaps, you’ll face issues in your career, relationship, or you might have health-related issues.


The interpretations of dreams about killing someone shouldn’t scare you. It might be better to forgive yourself and let go of all the negative emotions that are bothering you. Remember that dreams are very personal and there are varying reasons on why you may have ended up dreaming about a violent act such as killing someone. If you’re currently having issues with another person in your life, it may be better to talk to them and settle things. It’s time to let go of your feelings of anger and hatred.

Healing yourself and forgiving others is the best approach. These dreams may signify some important events in your life, but at the end of the day, they could also be mere random visuals that don’t have any meaning at all.

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