Top Interpretations of Dreams About Snakes

Just the thought of snakes scares a lot of people. So when someone dreams about snakes, the experience can be really bothersome. But you should understand that this type of dream could have many different meanings. Also, there are lots of factors and situations that could affect the real meaning of your dream.

When deciphering the snake dream meaning, you need to explore all the possibilities and situations. This dream might be telling you some significant messages about your life. The dream might serve as a warning or precaution about something that’s about to happen. This is why when determining the real meaning of your dream, you need to broaden your mind and consider all possibilities. Otherwise, you could miss out on the most relevant message that the dream is trying to tell you.

So let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to know when it comes to understanding the meaning behind your snake dream.

The Complexities of Your Snake Dreams

Dream readers will tell you that dreams are often connected to ancient themes predated by modern times. Thus, the images that you’ll see in your dreams could be linked to ancient dreams that you are unconsciously aware of.

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But sometimes, dreaming of snakes can be attributed to your personal life. When you try to explore the meaning of this dream, you need to take into consideration your personal relationship with this reptile. Do you like snakes? If so, then your dream might have a totally different meaning than of other persons that are scared of snakes. But then again, dreams can have several different meanings. When it comes to snakes, however, the most obvious reaction is fear. This is pretty understandable because people are generally scared of snakes.

When deciphering the meaning of your dream, you should explore beyond the obvious. Explore all possibilities and try to connect it with things you don’t see. Understand the deeper implications of such a dream so you’ll know what it’s trying to tell you.

So what do snakes symbolize? Let’s try to dig deeper into the different symbolic meanings of snakes.

  • Fear

If you’re scared of someone or something in real life, then this is probably what your dream is trying to tell you. Perhaps, you are scared to face a commitment, a tough situation, or maybe a particular person. Your dream could serve as a wakeup call that you must face your fears no matter what.

  • Renewal

Snakes can also symbolize a change in your life – either renewal or growth. If you’re living a very troublesome life, your unconscious mind is probably talking to you through your dreams and telling you to come to terms with whatever it is that you’re struggling with.

  • Phallic Symbol

A snake can also represent a phallic symbol and the reason why the snake appeared in your dream is maybe because you’re trying to suppress your sexual needs. Or perhaps you’re suffering from issues relating to impotence. If this is the case, then your dream could refer to your sexual deficits.

  • Repressed Desires

The snake could also symbolize your innermost desires. Now if the snake ended up biting you in your dream, consider this as a wake-up call to fulfill whatever desires you have.

  • Unconscious Anxieties

Sometimes, if your emotions are pretty unstable, that’s when you’ll have strange dreams, including snakes. This is because the snake could represent negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and stress.

  • Wisdom

In the Asian and Native American cultures, snakes symbolize wisdom. Thus, dreaming of snake could refer to the knowledge or answers that you’re trying to seek.

Biblical Meaning

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When it comes to the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams, the snake is often seen as evil or an enemy. In the bible, it’s mentioned that it was the snake that tempted Adam and Eve to eat the apple, which is why the snake is portrayed as something bad.

In fact, others associate the snake with Satan who just used the snake to conceal his real appearance. It is because of this that the snake has been portrayed as a symbol of evil and something that shouldn’t be trusted.

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Spiritual Meaning

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams, the snake is often seen as something demonic. It is used to refer to negative things, such as oppression, hindrance, and death. In the spirit realm, the snake represents Satan and something that’s often associated with disaster and tragedy.

Snake Bite Dream

For most people, a snake bite dream is something scary. But generally, this should be considered as a warning sign or a precaution about a challenging situation or a toxic person in your life. Therefore, you need to do something in order to prevent a potential problem. The dream may also mean that you’re currently trapped or paralyzed in a certain situation in your life.

Maybe there’s something that you wanted to do but you just do not have the courage or the strength to do it.

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When looking at it from a positive perspective, the snake bite dream could also mean that a dramatic change could happen in your life soon. If you are bitten in the foot or leg, this could mean that your unconscious mind is trying to predict a major transformation that’s about to happen in your life. The feet represent balance and if you get bitten in that area of your body, then this could mean that major changes are about to happen soon.

Seeing a Black Snake in Your Dream

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Sometimes, the color of the snake could affect the meaning of your dreams about snakes. If the snake that appeared on your dream is dark, this could mean that someone with a dark motive is lurking in your life. Consider this as a warning of potential danger. Sometimes, this dream could also represent your feelings of sadness or depression. Maybe you are getting emotional distress lately because of a painful situation, such as a breakup. But this dream could also serve as a financial warning. Therefore, you need to be careful when making an investment or any transactions involving money.

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