Biblical Meaning of Snakes In Dreams

Snakes. You might love or hate them, keep them as pets or be terrified of them. Most people are not simply indifferent towards them, and there might be a deeper meaning to humanity’s relationship with these creatures.

Why is it so predominantly featured in mythology and religion? What symbology does this animal hold, what does its presence in our subconscious mind represent? In this article, we’ll analyze the biblical meaning of snakes in our dreams and different interpretations of what our unconscious mind might be trying to tell us when featuring this slithering creature while we sleep.

The Biblical Meaning of Snakes

Since the dawn of mankind, snakes have held a significant and unique symbolism. Seeing them might be considered a bad omen, and they are heavily associated with evil and negative energies.

The Bible connects the snake and the figure of the devil, but that’s not to mean only bad connotations are associated with this animal.

Snakes In Dream Meaning

Seeing A Serpent but Not Interacting with It

As snakes are deeply connected with betrayal and cunning behaviors, seeing a snake slither by your side in your dreams could mean you have someone in your life who will soon betray or hurt you.

A loved one, or perhaps a friend, maybe harboring bad intentions towards you, so it would be wise to take a good look at those you trust the most. Think if you have any fake friend in your life you’d be better off without.

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Try to Remember the Size of the Snake

In the case of snakes, their size is of significance when it comes to analyzing what they symbolize in your dreams.

If it’s a large animal, you will soon be facing an extremely dangerous situation and should be on the lookout for an impending threat. It will probably be connected to your finances or your job.

If, on the other hand, it’s a small one, the issues will be focused instead on someone you care deeply about, most likely a friend. This person will lie and betray you in ways you never expected. Perhaps it would be a good idea to keep your secrets quiet for a while, before discovering who will sell you out for 30 silver pieces.

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Dreaming of being Bitten by A Snake

Dreaming of being Bitten by A Snake

Being bitten by a snake holds a rather straightforward symbolism: Someone cunning and untrustworthy will bite you, injecting venom into you. Thus, someone will get close enough to harm you in some way, most possibly by revealing a secret you shouldn’t have trusted them with.

If the snake who bit you ends up dead during the dream, it symbolizes the great disappointment you will experience after your close friend or family member betrays you. Your relationship with them will probably not survive this hard moment.

Killing A Serpent in Your Dream

This is one of those cases in which seeing a snake in your dreams will not be a bad sign, but rather a good omen.

It symbolizes you’ll be experiencing great success in the near future, most likely at work, but also in your personal life. If you are competing for a certain position or a scholarship, you will most likely triumph over your competition.

If instead of killing the snake you simply find it dead (but it hasn’t bitten you before this encounter), you’re also in luck. It presents the troubles you may be facing in real life will finally be abandoning you and you have a bright and happy future ahead.

Many snakes filling your dream

You might be worried when noticing a great number of snakes surrounding you through a dream. After all, if a single one brings trouble, then a handful of them will only be worse, right?

In this case, that’s not true.

You will experience problems in the near future, but it will not be too stressful. You might commit a series of small mistakes or get into a fight with someone you love, but don’t fret because you’ll soon find a solution to it all.

It’s recommendable that you stay alert through the following days to avoid any annoyances, but other than that, you should be fine.

If a snake falls on you

This might symbolize internal struggles or issues you are going through and refuse to tell people about. It’s a sign that you should ask for help and that others will come to your aid.

These inner conflicts might be preventing you from achieving true success or moving on in life, so they should be addressed as soon as possible to let go of them.

Holding a snake in your hands

If it’s coiling around your hand or body, it may mean you are feeling weak and helpless. Your competition in any given situation is intimidating you and you are feeling afraid that they’ll manage to beat you to your goals.

If it’s just resting in your hands, it’s a warning you should not continue to ignore a situation you might be turning a blind eye to, as it could prove to be quite problematic in the near future.

Dreaming of a speaking snake

A snake that begins talking to you means you’ll soon be receiving bad news or a piece of advice you don’t want to listen. It would be wise to listen to this advice and try to follow it whenever possible.

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Snake scales’ color symbolism

Dreaming of a colorful serpent

Try to remember what color the snake’s scales were since different colors provide a different insight into your dream.

  • Dreaming of a colorful serpent is a way your unconscious mind is using to tell you your naivety will soon get you in trouble. You should try to remember people are not always trustworthy and that even your seemingly closest friends might soon betray you.
  • A black snake is always a bad omen, as it symbolizes death and pain. It’s highly recommended that you have a medical checkup if you see a black snake in your dreams.
  • Gray snakes symbolize betrayal, so you should look over your shoulder and remain alert.
  • Green serpents are a sign that you should pay more attention to your personal hygiene as well as keep your house cleaner. You might be feeling unkempt and this is your unconscious mind’s way of telling you to clean up your act.
  • If you dream of a red snake, you should pick your fights more carefully and avoid unnecessary confrontation, as it might lead you to more trouble than you can handle.
  • A white snake might mean your loved ones will soon be experiencing health issues, but it will not be life-threatening. Just make sure to take good care of them and they’ll soon make a full recovery.

Type of snake

Was the snake that appeared in your dreams water or a forest serpent? The difference is important, as it will grant you further insight into what your unconscious mind is trying to convey.

A water snake is a clear sign that you should be careful in the following months, as you might suffer from serious injuries. You should also avoid swimming in lakes, rivers, and the sea for a while.

A forest snake, on the other hand, means one of your friends is double-crossing you and you should resort to your family for advice. They will probably suspect who the fake friend in your life is.

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