What Does Dream about Childhood Home Means

The place you grew up in, as well as the people you grew up with, will forever affect your life and your personality, so it’s no wonder it holds great significance in your dreams as well.
Dreaming about experiences from your past, especially your childhood, is certainly something most of us go through ever so often.

It’s most likely to occur while at a turning point in your life, so this dream will usually be connected to change, both in good and bad ways. It depends greatly on what other elements appear in your dream, which is precisely what we will analyze in this article.

If Your Childhood Home Looks Different than It Did in Reality

You may dream about what you recognize as your childhood home, even if it looks nothing like it did in reality. Stil, you know it’s supposed to represent the same place.

These differences hold a great importance in analyzing what your subconscious is trying to tell you, so we’ll focus on the possible differences:

If the home is bigger and better than you remember it being, this means the values and lessons you learned as a child have positively influenced you growing up, and you are proud of the person you’ve become. It’s a good omen for the future, symbolizing that your upbringing will lead you to good places in life.

childhood house

On the other hand, if the home looks smaller or disheveled, it might be an indication that you have unresolved issues with your parents or family, and may have been arguing lately, or even holding a grudge toward them. It might be a sign that you are ready to let go of the anger you’ve been harboring, and want to forgive and forget, or at least try to move on from the past.

If you see the home you grew up in is now destroyed or even being torn apart, it means you are ashamed of your past and are worried that something that happened back then will ruin your current life, coming to light in the worst way possible.

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Visiting Different Rooms in the Home

Each room in your childhood home indicates a different message your subconscious mind is trying to send you, and you should try and remember what places you walked into or even saw from a distance, as it’s intrinsical to fully comprehend your dream:

Your home is meant to represent your inner self, so revisiting your childhood dream might be seen as a way to evaluate your belief system, as well as your own emotions and concerns for the future.

If you walk through the garden or yard, you are questioning the way you relate to other people and how you were taught to interact with them: If it’s a beautiful, well-kept garden, you are proud of the way your parents raised you to socialize in the outside world, while a dirty and untidy yard might indicate you’d like to change the attitudes your upbringing taught you.

Kitchens often symbolize your self acceptance and confidence in yourself, as it’s connected to nourishment and wellness. So if you are dealing with depression or anxiety, as well as insecurities, this might be reflected through a dark and unkempt kitchen.

Your bedroom is deeply connected to your intimacy, so dreaming about a scary or dirty room might be indicating you are having issues with your partner or your sex life, while a pretty and well-kept bedroom is a good sign that you experience (or soon will enjoy a healthy and happy sexuality.

dreaming about childhood home

The attic symbolizes hidden or suppressed memories, and dreaming about it is your way of confronting them, which is a good sign. It’s a way of telling yourself you are ready to deal with a secret you have been harboring for a long time. Perhaps you are holding onto the past and want to finally let go.

Dreaming about standing in the balcony, is connected to the need to be noticed and let yourself be seen by others. You might be hoping for more recognition at work or a higher status in social circles. You are probably attempting to get a raise or are feeling awkward about an upcoming social interaction you wish you could avoid: perhaps speaking at an event or a party you are obligated to attend.

If you enter the garage, you are feeling like you are lacking a proper direction in your life and are desperate for a change. It might be a sign that you are ready to change your job or you are experiencing troubles in your personal life, especially if you and your partner have been arguing lately.

Lastly, dreaming about the basement is usually associated to your primal self, and your spirituality. A dark basement might indicate you are dealing with great anxiety you can’t fully comprehend, and you would benefit from analyzing the root of your problems. If the basement is cluttered, you might be experiencing doubts about your belief system or your faith.

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Cleaning your Childhood Home

If you dream of cleaning up the home or apartment you grew up in, especially if it was very dirty to begin with, it’s a good sign for both your present and your future. You are finally letting go of a childhood trauma or a resentment you held toward your family members and are ready to improve your life, which will be reflected in a better tomorrow.

You might get a raise soon, meet that special someone, or, if you are already involved in a serious relationship, improve your interactions with your partner.

The dirtiest the home was to begin with, and the cleaner it ends up looking, the better the omen.

Meeting Relatives Who Have Passed Away

dreaming about Relatives Who Have Passed Away

If, while visiting the home you grew up in, you encounter relatives who died while you lived there, or soon after, this is regretfully to be considered a bad omen.

It’s warning you’ll soon find yourself in a dangerous situation in real life, but you might be able to avoid it, so take it to heart and be on the lookout for possible accidents or violent people who you might be surrounding yourself with.

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Having Guests in Your Childhood Home

If you are glad to receive these visitors, then it’s a good sign: You’ll experience happiness in the near future and will probably receive good news. If the guest brings along a gift, you will soon be blessed with something you have been looking forward to.

If, however, the visitors surprise you and you find yourself unprepared to let them in, you might be experiencing unforeseen troubles and will have a hard time dealing with it. If you turn your guests away and you know this person in real life, it might be a sign you don’t trust them any longer and they may betray you soon, so you should be careful around them if you choose to keep them in your life.

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