Dreams about Demons – Meaning and Interpretation

Having dreams featuring demonic creatures sounds terrifying, and you most likely believe this to be a terrible omen, signifying only death and sorrow in your future. Don’t be so quick to make assumptions, though, as these dreams will not always be nightmares and its symbology is far more layered than you might believe at first.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the possible interpretations dreaming about demons might have, and what to be on the lookout for.

Being Possessed by Demons

dreams about demons

Usually, demons represent a bleak outlook in life, in the way you process the world around you, or even negative energies you endure from outside sources, such as a toxic person you have to deal with on a regular basis.

Dreams about a demon possessing you is a sign that the negative energy is coming from within, and you are your own worst enemy. Perhaps you are being defeatist, overly pessimistic and keep putting yourself down. Perhaps you are dealing with anxiety and these dreams are an outlet for your brain to let you know something is amiss.

You may be stopping yourself from achieving success through your own insecurities, and it’s important you look for advice from your loved ones. The demon is a representation of your own negative energy and it entering your body and taking charge of your actions is a warning of how this negativity keeps taking hold of your life.

If instead of dreaming about a demon possessing you, it possesses a family member instead, this means there is a conflict going on threatening to tear your loved ones apart. You need to identify this problem and try to solve it before it’s too late and the tension escalates. If you were in an argument with your loved ones recently, it might be wise to apologize.

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Running away from Demons

If you are being chased in your dreams and the creatures following behind are demons, you might be trying to escape from a bad emotional place you find yourself trapped in. You might be struggling with psychological problems and prefer to project these negative thoughts onto other people.

It would be wise to take a look at your life and if the problems you are enduring are truly coming from outside sources or if you are the one going through a rough patch. You might be turning a blind eye to a mental health issue you don’t want to confront.

The demons chasing you also can symbolize harmful habits, and your unconscious mind is trying to distance itself from them. It might be a sign that you are getting ready to finally let go of issues such as pessimism, bad temper, smoking or any other bad habits you might have developed over the years.

Getting Trapped by Demons

dreaming about demons

If you are unable to escape a group of demons that managed catch you (with or without a previous chase), you might be dealing with a complex situation in your life you don’t know the solution to, and are burdened with doubt. This dream symbolizes the inner conflict between two or more options you can’t seem to choose from.

If the demons begin attacking at you, the conflict is most likely related to your own emotions and may be dealing with feelings of guilt. It would be wise to reevaluate your latest decisions as you seem to be having second thoughts about them.

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Dreaming about Singing and Dancing Demons

Surprisingly, if this is the case, you are not actually suffering from a nightmare: Dancing and singing demons are a good omen and you should be glad you are dreaming about it, as strange as it might sound.

Dancing demons is a way of letting go of mistakes you’ve committed in the past and that have been causing you to experience deep regret or guilt, while singing demons usually predict you’ll be winning a prize or receiving unexpected extra money. Perhaps you’ll win the lotto or get a bonus at work.

Transforming into A Demon

If you find yourself transforming into such an evil creature, this might be a warning you’ve been self-centered or selfish lately. It might also be connected to your professional life: You might feel like you have to pretend to be something you are not to fit in your work environment or make a demanding boss happy.

Killing A Demon

This is another good sign: If you kill a demon in your dreams, it signifies you have overcome temptation or will do so in the near future. It may also mean you’ll be able to give up on that negative habit you have been trying to let go of.

The demons in your dreams usually represent your own problems, mostly related to bad habits, sins and crimes, so defeating or killing it is a way your unconscious mind expresses getting rid of this particular issue.

Interacting with Demons

demon in dream

You may interact in different ways with demons in your dreams. If you find yourself talking to them, consider it a warning. You are surrounding yourself with negative people who might be trying to influence you to do something bad. You would be wise to resist such temptations and even better, cutting those people out of your life.

If you are involved or sleeping with a demon in your dream, this is a sign that you’ll be betrayed in the near future. Your partner might be cheating on you or hiding a big secret and your subconscious is trying to warn you to be on the lookout. You might have noticed signs your conscious mind didn’t quite catch, and this is the way you are processing them, through your dreams.

Try to figure out what kind of lies your partner has been telling you and you’ll soon discover the truth.

There are a few other interactions you might encounter, such as feeding a demon or being fed by it: It’s a terrible omen, usually symbolizing death or dangerous accidents. Try to be extra careful and avoid any potentially dangerous situations if you experience this particular nightmare.

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Color Symbolism

If you remember what color the demon in your dreams’ skin was, it will allow you to better understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

If the demon is dark-colored or black, it is a sign that you are dealing with depression or anxiety and are scared of the immediate future. Perhaps you have a big job interview or an event coming up you aren’t looking forward to.

If the demon is red, you may be concerned about your health or an upcoming medical exam. It’s unfortunately not a good sign and you might be experiencing health issues in the future, so try to be on the lookout for any symptoms.

Light-colored demons, on the other hand, are a great sign, and actually indicate you will be enjoying good luck soon. Be ready for a pleasant surprise, both in your personal and professional life.

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