What Does a Peacock Symbolize?

The peacock is one of the most popular birds that appear in people’s dreams. This bird symbolizes birth, rejuvenation, new life, or re-growth. If a peacock appears in your dream, this could also symbolize success and prestige. Consider this a positive sign for the future and expect great luck and happiness to come into your life soon.

But your peacock dream can have different meanings. Although the bird is often seen as something good and not something to be scared of, the dream may also have negative connotations. Peacocks are prized for their lovely and colorful tail feathers and if you dream about this bird, this could mean that someone is after you and is out to get you. Or perhaps, this is a sign that it’s about time that you grab whatever it is that you desire most in life.

Generally, peacocks are good creatures. They might appear very confident, but they are not really arrogant. Oftentimes, the peacock symbolizes laughter, happiness, and a kind heart.

Peacock Symbolism

So what does a peacock symbolize? The peacock symbolizes many things, depending on the culture, religion etc.

Below is a list of the most common symbols of the peacock.

  • Awareness
  • Beauty
  • Being well balanced
  • Confidence
  • Enjoying life
  • Honor
  • Humor
  • Integrity
  • Leadership skills
  • Light hearted
  • Long life
  • Resurrection
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-love
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Strength
  • Truth
  • Vision

Peacock originates from Southeast Asia and is well revered in the South Asian countries like India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. As a matter of fact, the peacock is the national bird of India. Also, there are many religions that consider peacock as a holy bird. The peacock spirit animal signifies good omen.

Here’s how the different religions in the world view the peacock:


peacock spirit animal

If the peacock opens its tail wide, it will look like a giant Chinese hand fan. In Buddhism, the peacock signifies acceptance and openness. The bird could also symbolize immortality or long life. This is because peacocks can eat poisonous plants, but won’t die, unlike humans. Also, Buddhists believe that peacocks can endure even the most difficult suffering. They also consider the peacock as a symbol of purity and their feathers are often used in purification ceremonies.


Lord Krishna is one of the significant gods in the Hindu religion. It’s been said that Lord Krishna is fond of putting feathers of the peacock all over his head and would even decorate it on his flue. Because of this, Hindus believe that the peacocks have intentionally given their feathers as a gift to Lord Krishna.


In Christianity, a peacock is also used to symbolize purity. Christians believe that when someone dies, his or her soul goes to heaven. Thus, Christians during the early times would spread peacock feathers over the body of their deceased loved ones in order to make them pure and in order for their soul to go to heaven.

Furthermore, the feathers are also used as a means to prevent the decay of the human body since they believe that the peacock symbolizes resurrection, immortality, and brings about the teachings of Jesus Christ and the holy bible.

Peacock Spirit Animal

When the peacock spirit animal will appear in your dream, you probably need to start looking at things from a different perspective. Try to see good in everything, even the smallest of all things. No matter what the situation is, try to take the journey to gratitude. Peacocks are known to be upbeat. So try to laugh often and rejoice even in the smallest things.

Another message that your dream may be telling you is that you need to be more confident about yourself and your ability to reach your dreams. Some people tend to give up on their dreams thinking that these things are just too impossible for them to achieve. But this dream is telling you to value your talents and skills and use this to your advantage.


Peacocks with colorful feathers are of the male species. In this case, your dream is probably telling you to reconnect with a sacred masculine. Furthermore, on the tail of the peacock, you’ll recognize that there’s an eye-shaped spot, which could symbolize your third eye chakra, which reconnects you to your higher self that will unlock your psychic gifts.

In the Shamanic tradition, the peacock is seen as a healer. So if you’re seeing the peacock in your dreams, start asking yourself if there’s a certain aspect in your life that seems to be lacking? If so, then allow the vibrations of the peacock to wrap you with its feathers and take away all the negative energies from your mind. Try to focus your meditation on the eyespot in the peacock’s tail and put this as the center of your ritual to achieve wellness.

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Peacock Totem

Those who are born with peacock totem are said to be persons who are true to their word and have high integrity. Honor is one of the most significant symbolisms of a peacock. Next to honesty, honor is a value that most people uphold.

People who associate themselves with peacock have deep-seated beliefs and are known to “walk their talk.” This character makes them a natural born leader since people find them trustworthy and it won’t be difficult for them to gain followers.

However, peacock people need to watch out their ego. It’s just so easy for them to let their pride to get in the way in most situations. But the true power of the peacock can be best demonstrated by using knowledge humbly and gracefully.

Those who are born with peacock totem have truly beautiful qualities inside out. If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t hesitate to let that inner beauty shine through. Embrace yourself and always seek beauty in others. If you maintain this mindset, you’ll be able to maintain a gentle balance between personal compassion and awareness.

Peacock people may also struggle with self-trust. But you really don’t need to be hard on yourself. Be kindhearted at all times and never hide those beautiful feathers away!

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