Moth Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

Moths are nocturnal creatures: Insects deeply associated with the dark, the occult and the claravoirance. Moving around in the dark means they must trust their inner instincts and fully rely on their enhanced senses to survive. 

These creatures are considered symbolically opposed to the stunningly beautiful butterfly: While the latter is associated with light, daytime, and transformation, moths are linked to midnight, secrets and wisdom.

In this article, we’ll discuss what symbolisms are associated with white and black moths, and what message this dark insect is trying to convey.

Fascination with the Light

Though moths are intrinsically nocturnal creatures, they are still fascinated by the light and they try and follow behind it, even if the daytime isn’t its natural environment.

This determination to move toward the light is a reflection of what men should strive for: The light can be interpreted as our goals and objectives. No matter how far and difficult it might seem, we must always keep an eye on our dreams, our desires, and work hard to one day reach them.

It’s about determination and endurance, as well as keeping oneself focused on what’s important instead of letting ourselves be distracted by temporary interests we might encounter along the way to our dreams.

The moth’s obsession with the light can also end badly, so we must take it as a warning at the very same time: We must not become so blinded by our ambition that we forget about the risks. 

Though we should remain confident that we’ll one day reach the light, we must also remain vigilant and conscious of our own limitations, and not take bigger leaps that our mind and body is capable of enduring.

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Moths as Our Spirit Animals

If you feel a connection to the moth and what it signifies, then it might be your spirit animal, an inner calling you feel coming from within.

You might be easily dazzled and fascinated by grand dreams or goals, and when you set your mind to something, you won’t easily let go of the idea. Your determination is one of your strongest traits, and you will keep going even when you are exhausted, never letting adversity get the best of you.

If the moth is your spirit animal, you must be careful not to obsess over goals that are not worthy of your effort, as you tend to have a hard time determining between superficial dreams and those you truly ache to achieve. 

Remember that not everything you want you truly need, so try and focus on those goals that won’t end up harming you more than they’ll benefit you in the long run.

Connection to Death and Those We Lost

If you feel the presence of a moth around you is trying to convey to you a message, you might not be just imagining things: Moths are deeply connected to the mystical and the occult, so there might be more than meets the eye to the fluttering of their wings.

Someone who is no longer by your side and you’ve lost recently might be trying to send you a message, so try and keep an eye on the details around you when you see a moth fluttering for too long around you.

Is the moth coming to you at a certain time of night? Is it the first time you’ve seen it, or has it appeared repeatedly over several nights? It would be a good idea to try and remember different details around the flying moth, as it might be trying to send you a message from the afterlife.

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Black Moth Symbolism

Black Moth Symbolism

Black moths are associated with a great number of different signs and traits, so you would be unwise to scratch it off as being just another insect.

They are deeply linked with sensuality, even if it might seem odd for a creature such as the moth. This is because of their connection with the light: They are enticed by it, seduced by the temptation to reach it, while knowing it might bring them harm. 

If you see black moths regularly, this might mean you are a passionate, sensual person and that you should be careful about who you fall in love with, as when you are in a relationship you tend to give your body and soul to the person you are involved with. Getting serious with the wrong person might end up hurting both yourself and them in the long run.

Black moths are also deeply linked with adaptability, as they can blend with their surroundings and adapt with ease to the environment they find themselves in. If this creature if your spirit animal, then you most likely can adapt to any situation you find yourself in and have no problem developing new skills that will help you survive in just about any situation life throws at you.

If you feel a connection to the spiritual world, then the black moth is an ideal spirit animal for you: This insect is said to have a deep connection to the afterlife, being a conduit for spirits that are trying to enter our world and convey messages to the living.

Those linked to the black moths tend to be good listeners and advisers, deeply connected to their inner world and instincts, as well as empathy and intuition. They usually fit well within professions that require these traits and would enjoy working as teachers, therapists or advisers.

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White Moth Symbolism

White Moth Symbolism

White moths are associated with a few positive traits, such as cleanliness and purity, but unfortunately, most of the symbols they are linked to aren’t great. Seeing one too often is usually considered a bad omen, and killing them will bring people bad luck over the days to come.

Seeing a white moth in a closed room is usually a sign that death or illness is in the air, and that someone close to you will soon fall ill, or even worse, within the next few months. It’s not a great omen to receive, but it might be a good moment to make sure your loved ones pay a visit to the doctor just in case. Better safe than sorry!

If someone you cared about has recently passed away, however, this means that they are paying you a visit through the frequent presence of a white moth in your life. This is especially true if you see them in places you won’t usually encounter one, or close to sunset, as this is where the spirit world is more powerful, during twilight and just before nighttime.

Encountering white moths with black spots is, on the other hand, considered a good omen: These insects are said to bring luck to those who discover them fluttering around, and might be a sign that something in your life will soon change for the better, so be on the lookout for new opportunities.

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  1. Not sure how long ago this came out, but I legit just had one fly and land on the ground near me and just sit there on the grass. Me and my nephew were outside grilling. A white moth with black spots.

  2. I’m in the hospital with my mom who is dying, there is a white moth with black and gray markings clinging to the window outside. It’s beautiful and brings me comfort


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