Symbolism Behind the Red Bird: What Does It Mean When You See A Cardinal?

Cardinals have always been deeply linked to concepts such as life and death, renewal and happiness. In different cultures, they’ve been associated with the afterlife, and are considered by many to be spiritual messengers for those who have passed to the afterlife.

But is it a good or a bad sign to see one, especially if it appears frequently in our lives? Does it carry joyous news from our loved ones or does it bring tragedy and negative omens?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the symbolism associated with this beautiful and spiritual bird.

The world around us sends us messages constantly, whether we notice them or not. Several occurrences through our daily lives are omens and warnings we should pay close attention to, and few are so significant as the presence of a cardinal.

Countless different cultures have linked this beautiful bird with the same basic concepts, and though the details vary, the central symbology behind it remains the same. They are messengers of the dead, and we shouldn’t ignore them as they fly across the sky or stare at us from nearby trees.

It’s not a coincidence that this songbird was christened with this name. Cardinal is a synonym for fundamental and important. It’s something of utter importance, that should not be ignored or disregarded. Why else would it be named this way if it was considered irrelevant?

This songbird is supposedly able to fly between our world and the land of the dead, which is why they make a perfect gateway between the living and the deceased.

In the Christian religions, there are seven Archangels and four of these are Cardinal Angels: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel. Their main mission is to guide and influence entire nations, leading men to take the right path and avoid sin or failure. The cardinal holds a similar goal, offering guidance through their presence in our lives.

In the bible, these songbirds are deeply linked to true love, faith and belief, and even to Christ himself. Its bright red color is connected to the blood of Jesus as well to the fire represented by the Holy Spirit.

While the dove represents peace and harmony, the cardinal is a symbol of life and energy, as well as birth and resurrection.

Meanwhile, Native tribes tell stories around the red bird or cardinal. This songbird is supposedly a descendant from the sun, and are sent to earth in order to light the way for humankind.

Shamanism considers the cardinal often brings omens when a person is in need of change, and seeing one lets us know we should reconsider our decisions. It could also imply that change is coming our way and we should accept it instead of fear it.

Watching A Cardinal Fly By

seeing a cardinal meaning

Sometimes red cardinals won’t actively search for your attention. At times, they’ll just soar across the sky, passing your way for a fleeting moment. This doesn’t mean they don’t carry a message for us.

They are attempting to remind us to stop ignoring our surroundings and open our eyes to the world that we live in. We might even ignore their presence if we are too self-absorbed and concerned about our own problems.

We might be neglecting our families and loved ones, prioritizing feeble values like money and fame. It’s important we take a good look at ourselves and our actions and analyze whether or not we’ve been selfish and materialistic.

It’s not wise to ignore the cardinal’s advice, as it’s there to avoid greater harm in the future. If we keep taking the path we chose, then it will end up leading us to a life of loneliness and isolation. The truth is we’ll probably end up regretting our mistakes, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves, as we were warned about it by a beautiful red bird.

There is no one who knows about lost time like someone who no longer has the privilege of wasting it any longer. The dead could be warning us not to commit their same mistakes through this earthly messenger.

Our ancestors are reaching out to us, and the voices of the past can offer great wisdom if we are willing to listen.

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Seeing A Cardinal Fly Near or Around Us

If we experience a close encounter with this stunning red bird, then this should be considered as a good omen.

Those loved ones who passed away, especially recently, have been watching over us and they noticed the struggles we are going through. This is why they sent this colorful messenger to let us know the future is bright for us. The problem we are facing won’t last forever and we’ll emerge victorious from our struggles.

Seeing several cardinals closeby means you’ll soon receive great news, and the locations we see them from will indicate in what area of our life this change will occur. If we see them from or near work, then we’ll soon get a promotion or a raise. Our effort will be appreciated, especially if we’ve been feeling neglected and ignored lately.

If instead, we see them in or close to our home, then this means you will soon be enjoying personal blessings, such as finding a partner if you are single, being able to afford a bigger house or grow closer to our family. If you or your spouse are trying to get pregnant, then this is a sign that you’ll soon be successful.

Listening To A Cardinal Sing

the spiritual meaning of a cardinal

What does it mean when we see a cardinal resting nearby and singing beautiful songs for us? This might be a reply to the problems we are currently facing, and could even have come to us because of a plea for help.

Maybe we didn’t tell anyone we needed advice, but deep down, while we were all alone, we wished someone would be there go guide us.

If the cardinal’s singing is particularly insistent, then you should stop and consider what message the dead might be trying to send to us. It might be as simple as letting you know that even after they’ve passed, they are still there for you and you’ll never truly be alone. That no matter how many struggles and obstacles you must face as you move ahead, they’ll always watching you and supporting you.

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You should analyze the way their song makes you feel. If you experience gratitude or find yourself at peace, then you’ve chosen to walk down the right path, and the decisions you’ve been making to face your current problems is the right one. You should be confident in your choices because eventually, you’ll successfully overcome the problem you’ve been facing.

If, on the contrary, you feel apprehensive or nervous, then you have made a mistake and should try to fix it before it is too late.

Don’t worry: The cardinal is never a sign of defeat or inevitability. It’s there to open doors, not to let you know there is no way out. If you heed its advice, things will eventually work out for you and your loved ones.

Dreaming About A Cardinal

What does it mean when you see a cardinal in your dreams?

Usually, their presence in our dreams is an unequivocal sign that we should be ourselves. This is especially true if we have been attempting to be someone we are not in order to be accepted or fit in.

dreaming about a cardinal

This dream is a warning of the consequences we’ll encounter if we keep up the charade, as lies have a tendency of blowing up in our faces sooner rather than later.

Seeing a cardinal with a different colored plumage than their characteristic red can be indication of different warnings. A brown songbird means we need to learn how to work with other people, as we usually try to accomplish all our goals ourselves. Teamwork is important and if we refuse to collaborate with others, then we risk failing or stressing ourselves out unnecessarily. It’s time we find a way to trust others.

If we see a blue or green cardinal, then we’ll soon be facing a big change in our lives that we will have a hard time adjusting to. We might think it’s bad news at first, but eventually, we’ll come to realize it was just what we needed. In the long run, this change will bring us happiness and success, even if we have a hard time adjusting to it.

A golden cardinal is an indication that we’ll soon receive a piece of good news, especially if we are currently waiting for someone else to make a decision. If we’ve asked someone to marry us or requested a raise at work, the answer will be yes. It’s a good moment to take a leap of fate and go after our goals, as luck is on our side.

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