Bloody Dreams: Symbolism Behind Dreaming about Blood

Seeing blood in your dreams usually stands for life, energy and your vital energy, but it can also signify disappointing news are about to arrive, among a myriad of other interpretations.

Are you the one bleeding or is someone else hurt? Did the blood appear out of nowhere? Depending on several factors, this dream might carry with it a good or bad omen.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the real reasons why you are dreaming about blood.

Seeing Blood Stains

If you are not certain where the blood is coming from, and merely encounter a pool or stain of it, then it’s important to try and remember where exactly you saw it.

On the wall

Dreaming about blood stains on the wall signifies there is an issue in your life you are trying hard to ignore. It’s a warning of sorts, as this problem will only continue to grow and grow until you can no longer pretend it’s not there. It’s better to deal with it straight on and find a solution: It’ll not be easy, but at least it’s a manageable problem right now.

seeing blood in dreams

In a few weeks or even days, it’ll be incredibly harder to manage.

The exact room the wall is located in also grants further information which could be useful. Finding it in the kitchen means you have an issue with your eating habits. Maybe you’ve been trying to start a diet for a long time now? Or maybe you are an extremely picky eater?

If it’s in the bathroom, then you are dealing with health issues; in the bedroom, there’s some hardship going on in the romance department.

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On your clothes

Dreaming of blood on your own clothes signifies that a mistake from the past is finally beginning to catch up with you. Perhaps someone you wronged will take revenge on you, or a secret you didn’t want anyone to discover will be revealed in a shocking fashion.

Whatever the case, try and accept your past for what it is, and brace yourself for the consequences your actions will bring soon.

If you find yourself trying to scrub the blood off the fabric, then it means you are attempting to make amends and might be able to stop your past errors from blowing up in your face.

On the floor

This dream is quite similar to the previous ones, though there’s a big difference to take into account: In this case, you are not being warned, but rather being shown a lost cause. No matter what you do to try and fix it, this issue will eventually hurt you and those you love. It’s a dreary dream to experience and might be a follow-up dream after ignoring the warning being given to you in previous nights.

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On your hands

This dream is deeply linked to your actions, mostly ones made recently. You are experiencing intense feelings of guilt over something you did or said. It probably was related to someone you care for deeply, and you might not have meant to harm them the way you did.

If you are trying to clean your hands, then this suggests you are trying to avoid responsibility and find a way out of this situation without apologizing or making amends.

Losing Blood

dreaming about losing blood

If while dreaming about blood, you are injured and begin losing it profusely, then this means you have been mistreating your body. You might not have realized it, but your subconsciousness is sending you a message to try and make you aware of the damages you’re bringing upon yourself.

This could be a consequence of eating junk food too often, not exercising enough or even suffering from some kind of addiction.

Whatever the case, your body is suffering from your decisions and you might encounter real health issues in the future if you don’t change your lifestyle.

If you receive a blood transfusion to save your life, then this represents the exhaustion you’ve been experiencing lately in your life. You are stressed and this is a sign that you direly need to take a rest, so try and find small moments of relax through your day or your anxiety might soon get the best of you.

This is also a way of processing the financial stress you might be currently facing: Perhaps you lost your job or had to tap into your savings to pay for an unforeseen expense. Try and tidy up your finances as this will allow you to both rest better at night and not be so stressed throughout the day.

Seeing Someone Else Bleeding

When dreaming about blood, but not your own, this is an indication that you might be taking advantage of those who trust you and are experiencing feelings of guilt about this issue.

You might feed off their attention or vulnerability, and it’s recommendable you try and improve your attitude, as you might end up lonely and isolated.

It might also be interpreted as you feel emotionally detached from your loved ones and friends. You should probably sit down and clear the air, explaining why you are feeling this way. Finding a solution to this issue is the only way to reconnect with the people you love and feel like part of your family once more.

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Drinking Blood

This is a surprisingly positive dream: As blood symbolizes life and energy, this means you will soon receive good news which will open you to new experiences. You will feel like nothing can get in your way and that you are invincible.

It’s a great moment to try and reach for your dreams, whether this be asking for a promotion at work, starting your own business or furthering your education. It’s also the right time to ask that special someone out if you are single or rekindle your love if you are in a relationship.

This dream can also symbolize the fact you’ll be soon facing a challenge but, don’t fret about it: you’ll emerge victoriously. The effort you put into solving this problem will be worth your while, so work hard and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards!

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