What Does It Mean When You Dreams About Fighting?

Fighting with someone or fighting for something is always an unpleasant activity in your real life. Now, what is your reaction after dreaming about fighting? It is very easy to predict that the fighting dreams always represent our inner conflicts. However, we have found out something more from analyzing different dreams about fighting.

Before talking about the fighting dreams, let us have a look at the factors, triggering this type of dream.

  • Hard work– Our busy lifestyle forces us to work hard. We do not get time to unwind our mind. This results in the fighting dreams of different types.
  • Relationship problem– It is another reason behind dreaming of fights.
  • Failure– Your failure to do any activity can cause you to dream of fighting.
  • Emotional conflicts– Most of us have emotional issues and tensions, resulting in adverse type of dreams.
  • Illness– In a few cases, when you are seriously ill, you have a chance of encountering the fighting dreams.

We have made a brief list of the fighting dreams of different types. You can dream of

  • Kicking another individual
  • Getting kicked
  • Punching other
  • Pulling the hair of a person
  • Stabbing a different person
  • Murdering someone
  • Hitting or slapping someone.
  • Becoming highly violent
  • Engaging in an argument.
  • Seeing a fight

The fighting dreams always trigger disturbing feelings. The dream analysts have found that mostly women with emotional turmoil have this dream. However, the men may also have a chance of encountering this dream. The fighting dreams can symbolize the way in which you manage your issues in your everyday life.

While you are fighting against someone, attacking you in your dream, it symbolizes your response to the difficulties and problems with your abilities and efforts. Thus, this dream may denote your confidence in managing your life and preventing the obstacles.

What does it mean when you dream about fighting

Now, we have interpreted fighting dream meaning of various types

Dream of fighting with friends

dream about fighting someone

When the dream is about fighting with an intimate friend, there is a negative connotation. It denotes that you are going to have issues with that friend. The dream also indicates you can lose his or her love. You can find a similar meaning, while the dream is about fighting with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Dream of fighting with some zombies or demons

This type of dream could symbolize your bored feelings and sensations. It is true in case of the dream about zombies. However, while you have dreams about fighting demons, they represent your pains and sufferings in life.

Dream of seeing two animals in a fight

Two fighting animals in your dream have a symbolic representation. It represents that you must avoid involving yourself in a conflict between two of your friends. You have to keep up the positive relationship with these friends.

Dreaming of a bloody flight

It is scaring to dream of seeing blood in the fight. When you or others in the fighting dream are bleeding, you must not trust your friends. You need to prevent these friends from harming you in your life.

Dream of witnessing a fighting

The dream interpreters have interpreted it to be a symbol of enjoying the opportunity of living in your own way. It is better to think of your business and focus more on it. Do not waste your time in dealing with others’ business. You may also avoid taking opinion from others for making any decision.

Dream of fighting with parents

While you are facing several arguments in your real life, you have a chance of dreaming of a clash with parents. You can strive to make everything clear with an open communication with your parents. When you are missing your parents’ attention and love, you may have this dream.

However, this dream has also a positive interpretation. It indicates that you would be more intimate to the parents. You also have a chance of strengthening your relationship with them.

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Dream of fighting for life

We also call it as a dream of saving a life. In your dream, you can fight with attackers for protection, or you may fight to save yourself from something. This type of dream indicates your desperate attitude of saving your life.

Dream of a fighting soldier

Most of the dream analysts believe that this dream indicates your dedication and hard work to have improvement in your professional life. If it is true for your life, you have a chance of gaining more in your real life.

Dream of fighting a very close relative or friend

fighting dream meaning

This dream does not represent any positive sign. It may stand for your aggressiveness and your arrogance towards others. Thus, while you have encountered this dream, you need to have a control over your behavior and attitude. Your subconscious mind guides you to alter your behavior to avoid any type of issue in life.

Dream about fighting someone, unknown to you

Do you have a dream of fighting with a stranger? Then, you are going to face something different in your life. It could transform the path of your life. 

Dream of fighting with a person of your age

It indicates the chance of having an argument and conflicts with your siblings, brothers or friends. While you have a resentment for that person, you can have this dream.

Dream of a fight between an older and younger person-

When you have dreamt of a young man fighting with an older one, it symbolizes a conflict on the issue of authority.

We have talked a lot about the most debatable question of dreamers- What does it mean when dreaming about fighting? However, these fighting dreams always reflect your everyday events in life and the present situation. The disagreements and conflicts in your real life have a reflection in your dream. The persons with whom you are fighting may be known or unknown to you. This can result in a different interpretation of your fighting dream. Thus, have a look at your real-life issues to interpret your dream about fighting.

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