Dream about being Shot in the Head – Interpretations and Symbolisms

Getting shot in the head tends to be fatal to any person in real life, but what if you find yourself dreaming about it? You are clearly not going to die from this imaginary dream, but it might still hold dangerous symbolism and even bad omens for the future.

If you dream about being shot in the head, don’t necessarily freak out: It might hold a far better implications than you might imagine.

Let’s explore all the possible interpretations regarding this dream and, as always, the devil will certainly be in the details.

Why is It Important Where You Got Shot?

Your head represents your thoughts and the way you react to people’s actions and opinions. It also represents how you view yourself, your identity and your feeling of self-worth.
You may be feeling insecure, threatened or worried about people’s attitudes toward you or your own insecurities. You may also be experiencing guilt over something you did or suspicion about other people’s intentions.

Getting shot in the head usually means you feel something deeply personal is being affected and different details in the dream will determine whether this is a good or bad thing in the end.
Every body part holds a different interpretation, and we’ll discuss other possibilities further down this article.

Being Shot in the Head with A Gun

Being Shot in the Head with A Gun

Guns generally are associated with power, dominant behavior and strength, and it’s highly symbolic if you dream about someone shooting you with one.

You might feel like someone in your life has power over you and you feel defenseless or small in their presence. It might be an abusive boss, an overbearing loved one or someone who you feel threatened by, like a coworker or a bully.

If you can’t see your assailant’s face, this means you feel powerless to deal with the machinations of big companies or influences beyond your control. It might be the government you feel is wronging you in some way or a company that refuses to accept your request or attend to the complaint you made against them.

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If the Weapon is an Arrow and Bow or Crossbow

The bow and arrow are usually associated with aiming for your dreams or projects, and so getting shot by one means you may be negatively affected if you choose to follow this particular objective.

Sometimes what we think we desire is not the right choice for us, and we end up being hurt by it, as achieving it will not bring the happiness or success we think it will.

This is a warning against following your dream and perhaps looking for a more positive or plausible project. If you choose to go ahead anyway, know that even if you succeed, this gain will come at a great cost to you and all those you love. Also remember not to allow peer pressure to push you to do things you normally wouldn’t, as it will end up affecting you negatively in the long run.

Getting Shot Multiple Times

If you dream about getting shot in the head multiple times, this can mean you need to take charge of your life and stop allowing others from making big decisions for you. You may be too passive or too hesitant and others tend to take advantage of this fact. The more gunshots you hear or feel, the worse this situation is affecting you.

This is a symbolism that you feel other people’s opinions penetrate your mind and take over as if each bullet represented a decision you failed to make for yourself.

Surviving the Shot

You dream about getting shot in the head, and against all odds, you survive! What could this possibly mean?

It’s great news, so breathe easy: You may have been feeling lately that people around you are working against you, that your coworkers or loved ones are not happy with the way you act and they will soon begin to reject you. Or that you won’t get a promotion or positive review because your boss has it in for you.

If you dream about surviving this gunshot, then this is the way your subconscious has to tell you that these fears are all in your head: There is no one going after you and you don’t need to worry about someone putting people against you.

Sometimes our own insecurities get the best of us, but this dream is a great indicator that your worries are not founded, and you should put your guard down.

Dying or Being Greatly Injured by the Shot

getting shot in dream

If instead, you are either maimed or die because of the shot you encounter during your dream, then this is a bad omen.

There is something in your life you feel deeply intimidating and are allowing it to get the best of you. You need to work hard to get on top of it and ensure that it cannot harm you, or it will end up ruining one or all aspects of your life. It might be a jealous coworker, an abusive boss or a selfish partner. One way or another, it’s time to confront the problem head-on and make sure you take control of the situation before it’s too late.

You may also be experiencing deep feelings of rejection, possibly after being abandoned by your significant other, having just been fired from your job or some other type of set back. You are suffering from this rejection and your head symbolizes your hopes for the future, while the gun and bullet the fact that you were not deemed good enough in this area of your life.

It might be time to try and move on because you can easily sink in self-pity and your self-worth would greatly suffer from it.

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Getting shot in other body parts

You might be getting shot in other body parts other than your head, and each one holds a special significance:

Getting shot in the heart symbolizes you feel betrayed or hurt, as this organ is deeply linked to your emotions and your feelings of vulnerability. You may have recently been arguing with your partner or loved ones and this is affecting you deeper than you believed. It might be a good idea to try to make amends.

Getting shot in the back is a bad omen: Someone is pretending to be your friend and will soon betray your trust. It’s the right moment to take a long look at those in your life and try to figure out who is by your side because they truly care for you and who is a fake friend. If you figure it out before they betray you, you’ll most likely be able to avoid it altogether.

If you are shot in the neck, this means you are experiencing conflicts between your mind and your heart, or rather, between your emotional and rational sides. You should try and ask advice to someone who isn’t so involved with the problems you are facing, in order to get a neutral opinion on the mater.

10 thoughts on “Dream about being Shot in the Head – Interpretations and Symbolisms”

  1. I had a dream that I was being looking for and one time I was with my friends in the school bus we were only like four and we were getting shot it from multiple angles while we were inside the bus. Then I don’t know where I was at hospital looking for help and had to wait for the surgeon To be available. Then Out of nowhere in my dream I woke up and Im still in my dream and I have the gun wounds. I see a bullet hole in my room. Lastly I woke up outta my dream.

  2. These interpretations are junk. It stands to reason that being shot/executed in your dreams are related to some type of betrayal or attack against you. I recently began dreaming of being shot in the head. Always in a strange setting that seems to be related to a business group. Always several people who bound me and were witnessing my execution. This dream has become frequent and extremely vivid. I can remember every single detail as if real life. On a couple of occasions my life was spared at the end but usually someone pulls the fatal trigger and I awake. I have been dealing with severe trauma and have experienced extreme betrayal by people who do not even know me or the details of my situation so I’m inclined to believe I am dreaming of being executed by strangers because I’ve been harshly misjudged as well as no one knowing what they are judging. Sometimes the dream is obvious. This belief of someone having done something they are ashamed of makes no sense because that is certainly not my situation. I am ashamed at people in general and their lack of personal restraint, careless gossip and mob mentality attacks just because they want failure and destruction without a modicum of humanity.

    • I’m sorry for your situation and just know people like this aren’t worth your energy bc you will never change who they are you can’t control other people only your self and misery loves company don’t give anyone the satisfaction of being able to affect you keep your head held high while walking and always take the high road and god will always have you!! Good luck I hope things are looking up for you now

    • I had a dream someone assaulted me randomly and xit my throat. I was holding my throat seeking help, but no one helped me they just all looked at me.
      A week later I was in a meeting and was verbally attacked by someone in authority who was trying to silence me. No one helped. They just all sat around looking defenseless.

  3. in my dream i was about 16 and i was leaving with my mother from some place. we got into the car and i was going to drive then these two guys came up to the side of the drivers side, where i was. in this dream of mine the man of the left i knew to be a good family friend but the one in the right i had never seen before. the one in the right asked for the time i remember looking down at my watch on my hand that read 9:05 p.m i looked back up to give the time to see a gun in front of my face. i screamed “NO!” and moved forward a little putting the bullet to go into my mother i was still alive and played dead. he was walking away with the family friend and turns around, i moved causing him to shoot my again in the head. i jumped both times in real life and can’t sleep i still remember his face and i keep replaying it in my head.

  4. I had a dream last night where some entity said that I had to die, or I was going to die. And throughout the movie I knew I was going to die at the end of the day, and when the entity showed up again, I begged it to let me die painlessly, and I told it, that I wasn’t afraid to die, just as long as I died peacefully. The entity sent down something else to kill me, but the thing wasn’t going to kill me painlessly, so the entity replaced and, eventually it took a gun to my head and shot me. And I remember just sitting there after it happened, I knew I was dead but I just sat there with my mind empty, and then I woke up.

  5. I had ah dream that i was in the kitchen with my friends and this one guy and bussing thru the door was these guys and they put ah gun to that one guy and the one guy told me to run so ran and hid in this room and locked the door and they shot all of them but the main person they shot was that one guy in the head so i called the cops and they showed me a picture and he was on the ground dead bleeding from his head.

  6. I just woke up from this nightmare… I have never been shot in the head in my dreams ever and honestly, it’s got me feeling kind of sick. It was Christmas time and I believe I was at a dollar general looking at gifts cards. It kind of went blank then I remember being in a man’s room. We were laying on a couch, my feet in his lap. I noticed he started becoming sexually aroused and I got up and said I’m not doing this. He went under his bed and grabbed the gun and shot. All I could say was “sto-“ he was the last thing I saw. My head felt heavy but there was no pain. It went black. The kind of black you could never portray in real life.. then it started to get bright. It felt almost like I was soaring through something and was about to enter somewhere. Fortunately I was woken up by a phone call but I honestly can say I hope to never dream this again.


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