Dream about Being Robbed – Find Their Symbolic Representations

How do you react when someone has robbed your assets? In our real life, this would be a very threatening situation to us. Now, have you ever dreamt of robbery? Fear is a very common reaction to the dreamers, having this dream. The dreamers feel that their safety may be at risk in future. The question of insecurity always arises with this type of dream. However, dreams about robbery are not all about your properties and possessions. It may be about the robbery of something or someone, precious to you.

Let us now have a look at the robbery dream meaning and various interpretations. 

In most of the instances, dreams of robbery could represent sad feelings and the feeling of powerless. You will feel that you are not getting independence in your real life. Thus, this dream can imply that someone is going to treat you unfairly. It may also stand for some type of loss.

Some dreamers think that robbery dreams can be the symbol of your desire of owning something, and you cannot get it. These dreams may be of various types. For instance, you can dream of seeing others getting robbed. Some dreamers dream about being robbed. 

Does the Robbery Dream Have Any Connection to Your Romantic Life?

You may not be a married person in your real life. In that case, your dream of robbery symbolizes something new to your romantic life. You can find secret admirers in your life, and they can win over your heart to appeal you. Thus, you need to take the right step for choosing the best person as your life partner.

What is The Cause Behind the Dream of Robbery?

Robbery is one of the common anti-social activities in the present-day society. It makes us feel devastated. The increasing instances of burglaries can raise a security-related question at our home. We also witness the robbery cases on our TV. The psychologist, Freud believes that these factors could trigger the robbery dream of any person.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Someone Stealing from You?

What do dreams about robbery mean

When someone has robbed you in your dream, it is not a positive symbol. The dream indicates your confusion on what you should do and how you have to behave in a situation. It also symbolizes a negative effect on your privacy and your feel for the risk of violence. You must be conscious, as someone can hurt you and take advantage of you.

You can think this dream to be an indication of getting unfair treatment from others. When you have been the victim of a real robbery, it may reflect in your dream. Read more about meaning of stealing in a dream

What Does It Mean to Dream You Robbed A Bank?

While you have dreamt of someone, robbing of the bank, you must be cautious of everyone, surrounding you. It is better to avoid revealing your own feelings and sensations to others. Someone could have an access to your life, and pretend in a way to get your help.

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What Does A Dream of Someone Breaking into Your House Mean?

It is another robbery dream foretelling the challenge to your belief and faith. You can face troubles and difficulty in your house, and this results in the loss of your hopes. A home must be a place of safety and comfort. However, while you have dreamt of the risk at this home, it signifies betrayal of any known person.

Dreams about Robbery – Meaning And Interpretation

Dream of preventing robbery

dream about attempted robbery

This dream represents your capability of avoiding the pesky situation. While you are always ready to take the challenge, this dream helps you in identifying the most important things in your life. You will be able to move forward.

However, this dream has also a different interpretation. You have a chance of facing several issues in the future days. Thus, you must prepare yourself to deal with them. Overall, we can say that the act of stopping robbery reflects a positive meaning. It denotes that you have an ability to remove the threats from your way.

Dream of the street robbery

The street robbery dream is something, related to the challenges. While you are the victim of this street robbery in your dream, it denotes that someone could threat your optimistic thoughts. 

However, some dreamers witness this street robbery in their dream. It signifies that your troubles in the personal life have made you feel lost. The dream also implies your chance of overcoming the problems.

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Dream of getting robbed at gunpoint

In your dream, you can find that someone is threatening you with his gun. It means that you have to sneaky for escaping the tough situation. You must apply your tactics for knowing yourself in a better way.

Dream of getting robbed and chased

dreams about robbery

While it is a dream of running away from robbery, it indicates your escape from a stressful relationship. In your real life, you can find out the person, manipulating you with tricks. This person may be your parent or your boss in the office. He or she intends to snatch your identity from you. Thus, by running away from robber, you resist the robbery in your dream.

Dream of catching a robber

In your dream, you may have made attempts for catching the burglar or robbers. It indicates a positive interpretation. You have a chance of achieving more reputation. However, while you have found the police in your robbery dream, it represents the access of authority to your life.

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Dream of a car robbery

You have encountered a dream that someone has stolen your precious car. This type of dream indicates your potential identity issues. It may also denote an attack in your real life, and this attack can be from your family or friends. A car robbery dream has various other interpretations. For instance, it may have a link to a personal relationship and the loss of a valuable item.

Thus, we have found out various symbolic representations of robbery dreams. These dreams mostly relate physical and emotional loss. They may also indicate an adjustment problem and stagnant period in life. Go through our interpretations and identify the real implications of the dream in your life.

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