Seeing Water in Dream is Good or Bad – Meaning and Interpretation

Water is one of the most prevalent and powerful symbols that is encountered in dreams, whose meanings and interpretations are mostly associated with the subconscious, with our feelings and the way we express or hide them. It is related to different psychic states. Water guides us to mysteries, hazards, and even death. It is regarded as a passage to another realm.

Water in dreams can often mean motherhood, primary feelings related to the mother, or the desire of women to become mothers. It is connected, at the subconscious level, with the female womb, with the inceptions, with our birth or coming into the world.

Water also represents a symbol of life and regeneration. It is an essential element of our existence, and therefore, our daily lives depend on it.

Dreams about water can often convey various significances and vary from person to person. To analyze a dream, the water’s condition in your dream is critical. Whether the fluid is flowing or freezing, clean or filthy, you should be mindful.

Is Seeing Water in A Dream Good or Bad?

Drinking water

If you dream that you are drinking water, it signifies you will be very healthy. If you are drinking water constantly in a dream, you will obtain a big fortune.

You’re supposed to be physically determined if the water you drink is clear. Dreaming about drinking water can also imply spiritual encouragement, mainly when the water is cold. If the water is warm, the partnership may not be that heated, and you may face disappointments.

Dream of dirty water

Dreaming about dirty water means you have to keep away from the negative thoughts and negative energy. Thus, find out those persons, who have a chance of causing you harm in your real life. Historically, water has a connection to protection and remedy.

Dreamers have also felt their spiritual responsibilities. The murky ocean water in your dream reveals your personal sensations in your life. This dirty water dream may also be the sign of annoyance with your lover, friend or family.

Dreaming of drinking saltwater

When you dream you are drinking saltwater, you may get devastated by someone’s actions.

Take great care with persons around you so that you may not get disappointed by their unreliable honesty. Maybe they’re not as frank as you believe, so it’s easier to disguise your feelings until they show their real face.

Dream about a boat full of water

If you had a dream of a water-filled boat, this dream is a depiction of something beneficial that will soon occur to you.

In this case, water symbolizes money, and in the following period, you may even settle an excellent financial agreement. Finances are not going to be a problem for you, and you can concentrate on investments.

Dreaming of a fountain or a waterfall

dream interpretation ocean waves

Seeing water in this dream is good or bad, depending on the circumstances. 

Dreaming of a fountain or waterfall is very significant in the positive sense. Both symbolize well-being, wellness, and enduring happiness. 

A waterfall is an outward sign of your mind, body, and soul’s emotional cleansing, revitalization, and inner peace.

Seeing dirty water in a fountain represents your pride, respect, and poor self-esteem. You don’t feel vigorous about your profession and think the routine of your life is full of disappointments and nuisance.

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Dream About Drinking Water from a fountain

To dream of drinking water from inside a fountain reveals you’re feeling fatigued, you’ll need to find time to balance yourself psychologically. You need to find time for a little break to refresh and reinvigorate yourself. Your energy may be low, and there is a need for a boost in life and determination at the present moment.

Dreaming about a river

If you dream of being in a stream of water that flows smoothly, that implies mind serenity. This is a sign that you’re in harmony with adjustments that may happen in your conscious life.

If the stream is turbulent and running rapidly, this may be a suggestion that events are going too fast in your life and you need to calm yourself down to reach control.

If you notice yourself moving along with the river flow, your life is likely to take you in a favorable direction. If you have difficulties crossing the river, this may imply that in your life some hindrances or blockages prevent you from achieving your goals.

It can symbolize dissatisfaction if the water emanates bad scents or is stagnant.

Ponds and lakes

This dream is often interpreted as good or bad. If the water is unsettled, this may reveal the fact that you are unable to transmit your feelings openly or that something or someone is dragging you down. If the water is still and calm, it will reflect your emotions of interior harmony.


dreams about waves and water.

If you dream of an ocean, you may want to acknowledge that ocean water is salty water.

It can imply relaxation, tranquility, and peace if the ocean is calm. It might indicate emotional disturbance or uncertainty if the ocean is turbulent.

When the waves drag you down, it can imply that your emotions are getting stronger over you. You may suspect that you are unable to stand up for yourself in a particular situation or that you are being slammed on in life by many obligations and requests from others.


Depending on whether a calm or harsh sea emerges in the dream, it can reflect feelings or mood, beneficial, and unfavorable. It can also highlight your openness to unidentified problems or thoughts.

It can also mean that your life prospect is favorable and that your capacity to attain your objectives is constant.

The sea symbolizes your calm mind, fluctuating sensations, and inner strength. Sea-related dreams provide you with a closer evaluation of the circumstances in your life. Tranquil seawater in a dream symbolizes your spiritual behavior and indicates that you remain confident in whatever situation you find yourself in.

The turbulent wavy sea represents your lack of authority over the situation.

Dream of drowning

When you have a dream of drowning in water, it denotes your overwhelmed feelings due to problems. Those, problems are much intricate. As you are unable to swim to reach the water surface, the problems may continue. Thus, in your real life, you have to look for other ways for the solution. You may also avoid thinking of these problems.

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Dreaming of rainwater

What does it mean to dream that its raining

To dream of rain in your dream could mean a couple of different things. Sometimes this dream can often be perceived as good or bad.

If you are overwhelmed by a sense of well-being in the dream, then this dream exhibits positive connotations. It means revival, rebirth, and purity.

Likewise, you should pay close attention to the drops that make contact with the body.If you feel a delightful touch, it indicates that some pleasant and prosperous adjustments will occur. If you feel cold raindrops, which piercingly fall on your body, it is a symbol of concern and misfortune.

Ice or Frozen Water

If you dream of ice or snow, you may experience intense emotions, or it may also imply that you deny your real feelings, quite literally. You may suspect that something prevents you from improving into life.

Boiling water

Boiling water-you may be mentally confused, or you are retaining emotions, or you may likely entertain some thoughts. It can also constitute a state of pressure in your daily life that you need to confront.

Dreaming of offering water

To offer water to somebody in a dream is a true friend of your existence. You can perceive yourself as a very privileged individual because you are environed by excellent friends who support you.

Such a dream can also remind you to give serious consideration to your friends and prove to them how much you enjoy and honor them.

Water in The Religious Traditions

 what does it mean when you dream about water

Many religions have Holy water used for blessings and other spiritual purposes.

Most myths and legends often depict water to be connected very intimately to the spiritual realm. In some myths, there is both the living water and the lifeless water which can have different attributions according to the legends. Water is also frequently used in a multitude of Christian rituals, particularly the baptism in the Christian church. Others may identify water with our life force as a sign of attachment to the spirit.

In Islam, if a person dreams that he has carried water from the well and provided it to people to drink, that implies he’s going to be a means to provide subsistence for orphans, the weak and the poor. It also means living a life of righteousness and virtue. Maybe his wealth could become a means for individuals to go to Pilgrimage ( Hajj).

In Chinese interpretation of dreams, if you see water flowing from a boiling pot, you’re going to gain financial satisfaction beyond your imagination.

In Hinduism water is thought to hold spiritually cleansing power. Hindus consider water to be sacred. There are many areas of worship or holy lands near water-especially where two water bodies unite.

Therefore, dreams with water are connected to the emotional state and purification.

If the water is dirty, then it’s an indication you shouldn’t indulge in innovative attempts. But if the water is clear, it means you’re on the road to success, and if you see yourself in that clear water, it means you’re not completely honest with yourself.

In the Buddhist tradition, the gift of water at Buddhist shrines signifies the desire to cultivate within our beings the attributes of peace, simplicity, and cleanliness. Though water is also used during the Buddhist funerals; so in the Buddhist view, dreaming of water can relate to the passing of someone or the idea of death.

In Judaism, water is used for ceremonial purification to preserve purity. Accordingly, in Jewish tradition, there exists importance on “living water,” i.e., ocean water, rivers, streams, etc.

Water can be associated with the Great Flood, Red Sea separation, or mikveh. A mikveh is a ritual bath that is used after someone has had contact with a corpse or menstruation interaction.

Additional Information

 dream about water meaning

It is a sign of good luck to dream of being in a forest or desert and stumbling across a stream. Raging streams, rapids, and foaming water, however, may imply you no longer feel in control of the conditions of your life.

Women tend to dream of water more often. 

To find yourself in the water during the dream, it can symbolize pregnancy and childbirth.

Vivid dreams can be experienced, especially by women who have endured pregnancy. The child’s movements in the amniotic fluid have been marked in the subconscious mind and dissolve easily in water.

For women who have not been pregnant yet, the dream reflects a desire for an optimal change in their lives.

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