What Does It Mean If You Dream About Stealing?

Stealing can hold a number of different symbolisms: On the one hand, it might imply there is something lacking in your life that you feel you simply cannot obtain. On the other hand, though, it could be a good omen, and an indication that you’ll end up achieving those seemingly impossible dreams you keep clinging to.

As with most dreams, the devil is in the details, and you would benefit from trying to remember as much from your dreams as possible, as it will help you understand why you dream about stealing.

The interpretation of this kind of dream depends greatly on what you find yourself stealing (or having stolen from you) as well as who the victim of this crime is. Let’s take a look at the most common scenarios you can find yourself dreaming about:

Stealing Food

Stealing Food in dream

If you find yourself stealing food from someone else can signify you are feeling insecure and envious about the success of those around you. You might be hoping for a new relationship or a raise at work and not managing to get it, making you feel like others around you have it better than you do.

It might also signify you are searching for affection or love from those in your life, and may be acting dependently toward your loved ones.

If, instead, you dream about people stealing from you, this means you feel that someone is taking advantage of your generosity, money or position. You would be wise to take a good look at the people in your life and make sure they are all by your side for good reasons, and that you aren’t being fooled into believing their affection is real.

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Stealing A Bag or Purse

Dreaming about stealing a bag represents your own feelings of guilt toward acting selfishly. You probably did something you are not proud of lately, in order to benefit yourself, harming someone else in the process.

Your subconscious is sending you a message that you should fix your mistake and apologize to the person you hurt.

Dreaming about someone stealing your bag, on the other hand, is interpreted as a warning: If you don’t remain dedicated to your projects or spend time with those you love -like your significant other-, another person might come in and take it away from you. This might mean your spouse will be tempted by a lover, or the promotion you’ve been after will go to someone else.This is not exactly an omen: You can avoid it by working hard and not giving into laziness.


During your dream, you might find yourself shoplifting at a store. This means you are aching for a greater sense of privacy and are feeling too exposed in your life.

You might be exposed in your work life or during your private life and would benefit from taking a step back and moving away from the spotlight for a while, in order to feel more comfortable with yourself and what others know about you.

If you see someone else shoplifting, it means you feel like someone in your life is taking advantage of your good will and unless you do something about it, you’ll end up suffering the consequences of their betrayal. It would be wise to take a good look at those in your life and evaluate if you are hanging out with fake friends who don’t truly care about you.

Stealing Money

Stealing Money in dream

This is surprisingly a good sign! If you dream about stealing money or gold, you feel like you are in the right path spiritually and morally speaking. It might sound like a contradiction, as you were committing a crime through the dream, yet it’s one of those occasions when something symbolizes the opposite of what it’s shown.

Money and gold are usually tied to your self-worth and your spiritual path, so stealing them in a dream means you are taking charge of this area in your life and find yourself proud of your decisions.

If someone steals money from you, though, you are worried someone is taking advantage of you and don’t quite know how to fix this situation. Seeing this person actually spend the money they stole from you, means you feel like you are overspending and should cut back on your expenses before it becomes a real problem.

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Stealing A Book

This dream means you are aching to obtain knowledge you don’t have access to. It might be a desire to go to college, do better at school or maybe just learn new skills at your workplace. It might also mean you wish to improve as a person through knowledge.

If you find yourself reading the book you stole, this might imply you are experiencing feelings of guilt about a mistake you made in the past and are trying to learn from the errors to avoid repeating them in the future.

When someone steals a book from you in your dreams, it’s a sign that someone will come to you for advice. Books are related to wisdom and knowledge, and if someone takes it away from you, it means they admire your intellect and respect your opinion. You could also be receiving intriguing news about someone you know.

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The Identity of the Person Doing the Stealing

When catching someone else stealing from you or others in your dream, their identity is important as well, as it can add an extra layer of symbolism to your dream.

If a child is stealing from you, this means a loved one who happens to be younger than you (a sibling, daughter or son, niece or nephew) is going through a rough time but doesn’t know how to talk to you about it. Try approaching them and reminding them they can come to you when they are in trouble.

If, on the other hand, your parents steal in your dreams, this means you feel you are neglecting those you love in real life and this problem is rapidly escalating. If you don’t do something soon, you might end ruining the relationship you had with this person.

Dreaming about your partner stealing, means you are disappointed by a decision they took but haven’t confronted them yet. It would be wise to sit down with them and clear the air, as this problem will only continue to grow. If, instead, someone is stealing your partner away from you, this means you are afraid your significant other will leave you. You might be experiencing trust issues or have a problem opening up to them.

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