Dreams about the End of the World: Symbolism and Interpretations

Though it might seem scary and even worrisome, dreaming about the end of the world is not always a bad omen. You are -most likely- not having prophetic dreams, nor does it mean you will encounter hardships in your future.

You should try and remember as many details from your dream as you can, as it will help interpret the hidden symbolism as well as the biblical interpretations that they might hold.

General Interpretation

If you have been stressed lately, for whatever reason, then this is an entirely common dream, no matter the details you encounter through it. It’s a way to deal with the stress while you sleep, comprehend what is happening in your day to day life and come to terms with any issues you may be encountering.

You might be feeling unprepared to deal with a big event coming up soon, maybe having to speak in public, move to a new place or begin a new job. Your subconscious is trying to adapt to the stress and minimize it while you rest.

That being said, each kind of dream carries different symbolisms, and it’s important to make sure that you remember as much of what happened as possible to avoid missing an important interpretation that could help you go through the situation you are facing.

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Dreaming about the End of the World Approaching

Dreaming about the End of the World Approaching

If you dream about dreading or waiting for the world to end, but you don’t reach this moment by the time the dream ends, then you might be deeply stressed in real life.

The end of the world symbolizes, in this case, an event you are dreading to face in your personal or professional life, and don’t quite know how to face it. You are feeling deeply stressed or anxious about this upcoming situation, and it’s making you feel vulnerable, scared and even helpless.

Because of this, your mind might be trying to relieve stress through this dream, and you would be wise to search for help or advice from your loved ones, friends, or even a therapist. This is not a problem that will magically go away, so you need to take steps to confront your fears and transform your anxiety into confidence, to face the problem at hand and to solve it once and for all.

Dreaming about Searching for Your Friends and Family During the Apocalypse

This dream is, regretfully, a bad omen. It means a tragedy will strike your loved ones sooner rather than later. Hardship and even illness are on the cards for those you care about the most, and you should be sure to remain by their side and be supportive, as they’ll need someone to rely on during their ordeal.

Though there is nothing you can do to avoid what the future holds, you can make the misfortune far less painful by supporting them and offering them a helping hand.

Unfortunately, this bad luck might affect you as well, so it would be wise to make a visit to your doctor in order to check your general health, as it might help mitigate the negative effects an undiagnosed illness could bring. On the good side, you will eventually be able to overcome all these hardships, as will your family.

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Dreaming about Surviving the End of the World

Dreaming about Surviving the End of the World

If you dream about the end of the world and find yourself surviving the terrible ordeal, then this means you should keep a positive outlook toward the problems in your life. This will allow you to deal with them with ease and overcome obstacles faster than you would while remaining pessimistic.

Even when the odds are stuck against you, you will find a way to emerge victorious from it, so remain confident in your own abilities and skills, as well as positive about the outcome you will inevitably reach.

Dreaming about being the One That Saves the World From Ending

If your dreams about the end of the world feature you saving all humanity from impending doom, then you should truly count your blessings.

This is not only a good omen but a good sign you are enjoying a healthy, positive confidence. You believe in yourself and your potential and this will allow you to reach your dreams soon. This might happen in a few months or even years, but rest assured that, in time, what you yearn for the most will become a reality if you work hard for it.

This dream clearly shows you are a person who knows what they want and are relentless about doing everything within your power to obtain it.

This does not mean there won’t be obstacles in your path. Quite the contrary: You’ll experience hardship and struggles, but rest assured that you will find a way of overcoming it all and earning the success you deserve.

Dreaming about being Attacked During the Apocalypse

If you are attacked by another person, monster or even alien while you dream about the end of the world, this is related to your fear of the unknown and of new people entering your life, especially if you don’t fully trust them.

You might have recently moved, changed jobs, or perhaps met new coworkers or neighbors. You are weary of these new acquaintances, and concerned they might affect your life negatively. For example, if a new coworker arrived at your place of employment, you might be feeling intimidated by their skills and worried you will be replaced or pushed aside by them. You might also be feeling intensely jealous of someone your spouse or significant other knows and has recently arrived in her life.

Though this is not a positive dream, it’s not a bad omen. It’s a way of expressing and dealing with your own insecurities in a healthy and non-threatening way, so you don’t have to worry about any of your concerns becoming a reality.

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Consider If You Have Been Watching Too Many Movies

If the dream is specially action-filled and violent, then this might hold no real interpretation at all, other than the fact that you have an overactive imagination and a fondness for action movies. Your brain is just mimicking the fiction you enjoy so much and these dreams hold no interesting interpretation.

Maybe it’s a good time to try a few romantic comedies instead?

Types of Apocalypse

It’s important to consider what kind of apocalyptic scenario you faced during your dream, as each different possibility can bring with it a new layer to interpret.

Dreaming about the end of the world happening because of a new ice age, this means you have been feeling either someone in your life is being cold toward you or you are experiencing fears of intimacy and a reluctance to make honest connections with other people.

Maybe you were hurt in your past and want to avoid facing heartbreak once again, but your mind is telling you it’s high time you open yourself again and learn how to trust those around you.

You are feeling isolated and lonely, scared of spending your life keeping others at arms’ length or being kept away from those you love.

dreams about Apocalypse

If the end of the world arrives due to a nuclear war or accident, this signifies your current relationship with those in charge. It might be that you are encountering a problematic relationship with your boss, being unfairly treated at your workplace, having to face bureaucratic problems thanks to the government or even be unable to receive a fair treatment from a company you do business with.

You are feeling vulnerable, used and perhaps even abused by those in power. You feel like your voice isn’t being heard and that your opinion and concerns are constantly ignored. It might be a sign that you need to change jobs or find another way around a difficult situation someone else seems to be redlining for some reason. This problem won’t just go away, so it’s important that you try and find a solution yourself.

The apocalypse might begin because of a massive earthquake that shakes the entire world, and this is related to the problems you are facing in real life. You are surely going through a massive change in your life, like getting married, divorcing, getting fired or getting a new job.

If this is not the case, you soon will. This is the way your subconscious mind has of dealing with the stress, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s likely that this will become a repeat dream until you manage to get over the stress this situation is bringing you.

The good news is that, through processing your current situation this way, you will soon be able to accept your new life and come to terms with the stress it produces. You’ll emerge stronger from the problems you are facing.

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