What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Kidnapped?

Being kidnapped is an utterly terrifying experience, one we all wish never to encounter in real life. But what does it mean to endure dreams about being kidnapped? Is it a bad sign? Perhaps a way our unconscious mind has to tell us we are feeling trapped and don’t even realize it? Or could it be, surprisingly, a good omen?

In this article, we’ll discuss all the possible interpretations of being kidnapped in a dream.

Being Kidnapped

If you experience a dream about being kidnapped, being the victim of such a heinous crime, this is a sign that you are feeling insecure lately and have lost control over your life. It might be your professional or personal world, but one way or another, it’s making you feel vulnerable and powerless.

You probably feel like you are being held back by either a situation you are dealing with or a specific person. If it’s a problem at work, you might be dealing with a deadline you can’t seem to properly adjust to or an overbearing boss who won’t stop scolding you.

what does it mean to dream about being kidnapped

Your subconscious mind is trying to deal with these issues and process them in a healthy way, which leads to you experiencing this nightmare. Though it’s a sign that you might need to become more assertive and set your foot down when you know it’s worth the effort, you should probably not give it much thought.

Your mind needs time adjusting to stress and change, and this is a normal way it can achieve this goal.

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Seeing Another Person Being Kidnapped

Being Kidnapped in dream

This is a disturbing dream to experience, and in most cases, it will outright be a nightmare instead.

If you see someone being kidnapped while dreaming about a crime, it’s yet another way to express your own feelings of vulnerability and helplessness over a problem you’re encountering in real life.

In stark contrast with the previous entry, you shouldn’t disregard this dream as just a way your mind processes the stress in your life. It’s a sign that the problem you are facing will only grow bigger and bigger is you don’t act about it.

Unless you begin taking charge of your life and being more assertive, you will be receiving bad news soon, and by then it will be too late to do anything about it. So gather all the courage you can muster and confront the person who has been causing you so much stress. If it’s a situation instead, sit down and find a solution to it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you can’t do it alone.

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Seeing Your Child Being Kidnapped

If instead of having dreams about being kidnapped, you witness your own son or daughter being taken from you, then this is not as bad a sign as you might think.

This dream is a way of understanding the changes your offspring is going through. They are probably no longer children, and maybe either entering their teenage years or even going off to college or moving away from home.

This is causing you a great deal of stress and sadness and these feelings manifest themselves in the dream kidnapping of your loved ones. You see them leaving or growing as having their youth and innocence being taken from them, in this case, kidnapped from your side.

It’s hard for parents to accept their little ones are not so little any longer, but eventually, you’ll have to let go and accept that they’ll have a life of their own because you raised them to be responsible and self sufficient. It’s a testament to your great parenthood!

If you experience this dream and have no children of your own, then this is a sign that you feel you’re finally outgrowing your own immaturity, and though this is a necessary process, it’s not always easy to go through. You are having trouble adjusting, but in the end, you’ll be successful. This dream is simply helping you go through the process, as scary as it might be.

Dreaming About Kidnapping Someone

Dreaming About Kidnapping Someone

It’s possible that you aren’t the one being kidnapped, but quite the opposite, you are the one committing this crime.

Experiencing this dream is a sign that you are guilty of negatively influencing someone who trusts or admire you, and you are feeling guilty about it.

You might be pressuring a loved one or a friend to fulfill your desires or needs against their will, but they care too much about you to say no. Consciously, you might not be aware of this fact, but unconsciously you have noticed their discomfort and this dream is a way of discovering the truth.

Another possible interpretation is that you are not ready to let go of a loved one. They might be sick, moving or just drifting apart from you naturally, and it’s causing you both stress and sadness. It might be a good idea to speak to them and let them know how you feel.

In the case of a friend or family member being sick or dying, it would be best to find professional help instead, or talk to another person about it, since it might be too hard for them to handle while also dealing with their own issues.

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Seeing A Famous Person Being Kidnapped

If in your dream a celebrity is kidnapped, you are in dire need to voice your frustration about something going on in your life and you might not dare do so. Maybe you received unfair treatment at work or at a business you visited but didn’t speak up at that moment.

It’s never too late to let others know that something made you feel uncomfortable or sad. Perhaps even you avoided an argument by swallowing your opinion. It’s clear you aren’t happy about this decision, so if you can still go back to that conversation and clarify your thoughts on the matter, you might feel far better about it in the long run, even if it leads to a somewhat uncomfortable moment.

If you know a lot about the celebrity you dream about, you probably ache to embody one of this person’s main traits, such as their charisma, perceived happiness, fitness or even intelligence. Try and identify what you’d like to improve about yourself and think if it’s an attainable goal to pursue.

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