What is The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Horses?

Horses are immediately linked to positive concepts such as freedom, endurance, determination, and power. They are a symbol of hard work and usually represent good luck when they stride into your dreams, especially if you dream about white horses.

In this dream, we’ll take a closer look at all the possible interpretations dreaming about horses carry with it as well as discuss the figure of the horse as a spirit animal.

Dreaming about White Horses

A particularly common dream featuring this wild animal is to meet, or even ride, a white horse.

This is not always a positive sign. If you see a white horse riding away from you and refusing to move closer, then this is an indication that you are heading in the wrong direction in real life. In this case, you might be working truly hard to achieve a goal, but are mistaken in the way you approach it.

It’s a good idea to reevaluate your decisions and check if you should change the path you’ve been taking so far. Your intentions are worthy, but you are going about it the wrong way.

Dreaming about White Horses

If you are riding the white horse, though, this is a great sign. It signifies that you have a loving, positive relationship with those you love, be it your family or friends. This dream indicates that, though you might not be consciously aware of this fact, they are thankful for the efforts you made for you. They also appreciate your presence in their lives, even though it’s not always clearly shown.

If you find yourself petting a white horse, then you either are or will soon be married to your true love. Rest assured that a good marriage is in the stars for you! If you haven’t met that special someone yet, keep your eyes and your heart open, because they will soon cross your path!

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Watching A Horse Cross River or Stream

If you witness a horse crossing a river, then this means you are heading in the right direction in life. You are pursuing dreams that are feasible and taking the proper measures to obtain them.

It’s a sign that you should continue working as hard and as smart as you were up until that dream.

If instead, you see the horse crossing a stream, then don’t worry: This is also a good sign!

It means you have an uncanny ability to overcome the obstacles life puts in your way, and that even though the journey leading to your dreams won’t be comfortable, you will eventually achieve success.

However, if the water they trot over isn’t clear, but rather murky or dirty, then this warns there will be troubles ahead. You’ll still be able to overcome these issues, but the road to your goals will be uncomfortable and filled with obstacles. Regretfully, you will be forced to endure loss and sadness in order to get to your happy ending.

Being Kicked by A Horse

If you find yourself dreaming about horses, but they don’t act friendly toward you, this is a bad omen.

Getting kicked by a horse or thrown off your saddle means you are entering a phase in your life that will be filled with sadness and hardship.

Either you or someone in your life likely will suffer from a debilitating illness, or you might be defeated by enemies that are out to get you. This might be a work rival or a person who’s after your romantic partner.

Regretfully, there is not much you’ll be able to do to avoid this hardship, but at least you’ll know that, in time, your life will get better again.

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Trying to Ride A Wild Horse


If you find yourself dreaming about horses galloping freely across an endless field and you attempt to ride on, then this means you are the kind of person who’s always aiming high.

You are a dreamer and determined to achieve your goals at whatever cost, no matter how impossible they might seem at first.

This determination will help you achieve your dreams, but there is also a genuine possibility that these attempts end up alienating you from those you love. Be careful not to blind yourself to what is truly important while on your search for greatness.

Encountering A Dead Horse

Regretfully, this represents a bad omen. Dreaming about horses that have been injured or killed means you will receive disappointing, even heartbreaking news.

You might face rejection in your personal or professional life.

If you were striving for a raise or a promotion, you will likely not only fail to achieve this goal, but might also end up being demoted, or worse, fired.

If you were attempting to ask someone on a date, or become someone’s friend, then this will not work out the way you wished it would have.

Though this is certainly a bad omen, it might be a chance to start anew. The job you were working so hard in might have been the wrong choice for you, and the person you were after was not what you look for in a partner. In the long run, this bad news might look a lot more like good news instead.

Riding A Horse in A Race

If you find yourself running a race while back horse riding, then this means you love competition and thrive while facing adversity.

It’s also a good sign, as luck is on your side, and you will end up succeeding in the projects you set up to achieve.

It might also be a way your subconscious mind has of telling you that someone you love has been attempting to come to you for help but hasn’t mustered the courage to do so yet. You’ve unconsciously noticed the signs, though, and this might be a way of putting the puzzle together. You should be more alert the next time a family member or close friend talks to you, as they might be trying to tell you more than it seems at first.

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Could the Horse Be Your Spirit Animal?

If, during the dream you experience a deep connection with the horses around you, then this might mean you’ve encountered your spirit animal.

You are someone that aches for freedom and independence and rarely give up on your goals. This desire for liberty might manifest itself in a love for traveling, an aching to be your own boss, or a refusal to settle down with a single partner.

You are brave and determined, always striving for perfection.

If the horse is your spirit animal, dreaming about it will always be a good sign. It’ll have you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face all the obstacles life might throw your way!

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