Biblical Interpretation: Symbology Behind Dreaming About Bees

The bible addresses the presence of bees more than once through its passages, both under a  negative and positive light. It speaks of swarms of bees, denoting the danger they pose for men, as well as praising the honey they provide mankind with.

So interpreting the presence of bees in your dreams might be a complex issue, varying greatly according to the details featured across the dream. In this article, we’ll discuss all the possible symbologies dreaming about bees might bring and what’s the biblical sense of such an occurrence.

Biblical Interpretation

Seeing Bees in dreams

Bees are mentioned as aggressive insects in several passages, referring to them as swarms and in Deuteronomy 1:44, comparing dangerous enemies to this small, yet viciously territorial creatures. Taking this into consideration, it would be safe to assume that dreaming about or encountering bees would not be a good sign.

The biblical meaning of bees in dreams, however, is far more complex than this, as the bible links honey to abundance and God’s blessing. It’s seen as highly beneficial to men and even makes frequent references to ‘a land flowing with milk and honey’, signifying bees are considered blessed and useful beings.

This dichotomy is truly interesting and allows for several layers of interpretation to any dream featuring bees in it. Their presence in a dream might be viewed as destructive, a warning or hope for a better tomorrow, and it will greatly vary depending on the way the dream made the person experiencing it feel and how the bees in it behave.

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Being Stung By A Bee

If while dreaming about bees you get stung by one -or more!- then this is, surprisingly, a good sign.

This dream is usually related to good omens, especially related to fertility and childbearing. It might be a sign that you, your partner or someone you care about deeply will soon get pregnant, or is currently pregnant. This will probably occur after a long struggle to achieve this pregnancy, so it’ll be particularly gleeful news to receive.

The happiness will only be greater since the child is ensured to be both healthy and welcomed, so this dream brings good omens all around. Who thought you’d be glad you were stung by a bee, even in a dream?

Dreaming About Bees Circling Around You

If the bees are moving around you menacingly, this means what you have been expecting to happen, whether during that day, whether it be a raise, an invitation to an event or a person you are interested in agreeing to date you simply will not happen.

It would be wise to stop wishing for it to occur or insist upon it, as it might cause the exact polar opposite of what you expected to happen. This wish was simply never meant to be, and this dream is a warning for you to finally let the issue go, or suffer uncomfortable and sometimes even painful consequences.

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Killing A Bee

This particular dream is one you’d like more than anything to avoid. It’s a bad omen, as bees are usually considered good luck and are greatly beneficial to the environment. Killing one means killing your good luck and vanishing the possibility for it to reproduce in the short run.

You will suffer a surge of bad luck during the following few weeks or even months, so you should try and be careful with the decisions you make and the risks you take through this rough patch, as things won’t likely work your way.

Seeing A Beehive

Seeing A Beehive in dream

If during your dream you encounter a beehive, this is a great sign which is deeply linked to romance and love. You will either find the person you belong with or will rekindle the romance in your current relationship.

Whatever the case, as the beehive represents the bee’s home, you will find your true home in this person, finally being able to fully trust someone. This partner is or will become your lifelong lover, and though you two might encounter rough times along the way, you’ll always find the way back home… or in this case, into each other’s arms.

There is an important distinction to make, though: If the beehive is empty, or worse still, destroyed, then this means the complete opposite. This dream, instead, signifies lost opportunities, heartbreak, and betrayal. You will believe someone is right for you romantically speaking, but in due time, they’ll end up destroying your trust and breaking your heart. This is a warning that it’s best to be wary about who you fall in love with and how fast you get into a relationship with them.

Hearing Bees Humming

It’s not important if you also see the bees or if they are out of the picture while they hum, but if you hear this sound, then money is coming your way. You will soon be receiving unexpected extra cash, be it through a prize, such as winning the lottery, or by being given a raise at your job.

This also means its the perfect moment to begin a new project, so you should jump at any opportunity that presents itself in the following days, unless you aren’t truly excited about it. Take a leap of fate and you’ll reap the rewards soon! If you’ve been dreaming about becoming your own boss, beginning an entrepreneurship side business or even starting a course, you won’t find a better moment than this, as good luck is definitely on your side.

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Meeting The Queen Bee

If while dreaming about bees, you see or meet the queen of the hive, then this is a sign you’ve been aching for freedom to express your opinions more freely. You might be worried about what others will think or working in an environment where free thought is frowned upon. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter if you are self-imposing these restrictions or someone else is setting these rules for you: You are frustrated and angry about this fact and wish to finally speak your mind openly.

It’s important that you begin expressing yourself with fewer restrictions, as this situation is causing you unnecessary stress, and it will get worse unless you confront the problem.

Seeing Bees Busy At Work

If while dreaming about bees you witness how they work, moving from flower to flower or begin busy in the beehive, then this means luck will smile upon you in the near future. You will experience success and happiness in your personal and professional life, so don’t be afraid to dare dream big. Your effort and endurance will be rewarded before long.

This will be especially true if you are known to be a hard worker and a person with well-defined goals. The harder you worked before experiencing this dream, the better your luck after it.

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