What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Tortured?

You had a nightmare about being tortured last night. That scenario’s recall is still quite clear in your mind.

Dreams don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are the unconscious mind’s languages. They convey messages from your subconscious that help you break free from your shackles.

The following are the most common interpretations of the topic: ‘dream about being tortured’. Let’s check to find out what happened to you! 

Interpretation Of Dreaming About Being Tortured 

Torture is not a pleasant experience, whether you are the victim or the observer. As a result, seeing such things in your dreams often delivers negative messages. 

Often, this scenario refers to a difficult stage in your life, your lack of self-confidence, or simply the love for nature. 

A difficult phase

If you have such a dream, it means you will lose something important. It’s better to stay in a safe position. If others owe you something, you must take it since you will need it.

This dream also indicates that you are a friendly and energetic individual, but it’s time to reflect on yourself. Difficulties are hindering you from staying positive. 

Lack of self-confidence

Self-confidence is a must-have if you want to overcome your troubles and succeed in life. However, some people are still trying to activate this trait in themselves.

Tortures in dreams symbolize a lack of confidence. You may not gain recognition from the people around you, making you feel miserable. 

A nature lover

If you have dreams related to tortures, it means you like nature. You appreciate simple delights, as well as sharing and socializing. You can thrive in a calmer, less stressful condition.

You also want to teach your kids the actual value of things by seeing them play outdoors instead of in front of the television.

dream about being tortured and killed
Such dreams do not always symbolize bad things.

Dream About Being Tortured: Common Cases 

Torture may happen in different manners. Here are the ten most common scenarios that people often experience. 

Somebody torturing you

You may get accused of cheating if you dream about someone tormenting you. There’s a possibility you’ll encounter somebody you can’t resist, and you’ll start dating them as if you were still single.

It will be challenging to keep a double life while avoiding suspicion. You will have to confront the consequences of your choices soon. 

You should recall who tortured you in your dream because each case refers to a different situation. 

When you dream about your partner hurting you, it symbolizes you have resentment towards them but haven’t spoken about it. Instead of honestly sharing your problem, you are feeling bitter.

If you dream about your parents torturing you, you may not be ready to forgive yourself for not obeying them. Your life could be pretty different if you listened to them. 

What should you do in this case? An apology is not enough. Prove your repentance by caring more about more parents and, of course, appreciate their advice next time. 

If you have a dream about your siblings tormenting you, it suggests they require your help. That person is struggling with a situation they haven’t talked about yet.

If you see your friend torture you in dreams, it typically represents betrayal. You will discover that they have been keeping something essential and unforgivable from you.

Torturing somebody

When you dream about torturing somebody, it means you will be overwhelmed with worries. 

Anyone who gives you help or a shoulder to lean on will most likely make you nervous and rude.

This reaction will be a defense mechanism for you to disguise your weakness and vulnerability.

Witnessing a torture

You are not the victim or the one that tortures anyone in your dream. Being a witness of someone torturing the other signifies that you have an awful experience. 

You may have witnessed an argument, but it didn’t concern you. You just did not know how other people acted. 

You’ll get engaged to try to keep things under control and talk with them, but you’ll end yourself in trouble and regret having interfered with other people’s struggles.

Your partner being tortured

Seeing somebody else torture your beloved one implies that your behaviors will hurt them in your dream.

You’ve been a little nervous recently, so you’ve been releasing your anger and worries on them.

If you don’t want to end your relationship, you must address your problems first. Instead of risking your romance, it’s essential to talk to your partner about what’s disturbing you.

Your sibling is tortured.

This dream is a warning that you are causing your sister or brother a lot of headaches. Your behaviors most likely affect their life badly. 

You need to start taking responsibility for yourself and stop getting yourself into problems. You have to live your life without bothering others.

Your siblings can help you sometimes. However, they can’t be with you forever because they have their own life. 

Your parents being tortured

You saw somebody torturing your father or mother in your dream. Then, do not hesitate to help people around you in your waking life. 

There is no reason to be selfish and arrogant if you can give a hand to someone, as long as it won’t hurt you. 

The consequences of selfishness are on your parents. Such dreams convey a meaningful message: What goes around comes around.

A child being tortured

Dreaming about a kid tortured is awful. It implies you need to be more honest, especially with your family. 

You tend to tell lies to cover those you worry about. To apologize for some of their behaviors, you want to show them in a brighter perspective than they really are.

Because we’re discussing somebody you love, such action is understandable. On the other hand, your family does not deserve to hear your lies so often.

Please remember that the truth will finally come out. If you also expect it, let yourself be the person to reveal everything. 

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Animals being tortured

When you witness someone abusing animals, it indicates you will protect your loved one. You will guarantee that one of them is not a victim of mistreatment or bullying. Then, you will intervene.                                                                                                                             

You’ll also show what it is like to protect your family and those you care about.

The dream might also be a hint that you’re having problems coping with bad emotions and thoughts. You can’t control your feelings of hatred, anger, and jealousy.

If you can’t think of another solution, seek advice from experts who understand human psychology. That person’s assistance could be able to help you come over your crisis. 

dreams about animals being tortured
Dreams about animals have different meanings.

An elder being tortured.

The elder reminds us of something weak and unable to overcome harsh situations. If you have a dream about someone hurting an older person, it indicates you should fight injustice.

You most likely had the opportunity to protect or defend the weaker, but you avoided it. You worried about igniting anger in yourself.

Becoming a hero is indeed difficult, but if you are a coward, your heart will be upset and obsessed with what you ignore. As a result, make sure you will stand up for what you believe next time. 

An ill person being tortured

When you see somebody torturing an ill person, it implies that somebody around you doesn’t approve of your ideas and decisions. 

If “somebody” is your loved one, you will be hurt. Hence, you will consider their disapproval as a betrayal. You don’t even think about who is right or wrong. 

The situation is also a strong indication that you are being too tough on yourself. You’ve set an unreasonably high standard for yourself, and now you’re struggling to fulfill it.

Nobody asks you to be the best at what you are doing, but you are putting a lot of stress on yourself. Do not compete with others; your life will be a lot simpler.


The dream of seeing yourself or another person being tortured does not always mean something dangerous and miserable. 

Sometimes, such dreams come as a message or a warning. You should be more cautious and aware of your surroundings. 

The scenarios link more to your relationship with your family members or partner. Consider what you have done recently to them and solve the problem. 

Hopefully, this article will help you stay calm despite your bad dreams. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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