12 Reasons Why You Dream About Ex Best Friend

If one of your friends tells you that she dreamed about you last night, you would feel reassured as you have inspired her dreaming mind.

It’s not uncommon to see your friends in your dreams since you meet them daily. Yet, the appearance of an ex-best friend can bring confusion and questions.

Why do you dream about your ex-best friend? Does this dream carry a special meaning or message?

Dreaming about an ex-friend implies that you feel nostalgic and regretful about your relationship (probably because you’ve done something wrong).

Today, we’ll show you some common reasons for meeting an ex-bestie in dreams and how to respond to each scenario.

What Does A Dream About Ex Best Friend Tell?

It doesn’t always mean that you desire to connect with your previous friend or be unhappy with the current friendly relationships.

Consider the present and past circumstances to know what these dreams actually denote.

There Was An Unfinished Problem With Them

The primary reason for meeting someone no longer your friends is that you have an unsolved problem with them.

This problem is not as straightforward as a mistake or mistreatment you’ve made with each other (you failed to understand them or treated them unfairly, for example).

It can indicate that you should reconsider another result for this relationship and reflect how meaningful you are to each other.

There’s a high chance it can change from a sad to a happy ending!

You’re Insecure and Unstable

what does it mean when you dream about your ex best friend
You constantly have a nerve or fear of something.

Sometimes, an old person appears in your dreams to hint that you need to work on your insecurity and doubts about things in life.

It can be either a warning or reassurance, signaling that redirecting the steps and diverging from the current path is probably the best choice for you.

The presence of your old buddy might be a solution and reminder of the insecurity you are coping with.

There will be things not in our elements, yet solutions sometimes bubble up unexpectedly. And they often bubble up in our dreams.

The sense of insecurity is most obvious when that friend becomes the person you want to be.

For instance, if your career feels unstable and insecure, you may witness your ex-bestie become an accomplished IT service manager.

They’re Guiding You To The Right Path of Success

Dreaming about someone you are no longer acquainted with may also denote that they are trying to lead you back to the focused goal of your journey.

There’s always a miracle in life, and the universe will secretly let you know when you’ve gone too far from your initial path or fallen off the track.

You’re probably losing your mojo and unique selling points. Or you’re experiencing increased weaknesses and loss of vibrancy.

But everything shouldn’t go in this way. Thus, your old buddy tries to tell you that it’s time to work on yourself and thrive again.

Their Energy Plays An Important Role In Your Life

Since they used to be your best friends, they played a critical part in your life, representing a passion or energy that used to fit you pretty well.

A dream about an ex-best friend suggests that you currently lack such energy and passion in life. Your subconscious misses them even when you don’t.

Indeed, a human’s unconscious mind understands what we’re missing and our deepest thoughts better than the conscious one. Such powerful stuff, isn’t it?

You might find that you work and perform better when they’re by your side from deep inside. It’s a good idea to look for those having the same energy to be friends with.

They Warn An Impending Difficulty or Conflict

Aside from positive meanings like bringing you back on track, this dream can also represent an impending difficulty or conflict, particularly if you ended the relationship with a severe argument.

For instance, you’re moving to another city and encounter your ex-closed classmate who is bad-tempered and irritated. It might represent your frustration or arguments with your partner while moving.

You feel depressed due to the ins and outs during the movement and angry at your wife’s deprivation of help and enthusiasm.

You Always Remember Why You Stop Being Friends

Dreams about old best friends can recall the problems happening between you guys and remind you of the reasons for your split-up.

There might be a misunderstanding, or the issue wasn’t worth the argument and parting ways.

Like any other relationship, friendship is challenging to build and maintain. And when you approach a bridge, you realize that it’s no longer possible to cross together.

However, the point is you don’t need to feel miserable and nostalgic. And don’t expect a change in these relationships if the problems are too severe to solve.

This scenario is simply a reminder of the past. Let bygones be bygones!

You Love Them

There’s one more possibility, which we consider a pity for you: You love your ex-best friend.

Indeed, some people dreamed about close peers for whom they had an apple eye or unresolved sexual and romantic feelings.

An obvious sign to check is that your dreams included romantic or erotic elements.

Whether or not to respond to the call of the heart and go ahead is a tough decision to make, but you need to weigh it up and decide for yourself. No one can help.

A sign to say this interpretation is true in real life is that you, at least, often look them up or stalk them on social media.

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You Feel Nostalgic About Your Time Together

Those were the days! The activities, places, and times you enjoyed together at the time are beautiful memories to you.

You have a significant impression of that. And your heart and mind sometimes head you back to that period.

Indeed, the memorable sounds and sights in the past tend to linger somewhere in your psyche forever.

That’s why you’ll sometimes encounter them in dreams.

You’re Experiencing A Lonely and Tough Time

Friendship is another word for love. Good friends are one of the most precious, life-affirming gifts the universe gives us.

When you meet an ex-peer in your dreams, you’re probably going through a lonely time in real life.

During this challenging time, you can feel the sense of sadness and absence extremely vividly from your inner self.

This dream also represents the lack of belonging and socialization. Why don’t you open your heart a little bit and make some new friends? 

Good people are around us, as long as you devote your time and effort to seek them.

Dream About Ex Best Friend Apologizing: Don’t Hesitate To Forgive!

dream about ex best friend apologizing
Forgiveness gives us happiness and peace of mind.

You decided to end a friendly relationship because the other made a severe mistake that made you suffer a lot (betrayal, for example).

If that’s the case, this dream expresses a powerful message: it’s time to forgive.

Forgiveness will relieve you from disappointment and anger in the past, letting go of negative feelings and giving you peace of mind.

You know, to err is human. We all make mistakes, and we deserve forgiveness if we know how to rectify those mistakes.

So, don’t hesitate to forgive.

That Person Wish You Were Friends Again

Do you ever think that you also appear in their dreams when dreaming about an old friend?

It can be the case where your ex-friends wish you never split apart. Your energy, intentions, and thoughts will share the same rhythm if you’re real besties.

You shouldn’t feel pressure about that since it might not be the case.

However, feel reassured that you guys can still somehow connect and hope you never lose the other.

It’s Time To Seek Your Inner Happiness

Something or someone related to the past appearing in your dreams can represent the happiness and the most basic things you’ve lost in life.

They came to remind you of your inner happiness, which you’ve probably ignored and put less effort on. Remember that loss of inner peace and happiness is synonymous with loss of personal power.

Don’t forget about the hope for a bright future and self-confidence, too. You have remarkable potential, so try to get the most of it.


Old-world dream lore believes that a dream about your ex-best friend or, in general, is an astounding sign of upcoming good fortune.

We’re on the same page. Good friends are essential elements that support and complete the flawed us in either our dreams or running lives.

If you listen and contemplate your friend-related dreams, they might help you cope with any confusion, conflict, disappointment, or deterioration you’re going through in real life.

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