9 Biblical Meaning of Fire in Dreams & Interpretation

The concept of fire carries in itself a great dichotomy: It can be used to help or destroy. It helped humanity survive but it can also be used to create irreparable harm.

It can be used to cook, keep us warm, drive away predators, but also destroy buildings to the ground, bring great harm to another human being and be used in acts of destruction. If left unattended, it can destroy acres and acres of forests and turn cities into ashes.

So it’s no wonder that the biblical meaning of fire in dreams would hold great significance, especially applied to our dreams. Men both fears and is fascinated by fire, after all, and for good reason.

Speaking to Fire

dreaming about fire

It might sound odd, as fire does not have a mouth or ears to engage in a conversation, but a common biblical meaning of fire, along with hell and punishment, is the Holy Spirit visiting a mortal through an unexpected receptacle.

The burning bush is a common imagery used in the bible, and if you find yourself speaking to one, it might be connected to your spirituality.

You may feel like the hecticness of life is keeping you away from your beliefs and need to spend more time in quiet contemplation, so try and give yourself a few free moments every day to renew your spirituality.

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Being Burned by Fire

If you are being burned by fire in a dream, but don’t feel any pain from it, this is a good omen: It means you will soon be blessed with good fortune and happiness. It might also mean you are forgiven for a mistake you made and had been feeling guilty about, and are ready to let go of that particular error.

If, however, the burning hurts, it’s the opposite scenario. You should brace yourself for bad news, because something unpleasant will happen soon. If you keep a positive outlook, however, you may be renewed by this experience and move on from it a better person than you were before facing adversity.

Putting Out A Fire

This dream is the equivalent of giving up on a passion or hobby you were once very fond of. You may be struggling with finding free time or you feel like you finally outgrew it, but one way or another, you are struggling with letting go.

Perhaps it’s a good time to analyze if your hobby is worth the effort. If it is, then try and find a few hours each week to dedicate to it, and keep the flame from actually dying in real life as well.

If You are Scared of the Fire Burning Near You

Though the positive biblical meaning of fire is usually associated to godliness and a connection to your faith, it can also signify the complete opposite. Just as fire can keep us safe and warm, it can also bring great destruction.

If the fire appearing in your dream in a threatening presence, it might be a warning that someone in your life is out to get you. Just like fire, they fascinate you and it’s pleasant to be around them, but they may be plotting to betray you or have other negative intentions in mind. So keep an eye out for those people in your life you might be enthralled by, like a new partner or a charming coworker, because they are not all they seem.

Seeing A House Burn Down

dreaming about a house burning

This is a bad omen related to your family. Soon you will be encountering trouble with your spouse, children or even siblings. This problem will begin with an argument, misunderstanding or perhaps even lack of trust, but in the near future, you’ll encounter a hard confrontation with someone you love deeply.

It will be greatly beneficial to exercise your patience and remain calm through the whole problem, as it will help you reconcile with your family member after everything is said and done. If you allow your emotions to get the best of you, your relationship might end up burning to the ground just like the house in your dreams.

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Sitting by A Fireplace

If the fire in your dream makes you feel cozy and safe, it’s to be considered a good sign, especially if it’s contained in a small place such as a fireplace or a bonfire. It indicates you will enjoy a healthy and happy romantic life, whether it is with your current partner, or a new love if you are single.

If the fire comes instead in the shape of candles, especially birthday ones, you will soon receive a pleasant surprise that’ll make you very happy.

Being A Firefighter

If you find yourself working as a firefighter in your dream and even more so if you see yourself actually struggling against a raging fire, this signifies you feel ready to let go of a negative habit you have dealt with for a long time. It might be drinking, smoking or short temper. Whatever the case, you are finally ready to begin anew.

Your unconsciousness is showing you fighting against a complicated situation is not only possible, but that you alone have the power to succeed in this endeavour.

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Hearing A Fire Alarm Go Off

dreams about fire

Your subconscious mind has many ways of sending you message and this one is among the most direct ones: If a fire alarm goes off in your dream, your mind is quite literally informing you there is something that requires your immediate attention.

It might be a situation you are actively trying to avoid, such as a chore you keep putting off, or a promise you have broken repeatedly. If you don’t heed attention to this warning, you should be prepared to face an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation soon.

Seeing Fireworks in The Sky

If you find yourself admiring beautiful fireworks go off in the night sky, this might be a sign that you are excited about an upcoming event and can’t wait for it to arrive. It might be a big party, a date or any other positive interaction you will be facing in the following days.

It can also symbolize your creativity and an eagerness to show your artwork or projects to other people in your life, but might be too shy to do so. Take a leap and let others see your creative side: it will be worth the effort!

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