Biblical Meaning of Colors in Dreams

The bible itself is filled with symbolism, and each little detail can carry important significance that can help you interpret you most complex dreams. Colors are not the exception: From the pure white to the threatening dark, and all in between, every single one can bring you a better understanding of your subconscious and what the future might hold.

Many religions believe that colors have a deep connection with divinity and that they might be a way for God to send messages to humanity, and christianity isn’t an exception. So if you want to comprehend your dreams better, try to remember the colors you saw featured more predominantly and analyze them through this comprehensive article.

Biblical meaning of colors in dreams is a fascinating analysis that will help you better understand what your subconscious mind is attempting to tell you while you sleep. We’ll review the significance the most popular color’s importance and what they might mean when appearing repeatedly in our dreams.

Most of the time, the colors won’t stand out in particular, and you shouldn’t give it much importance. For instance, if the sky is blue, it’s what’s expected and it probably holds no real significance. When the color stands out to you for some reason or is the opposite than would have been in real life, that’s when you should pay special attention to it.

Common biblical meanings of colors in dreams


The color red is deeply related to life. It’s not in itself either a good or bad sign, and should be more carefully analyzed to comprehend its real significance.

It’s connected to flesh, blood and birth, but also suffering and illness. It may signify war -thus, a fight or argument- or on the contrary, wisdom -resolving a conflict in your life-.

It’s fundamental to sense the feelings you experienced while witnessing this color: If you feel safe or happy, the biblical meaning of this color would be positive and wholesome. You will probably enjoy good health or resolve a complex situation. If you felt uncomfortable or scared, however, you may soon get sick or get into a nasty argument with a loved one.

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dream about blue color

In the Bible, blue is associated deeply with divinity and God. It signifies evil being chased away and it represents the word of God. If you have been dreaming about all-things blue, this is a sign that you are feeling blessed and happy with you current life, and should continue acting the way you have so far.

It’s also a color connected to sadness and depression, so if you have been feeling low lately, it’s a sign that you should get help from either someone you love or a professional who can give you good advice. If you reach out, you will receive the aid you require.


This color is deeply associated with the wisdom and kindness of God in the bible. It usually bares good news and might even be understood as a blessing and a gift from the creator.

If you feel at ease during the dream, this means you will receive great blessings in your future: A good marriage, an obedient son or daughter, happiness and health. The brighter the shade of yellow, the brighter your future.

However, if you experienced a feeling of dread during your dream, yellow might signify a bad omen: You might receive a gift you’ll believe to be good but it will only bring you heartbreak in the long run. It will be given by someone who you think as your close friend, but is truly deceitful, so you should be careful who you keep in your life.


This is one of the few colors that hold no negative sides to it. You will always receive blessings when dreaming of the color white.

In the bible, it’s deeply connected with cleanliness and purity, as well as rebirth. If you have experiencing self doubt in your life, dreaming about the color white is a sign that you are on the right path and should continue without further concerns: You are making the right decision.

It’s also related to innocence and kindness, so if you are expecting a child, they will be healthy and become a true blessing in your life.


Though it might seem ominous, black doesn’t necessarily carry a negative connotation. Though it can indeed signify death, pain and corruption, you should not immediately assume any dream featuring this color will be a bad omen.

If you have been acting sinfully recently, then this dream is a way of telling yourself you need to straighten your path and begin amending your wrongs. Your conscience is stained and you feel guilty even if you haven’t been consciously aware of it.

In a more positive note, it might symbolize a mystery: You may receive a surprise soon, but you will not know at first if it’s the good or bad kind, so be weary.


dream about green color

In the bible, green may signify both good and negative connotations. Once again, you should try and remember the emotions you experienced while dreaming.

If you felt happy and comfortable, green is always a blessing: It’s related to growth and life. You will experience success in your personal and professional life, and may encounter a chance to nourish your career or studies: Don’t reject it, since it will allow you to improve your future significantly.

If, on the other hand, you felt scared or worried throughout your dream, you may be feeling underqualified or unprepared to deal with a particular situation you are currently experiencing, and should search for help immediately or the end result will be deeply negative.

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The bible relates the color purple with royalty and wealth as well as power and authority, so dreaming about it may signify you will be able to gain control over a complex situation you’ll face soon, instead of allowing it to get the better of you as you may have in the past.

Alternately, this might also bring a negative connotation, as power can turn people blind to their own faults.

Purple also signifies corruption and hubris, so if you find yourself in a position of power, try to take a long look inside and make sure you are not letting your own privilege blind you to reality.

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