Dreams about Lobsters – Meaning and Interpretation

Though it’s a strange animal to encounter in your dreams, it’s far more common than you’d imagine. Your dream about lobsters can carry a number of different symbolisms depending on what exactly is going on around it, so it’s important to try and remember as much as you can from the actual dream.

It may be related to their cocoon, and how dreaming about them means you are ready to break free from the shell you’ve been hiding behind in real life, or it can have something to do with their longevity. Whatever the case, let’s sink deeper and analyze the different interpretations that can arise from dreaming about this fascinating animal.

Eating Lobsters in Dream

Eating Lobsters in Dream

If you find yourself eating a lobster in your dreams, it’s great news! You feel like you are in charge of your own life, and might even be your own boss, or planning on becoming it. You don’t enjoy having someone nagging or annoying you and watching over your shoulder: When it comes to your professional life, you enjoy taking complete charge of what you should and should not do.

If you haven’t been able to quit that 9-to-5 yet and have been on the fence about starting your own business, this is your subconscious mind way of telling you it’s time to take that leap!

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Catching A Lobster

If during your dream you manage to catch a live lobster, then you will soon be finding the solution to a big problem you’ve been dealing with for a while. If your life has been relatively peaceful recently, then you’ll encounter a problem soon, but don’t worry: You’ll be able to quickly solve the issue and move past it.

Swimming Among Lobsters

If you dream about lobsters swimming around you, then you will be soon be encountering an annoying person or situation not easily avoided. It won’t affect your life in a significant way, but it will be tiresome during a period of time, so it would be best to begin practicing your patience in advance.

Try and learn to deal with small problems in your life without getting too worked up over them, or they’ll create unnecessary stress.

Seeing A Lobster Shed Their Shell

Lobsters continue to grow through their entire lives, so they must face the risks of changing their shell as they become larger and wider. If you dream about this situation, then it’s a clear sign that you will soon be encountering a positive change in your life. Beware, however, that at first you’ll feel vulnerable and even threatened by those around you, but be brave: This new opportunity will be worth the risk.

This is a sign you should learn to embrace change, get out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with people you love and trust: They’ll help you in your transition and keep you safe from people who might be envious of your success.

Dreaming about Lobster Claws

If you dream about lobsters and their claws specifically, you are feeling vulnerable in your personal life and wish to have someone who could protect you from your doubts and perceived weakness.

It’s important that you learn to stand up for yourself and remember that you have strength within: You can search for help in those you love and trust, but you will find the confidence you require inside yourself.

This might also mean you are searching for a father figure in your life, a mentor or protector who can help you go through a difficult process you have encountered or will soon have to face.

Being A Lobster In Your Dreams

being lobster in dreams

If instead of dreaming about lobsters, you find yourself transformed into a lobster in your dreams, then this means you are hiding away behind your metaphorical shell to protect yourself from a perceived threat in the real world.

This might be a fear of intimacy or of taking risks at work, but whatever the case, your subconscious is trying to tell you it’s time to break free from your insecurities and self-doubts, and take the chances you’ve been avoiding for so long.

If you have been putting off asking that special someone out, or perhaps asking your boss for a raise, then this might be the right time to do it!

Running Into A Lobster

If you find yourself running into a lobster but not interacting with it in any way, this is a clear sign that you don’t stand up for what you believe in. You might let your insecurities get the better of you, or let others bully you into remaining quiet, but you don’t longer feel comfortable allowing this to happen. Your subconscious is trying to tell you it’s time to let your inner confidence shine through and actually begin speaking your mind.

Being Attacked by Lobsters

If you dream about lobsters, then you are having doubts about the truthfulness of the people in your life. Your significant other might be cheating on you, or a close friend will betray you soon. The important message to gather from this dream is that you should be on the lookout for signs of betrayal from someone you love.

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The Size of the Lobster

It’s also important to take into account how big the lobster you dreamed about was: If it was a large lobster, then you feel there is something in your past that are holding you down and preventing you from following your dreams: It might be time to take a long look back and let go of the memories that keep you from growing.

If the lobster is small, you should focus on the future as you’ll soon encounter small yet annoying problems you won’t be able to avoid. It’s best to be patient and endure this situation without losing your temper, as it will only be a momentary issue that will have no further question unless you let it get to you.

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