What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

Every day, we are confronted with several strange things that may come with spiritual meanings and symbolism. One of them is seeing birds hitting windows out of nowhere. So what does it mean when a bird hits your window? Read on to find out more about this and uncover the real meaning and symbolism behind this strange phenomenon.

Most of us may come across different kinds of birds in our daily life. Each of us may have different experiences with these birds. But it’s important to understand that birds are signs from the spirit realms and are often seen as messengers of God. Others consider birds as their guardian angels. But what happens when the birds hit your window?

Birds can see through ultraviolet light. Since most windows are see-through, this usually gives confusion to the bird, which could explain why they often end up hitting your windows. To prevent birds from hitting your glass windows, you can hang shiny objects like aluminum near your window. This will serve as a distraction or a way to deter the birds from flying towards your glass windows.

In order to further understand what does it mean when a bird hits your window, let’s find out the different symbolisms and spiritual meanings behind this occurrence.

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Superstitions About Birds Hitting a Window

what does it mean when a bird hits your window

A bird flying into window is considered a bad omen in some cultures. It could mean that you’re about to face a difficult situation in your life. Consider this as a warning about an obstacle that you’re about to encounter. But these are mere superstitions and should not be that much of a concern. As stated above, it’s pretty common for birds to hit windows since they can see the reflection of the sky in your glass windows.

In some beliefs, the bird that hit your window may be carrying some important messages that you need to decipher. But it’s not always bad omen or it’s not always about struggle or physical death. In folklore, this is seen as a representation of transition. As the bible says, when a door closes, another will open for you. So if the bird hitting your window means something is going to close in your life, you can expect that a new one will be opened for you soon.

Spiritual Meanings

Let’s dig deeper on the different spiritual meanings about a bird flying into the window and hitting it.

You Tend to Worry About Money

Birds are pretty symbolic. In the bible, they’re seen as messengers of God and play an important role in delivering God’s messages to mankind.

When a bird is flying through your window and ends up hitting it, this could signify your constant worry about your finances. In the Bible, Jesus talked about the birds. He said that if God provided everything for the bird, then there’s no reason why God wouldn’t provide for whatever it is that you need.

When you dream about birds flying through your window, this may be because you tend to worry a lot on where to get money to pay your bills. Consider this a sign that God wants to remind you that He is there to provide everything for you so there’s really no need to keep on worrying about these things.

Someone in Heaven is Trying to Send You a Message

In the Bible, it was mentioned that God separated heaven from the water of Earth during creation. But God allowed the birds to fly on Earth across the vastness of heavens. This is because God wanted the birds to be his messengers.

So when a bird ended up hitting your window, someone in heaven is probably trying to send you a message. Pay close attention when this happened as this might just be the key to figuring out God’s message for you.

Birds can also deliver significant messages during the birthdays of people close to you that have already passed away. Sometimes, birds bring us messages during important holidays.

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Change is About to Happen Soon

birds flying into windows repeatedly meaning

Whenever you see a bird hitting the window, consider this as a sign that you’re about to experience a major change in your life soon.

In the Bible, Noah sent a dove to know if the great flood had already ended. But the dove returned immediately because there wouldn’t be anything for the dove to land, which meant that the flood was still going on. But when Noah sent the bird again and the bird didn’t come back, he immediately knew that the flood had already ended.

Birds flying into windows repeatedly meaning may be hard to decipher. But this could mean that the troubles in your life are not over yet. Since there’s no place for the bird to land safely, then this could mean that your problems are not done yet, just like what the dove did in the bible. But this might also mean that a major change is about to happen in your life soon.

Birds Flying Into Your Window

One of the most common superstitions of birds flying through windows is that a death is about to happen soon. This is especially the case for blackbirds, which are considered bad luck and could signify that a loved one might die soon.

In the olden times, it’s easy for people to remember unusual occurrences such as birds flying through windows. They won’t consider these as mere coincidence. And if someone dies after such occurrence, they will remember these things. So whenever they see a bird flying through windows again, they will think that someone might die again soon.

The Symbolism of Dead Bird

The dead bird symbolism can be many things. But in the spiritual context, this is seen as a new beginning. Many believe that this symbolizes the end of something since a new thing is about to happen soon. This could refer to various things, from relationships, jobs etc. Just like a death tarot card, the dead bird could symbolize a fresh start and an end to the old ones. Basically, if the bird hits your window and ends up dead, then this could mean a new beginning.

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14 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?”

  1. That Black bird thing happened with me… In 2017, before my father’s untimely sudden death, a black bird of some semi rare species used to visit us on one of our window at the morning.Few hours before my father’s death, that bird visited. It was a weird time for it to visit because it used to visit us only in the morning.
    After my father’s death, it only visited only once or twice during that week and after that, i never saw it.
    Now, a dove keeps visiting us like 3 to 4 times a day on a regular basis for bout a year.
    I hope thats a good sign 🙂

    • A dove is a good sign both in the dream and even in the physical, as the symbol of peace. Now as it is in your situation you need to pray about it first, for God to reveal. Since the evil one also comes as the angel of light, unless you hear from God then it is well.

  2. Today within 15 minutes 5 different birds hit the windows while I was cleaning. It scared me because it was so loud. It wasn’t the same window every time. Some to the front of the house and some on the back. What does this mean?

  3. I was sitting in living room watching t.v. I heard something hit my picture window. It didn’t sound like a rock. Something softer sounding. Dogs started barking I looked outside seen a black bird was over my chain link fence was a few inches from ground like flying. What could this mean.

  4. I had a brown thrasher hit the window I was sitting inches in front of. I had seen it for a couple of weeks outside my window foraging on the ground and then today it hit the window so hard I through someone had shot at my window. It was so weird because I actually took the time last week to try to determine what type of bird it was and was telling my husband about it. I do have a feeder close by but have never had a bird fly into the window that I was aware of. I ran outside trying to save the bird because I really loved seeing it everyday but it sadly passed away. What could this mean?

  5. This morning a robin kept hitting one of my bay windows, I would go to the window and it would fly but not far then it came back to the same window and was doing it again. I closed the curtain and still it kept flying into the window. I put a plastic bag hanging from the window only for the bird to go to the other window then it went back to the same window as the bag hanging from. Then more birds taking turns hitting my window. It’s very strange to me as to why they are doing this. Could anyone explain??

  6. Last month there was a robin hitting the side of my house so hard it died instantly, it sounds like a gun shot everyone in the family woken up. We have unpleasant feeling about the sign.
    2 weeks later my father fall ills and he be going to hospital today.
    There is also another robin visiting my yard everyday foraging near my garden and staring at me. what does it means?

  7. Today we heard a large bang and found a dead dove a few meters away from the house.
    It had a broken neck,and we assumed that it had flown into the window,as there was a small feather on the frame of the window.
    We are on the verge of euthanizing our 15 year old Border Collie,who has been suffering lately and no longer eats or drinks water,and is finding it difficult to walk,and see well.

  8. Can u tell me I took my curtains down and a sparrow hit my window I read up on this but I’m so scared it’s saying good and bad can some advise me as I had many problems last year in clouding loosing my dad from covid 19 thanks deirdremyers

  9. A few days ago, a robin flew into our bay window and it died within a few minutes. Took it out to the forest and gave it back to Mother Nature. Now Im afraid of what bad luck may befall me. Please pray for me that I and my loved ones will be OK.

  10. A bird flew into my window when I was watching TV. This happened after my boyfriend broke up with me via phone a few hours earlier. I did a cord cutting to let the relationship go and was hoping for it to be over instead of it lingering. I don’t know why we are splitting other than that is unhappy


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