Sparrow – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Just like the swallow bird, sparrows are a small bird. However, they are among the most powerful beings that soar the skies. 

Of course, it is inevitable that humans find a connection to these birds. Sparrows, in particular, are being incorporated as the spirit animals of some people. Honestly, doing so is quite beneficial because the bird is brimming with excellent characteristics that we can emulate.

The Sparrow Symbolism

The sparrow is a bird far from the ordinary. It has wonderful traits that we humans should try embodying. After all, you cannot find any blemish when it comes to the nature of this bird. 


sparrow spirit animal

The sparrow symbolizes strength. It is a creature that threads the skies fearlessly. Even amidst the tempest or unfavorable conditions, this bird is capable of piercing through these odds.

Surprisingly, these feats are being performed by the sparrow even in its small frame. It just goes to show that in this world, size doesn’t determine your strength and tenacity.

Sure enough, we can learn from this as well. Most of the time, we feel weak whenever we are facing difficult and trying times. Of course, that’s completely understandable. The feeling of being feeble creeps through whenever we are stuck on such predicaments. 

However, such a mindset can be changed. Even if we are facing big problems, we have to be reminded that we are capable of defeating it. Our soul and will are bigger than whatever this world throws at us!

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Spiritual Compass

Similar to other birds, sparrows have a good sense of direction. They don’t get lost even if they travel great distances. They have homing capabilities that allow them to find the correct direction. Because of this, they can always return to their original points without any problem. 

This particular trait of sparrow can represent our spiritual compass. Most of us have experienced the feeling of being “lost.” This one doesn’t refer to its literal meaning, but rather the figurative one. 

The loss of purpose, the loss of drive, and the loss of the desire to succeed are among the situations that are directly related to this matter. 

Although we want to avoid, sometimes they come naturally. Once they sink to you, it is difficult to get out of them. 

Fortunately, embodying the spirit animal sparrow can help you escape this kind of “darkness.” After all, having a spiritual compass can help you navigate your thoughts and emotions so that you can see the way out. 

Moreover, you can avoid distractions and potential dangers if you are aware of the things that are happening around on a spiritual level.


Aside from these given implications, the sparrow also symbolizes great wisdom and intelligence. This particular bird is smart. In fact, you can consider it as one of the brightest birds that exist today. 

Because of this, it would really be great if you can own a sparrow totem. This one can help you think more clearly and judiciously. It can help you to become a wise person. 

The wisdom of the sparrow can usually help a person during difficult and pressing moments. For instance, if you are in a predicament where anger can easily overtake you, the sparrow spirit animal can teach you not to act harshly. It will assist you in holding your grounds so that you can think better. By doing so, you avoided making regrettable decisions. 

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the wisdom in making plans and strategies that could lead to your success.

Hard Work

Sparrow bird meaning

Perhaps the most useful symbolism of sparrow is diligence. One way or another, it is pretty evident that this bird is not scared of doing rigorous labor. It is always up to the challenge, and that makes the bird unique among its contemporaries. 

If you want to have the sparrow as your spirit animal, then you should change your attitude. If you have some kind of laziness imprinted in your system, you should erase it already. Even habits of procrastination should be expelled, too!

You see, this spirit animal can tell you that if you don’t change at all, you will never get the rewards that rightfully yours in the first place. Always remember that success is never halfhearted. It doesn’t work for itself. If you have dreams and aspirations in life, then you should learn how to work for it.

At first, doing this kind of “adjustment” is difficult. But in the long run, you will realize that it is actually a good thing to be hardworking. It lets you become closer to your desires. 

The sparrow is a reminder that nothing is impossible as long as you can put your effort into it. Achieving your goals is possible if you will be persistent and enthusiastic about the things you do!

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Notably, the sparrow also symbolizes high levels of caution. You see, the sparrow is always chased by a lot of predators because of its small size. But the bird is agile and alert. It can detect threats easily. 

In that aspect, it is notable that this bird exhibits heightened senses so that it can be aware of its surroundings. As humans, we can do the same thing as well. 

Right now, the world is filled with danger. Even if you are just an ordinary person, it is pretty sure that you have felt that a lot of people want to take advantage of you. At this point, it is crucial that we can assess our surroundings and the people we encounter. We have to learn their motives and see through their intentions. We don’t want to be blindsided. 

The sparrow is a reminder that we have to train our senses and gut-feeling. In that way, we can always be cautious. 


These are the notable symbolism of sparrow. As you have seen, this bird offers traits that should be lived by us humans. Nothing is ominous when it comes to this bird, by the way. Therefore, having it as your spirit animal should not cause you any concerns.

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