The Meaning and Symbolism of Ladybugs: The Complete Guide.

Are ladybugs considered good luck? Can you really make a wish when one lands on you? In this article, we’ll discuss the myths behind this red and vibrant little bug, as well as the different symbols associated with it.

Are Ladybugs Considered Good Luck?

Yes, they are! But where did this belief come from?

Ladybugs, aside from being pretty, are excellent pest controllers. They require to eat almost constantly, and their main dish consists of insects that are harmful to crops and small gardens. Meanwhile, they leave the plants unharmed, which makes them the perfect ally for gardeners and farmers alike.

Each ladybug can devour 5000 insects during the course of its life! This is impressive and helpful, allowing plants to grow unharmed and healthy.

They are basically miniature defenders of the crops and the flowers, so it’s no wonder that people should consider a sign of good luck seeing these tiny insects in their backyard.

Ladybugs offer luck and affluence to the people they interact with, so it’s always good news to see one!

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Making A Wish

are ladybugs considered good luck

One of the most popular symbolisms of ladybugs is the wish-fulfillment they represent. According to ancient myths, when this small and colorful insect lands on you, it’s gracing you with a bit of good luck of your choice.

This means you get to make a wish, and it’s likely you’ll see your desire become a reality, especially if it’s positive.

It’s important that you count the number of spots on the ladybug’s body, as you will most likely have to wait that amount of months or years until the wish becomes a reality. Patience truly is a virtue and in order to be rewarded, you need to learn to exercise it.

There’s a possibility that the ladybug flies off before you actually get to make a wish. This means that, though you won’t get your heart’s desire, you will be rewarded. The next time you have an important event, you’ll be graced with good weather and perfect luck all through it. Be it your wedding, a party or a date, you can rest assured everything will go according to plan.

If you are a pregnant or newlywed woman and a ladybug lands on your hand or belly, then you should also count the number of spots, especially the dark ones. You’ll discover the number of children you’ll be blessed with through your marriage!

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Spirit Animal

Though ladybugs are most linked with good fortune, there are other symbols they are deeply associated with.

This is especially true if this small insect is your spirit animal, and it will help you better understand your inner self.

Symbolisms of ladybugs are plenty: Childhood wonder, as well as innocence and magic,  are all intrinsic to the ladybug. They are also profoundly linked to the spirit world.

People who identify with this animal are usually adventurous and always searching for a new and extraordinary experience. No matter how normal and mundane a day might seem, these people will find a way to make something unique out of their routine.

They are also incredibly open-minded, trusting and loving, discovering happiness in the small details rather than needing huge gestures. It’s easy taking advantage of their easygoing nature, but it’s not a good idea to betray them, as losing their trust is an irreversible mistake they won’t soon forgive.

Human beings who feel a connection to ladybugs are usually incredibly intuitive and empathetic toward other people’s problems. They are likely to offer a helping hand to those in trouble even when not asked for their aid.

Romance and New Love

Ladybugs are also related to young and blossoming love. In China, there is a legend that connects their presence to the promise of a new romance. It’s a symbol that the gods or powers to be have blessed this couple, even in their first few days together.

Apparently, if you see a ladybug during a first date or when you are engaged in courtship, then this is a good sign you’ve chosen the right person. You’ll most likely fall in love, and these emotions will be reciprocated.

If while on a date, a ladybug happens to land on you or your partner, then this means you will most likely end up marrying them. You’ll find happiness by this person’s side, as they truly have your best interest at heart.

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Biblical Interpretation

ladybug symbolism

Though the ladybug is never outright mentioned in the scriptures, it still has a special connection with biblical figures.

In certain traditions, this small insect is considered to link to the Virgin Mary. This is especially true when it comes to ladybugs with seven dots in their bodies, particularly those with darker spots. These are meant to represent the seven sorrows Mary went through.

For those who believe in the Christian faith, this is a sign they are being blessed and that the path they have chosen is a pious one. You should continue down this road and make sure to thank the Lord for the sign he chose to send.

Messengers of the Afterlife

Ladybugs are considered to be especially intuitive and magical beings, and so they can easily transmit messages to the living from those who have already passed away.

Seeing a ladybug in a moment of sorrow or struggle in your life is a good sign! It means those you’ve lost are looking after you even after their death. Ladybugs are considered to be protectors of entrances and gardens, and so they can also symbolize defense against bad luck and mean spirits.

They are there to remind you that you are not alone and your ancestors are still there after passing away. Whatever struggles you are dealing with in the present, you can rest assured your future holds happiness for you. The problems you endure will be overcome through your effort and the influence of those looking after your wellbeing.

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