What Does The Dream Of Being Stabbed Mean? 8 Symbolic Meanings

A dream of being stabbed may be a scary experience, making you wake up in the middle of the night. Do you know what it really means?

Some people assume that a dream like this represents death. However, this is not true. The general meaning of this scenario is betrayal, struggle, and fear.

You are curious about the exact interpretation of your dreams, aren’t you? So, stay here with us to discover more about the dream world! 

Dream Of Being Stabbed: 8 Symbolic Meanings 

Here are some of the most typical symbols related to stabbing dreams. If none of them work for you, you’ll need to think out of the box and look at other options.


If someone has been or is about to betray you in your waking life, this sensation will follow you in your dreams. When you have a dream of being knifed, it refers to betrayal

Getting cheated

You’re more vulnerable to experiencing nightmares involving a stabbing if you’re constantly anxious about someone lying or exploiting you.

Perhaps you’re upset that your partner will cheat you on someone else. You may feel insecure about your co-worker and think they will betray you at some point.


You may have doubts about your dearest family members and friends for different reasons.

You may begin to mistrust and analyze each of their acts and words, regardless of what they are to you and vice versa. During these times, stabbing nightmares are more likely to show up in your dreams.


It’s normal to feel hurt when someone cheats or betrays you, especially if it’s someone important to you. 

You may, though, be so upset that you get angry and want to take revenge on the person who has mistreated you.

In that case, instead of burying anger, your dream may be encouraging you to face that person and have a straight talk with them. 


Dreams involving stabbing might be a hint that you’re about to experience a difficult period in your life.

After all, this scenario may want you to be well-equipped and well-prepared for the upcoming storm.


This scenario may appear in your sleep if you sometimes feel that you don’t deserve someone or something in your life.

For example, you believe that your partner’s love is too precious for you. Another case is you don’t think you deserve the promotion in your job.

Difficult situations

The dreams may foretell situations that are too difficult to address at first look.

However, you should be aware that if you explore deeper, they will not be as tricky as you thought.

Those circumstances enable you to prove that you are clever and persistent. Others may finally change their minds about you and start to appreciate you differently. 


If you’re facing challenges in real life, you’re likely to have such a dream. Maybe your daily tasks place you under stress, and they are getting more boring by the day.

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Dream Of Being Stabbed: Common Cases 

This section will provide you with an extensive explanation of the interpretation of dreams about the stabbing. Let’s check! 

Stabbed multiple times

If you see yourself being knifed multiple times in one dream plot, it may be a sign that you’re feeling overwhelmed in real life.

There are many reasons why you feel that way — whether your current job fatigues you, your typical tasks are too repetitive and boring, or your relationship wears you out.

If you don’t change anything, your pressure will still be the same. You may see such scenarios in your dreams. 

Stabbed by different people

The people you dream about are likely to represent those in your network in your waking life. They might be close friends, family members, or colleagues.

Those people may have hovered about you while you were in crisis, trying to help you. However, you consider them a barrier rather than a support to you.

So, in the end, the scenario is an indication that you need some private space. You want them to go away and let you handle your problems on your own.

Stabbed on your head

A dream about somebody stabbing you in your head suggests that people question or criticize your intelligence.

For example, some people may ask you why and how you make particular decisions. Meanwhile, your subconscious doesn’t want you to feel discouraged by such questions. 

We look at everything from our viewpoint. Hence, both of you could be right in this case, depending on how to view it. 

The scenario might also mean that somebody or a group of individuals has doubted your ability to make decisions.

Maybe someone is trying to fool you by redirecting your focus away from your true objectives.

Stabbed on your neck

This scenario is also associated with commitments. Perhaps the lack of commitment has made it difficult for you to start a relationship, or you failed to devote yourself to your career.

It might also indicate that someone is questioning your willingness to remain committed in a job or relationship.

You don’t like commitment because you want to be free to do everything you like. However, sometimes this idea doesn’t work well for you. 

Consider the situation again, make the final decision on whether to stick to what you have done or to quit it. 

Stabbed on your shoulder

If you dream about somebody stabbing you in the shoulder, you may end up in a shameful situation.

It might also mean you’re attempting to get to the bottom of a problem to solve it.

Stabbed in your heart

getting stabbed in a dream and feeling it

The scenario of getting stabbed in a dream and feeling it, it’s an indication that you’re still hurting from rejection from your loved ones.

As a result, you’ve been damaged by the past and are reluctant to commit to another relationship.

Stabbed in your chest

Somebody stabbing you in your chest implies that you’re a sensitive person who easily gets hurt by others’ comments and judgments.

If you’re dreaming about getting knifed in the chest but not bleeding, you’re in danger. Your conscious mind isn’t yet aware of what’s going on.

Stabbed in your stomach

The dream of being stabbed in the stomach forewarns you of upcoming dangers from your rivals. They might be someone from your close circles, such as a relative, a friend, or even your sibling.

This dream about being stabbed in the stomach tries to advise you to be cautious with everyone around you. Otherwise, you will be in trouble soon. 

Stabbed on your back

If the person who knifed you, in this case, is a friend, it means you’re in an unhealthy relationship with somebody who may hurt you.

It might be a romance, a friendship, or a partnership. Dreams are attempting to reveal facts to you that your conscious mind is uninformed.

Stabbed on your thigh

A dream about being attacked in the thigh means that you have failed to solve a problem in your life. It has developed due to your carelessness and is ready to run out of control.

Stabbed on your leg

A dream in which somebody knifed you in the leg(s) represents a power struggle between you and somebody. 

You may want to do things your way while that person asks you to obey their instructions.

Stabbed on your knee

You’ve been using immoral or unfair methods to achieve your goals in life. If you think this idea exactly fits your circumstance, your subconscious wants you to realize that lies will get you nowhere.

Your parent stabbing you

Dreaming about your parents attacking you implies that you don’t want them to control you. You’ve likely struggled to deal with what they demand.

Maybe there is always a mismatch between what other people expect of you and what you need. Now, you’ve had enough and can choose to separate from them.

Your partner stabbing you

Your lover stabbing you may refer to betrayal. However, before accusing your partner of cheating, you should ask yourself some questions.

Think about whether you are always afraid of being cheated by your partner. If you answered yes, the scenario might represent your anxieties.

A stranger stabbing you

The stranger in this situation reflects your fear of the unknown, of what could or might not transpire.

Despite your ambition to become better, the dream implies that your fear keeps you from taking risks.

Stabbed with a sharp object

The scenario advises you to be extra careful at work since you will have multiple possibilities to make mistakes. They will negatively impact your career.

Stabbed to death

Although this situation appears to be terrible at first glance, it is actually a positive sign representing health, wealth, and success.

In terms of spiritual evolution, the dream of somebody stabbing you to death indicates that you are improving spiritually.

Stabbed but not dying

dream of being stabbed but not dying

The dream of being stabbed but not dying symbolizes your resilience. Your life journey will undoubtedly be difficult. However, you can overcome the challenges and become better. 

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We’ve gone through the meanings of dreams involving being stabbed. In general, these dreams arise after a very stressful and tiring time in one’s life.

The scenarios may symbolize illness, financial difficulties, or relationship issues. They help you picture what is happening in your life and take action. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If your friends are having the same problem as you, share this post with them.

Thank you for reading!

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