Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying: What Does It Mean?

Being shot with a gun is a frightening and perhaps deadly situation. It might be terrifying to experience this event even while dreaming. 

You can interpret such dreams in multiple ways, depending on the scenario. Being alive after getting hurt may be a good sign, but what does it mean? 

We will explain the dream about getting shot and not dying. If these events happen to you, keep calm and read till the end of this post. 

Symbolism Of Being Shot Dream 

Dreaming of getting shot relates to something violent, aggressive, and terrifying. If you experience this dream, it may reflect what happens in your waking life. 

Starting over

You may find yourself stuck and uncertain of how to continue. If something strange happened that brought you out of your routine, you could feel a sense of relief.

In this way, getting shot in when dreaming might indicate that you are searching for a chance to start over. However, you don’t want to shoulder the burden of starting the change alone.

When you don’t figure out how to make anything happen so that you can handle it, the change may be disturbing. Then your dream of being shot could be an allusion to a similar situation.


The gunfire may symbolize a scenario in which you feel powerless over your life.

Somebody will come along and make things harder for you, no matter what you are doing, improving your life. As a result, you may believe that it is useless to help yourself.


Not everything terrible that comes to you is your responsibility, but your energies attract relevant things.

A dream of getting shot might imply that you express aggressive energy that violent people may want to engage with.

Symbolism Of Being Shot Dream
The event may relate to aggression

Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying 

This dream analysis might refer to a situation where you are constantly battling a severe wound.

The pain may not worsen through time, but it also may not get any better or disappear. 

Your situation may be similar to that of Chiron, the injured healer. According to Greek mythology, Chiron was an eternal centaur who endured a severe, festering injury in battle.

He learned how to heal himself since he couldn’t die from the pain, at least not until a subsequent bargain offered him that freedom.

This dream might also symbolize your ability to persist in hardship, even if you do not overcome it completely uninjured.

There are also some similar cases that you may encounter in your sleep, such as:

Somebody trying to shoot you

If you have a nightmare about somebody chasing you down and trying to kill you with a pistol, it might refer to a circumstance in which you think you have an enemy with evil intentions.

You could think about why that person was attempting to shoot you while interpreting your scenario. Was it an accidental, violent act, or did you push them in any way?

We may get hurt, but it doesn’t mean that we are innocent. If the gunman behaved in self-defense, it might be a message that you need to rethink how you behave towards others.

Dodging the bullet successfully.

If you safely dodged the gunshot at you, it means that you can avoid any dangerous situation in your waking life.

On the other hand, such nightmares might represent that you are feeling bad because somebody near you is struggling while you are not.

You are safe and secure from tragedy in real life, yet you feel terrible for the unfortunate one. This kind of guilt is survivor’s guilt.

Shot and robbed 

Being robbed and killed by a gun in a dream may symbolize various things. There is something to be sure of: you feel hopeless and defeated. 

If you calmly gave your stuff to the robber, but he still shot you, it means that someone in your real life is furious with you.

Trying to fight against the robber, on the other hand, indicates that you’re ready to defend yourself regardless of the risks.

If the thing you fought over was unimportant, however, the dream tells you that something of minor significance is dragging you back.

In this case, you should understand that you can overcome the problem and then move on. 

Other Cases Of Dreaming About Being Shot  

The gunfire may deliver some other messages depending on the specific situation. We will look into the most common cases right here. 

Shot in the head

This dream means that you are facing a difficult or stressful situation in your life.

In the dream, you may see that a particular wound is apparent. If the shot is in the eye, you may have experienced a sudden sight that made you feel uneasy or frightened.

dream about shot in the back
Someone is plotting against you

Shot in the back

Plotting against someone behind their back is what the cowards do. People use these tactics only when they lack the confidence to face someone directly.

So, if you have dreams about getting shot in your back, you are anxious that someone is plotting your misfortune behind you. Maybe the guy is angry.

Shot in the neck

A shot in the neck is not a good sign. It means that your head and heart conflict with one other, making it difficult for you to make a choice.

Even if you know how to handle it, you’ll probably find it tough to put your plan into action because you’re worried your hunches are wrong.

Shot in the chest

It’s deadly to be shot in your chest, especially when close to the heart. Dreaming of this scene implies that you are struggling with a significant issue that is placing you at risk in your waking life.

In a dream, being shot in the chest might indicate that you’re mourning your wounded heart. It might happen due to the death of someone important to you.

Shot in the stomach 

Dreaming about getting shot in the stomach should act as a wake-up call. Recall whether you’re mindful of your abilities and if you’re using them to their full potential to attain your goals.

It’s time to get back on track if you’ve been spending your time on useless activities. Also, pay attention to yourself and find out how to improve your skills.

Shot multiple times

When you dream about getting shot multiple times, you should reflect on recent events. 

You may be feeling stressed due to different people, entertainment, and memories. These dreams may reveal a pattern of similar relationships or beliefs in the past.

dream about shot multiple times
Recall what has happened to you recently

Shot by a friend

You build your friendship with trust and love. However, if you’re dreaming about being shot by your friend, it’s a warning that you and your pal are having a rocky relationship.

You could be having trouble accepting or forgiving someone for anything that has severely impacted you.

It might also be the consequence of a misunderstanding. If you believe your friendship is solid and valuable, talk to your friend to solve the problem between you two. 

Shot by your partner

The nightmare in which your partner shoots you might symbolize the psychological difficulty in your love with them.

You may be feeling emotionally fragile with your lover or think that they no longer love you as much as they used to.

It might represent the actual pain you’ve suffered in your relationship. Such nightmares may get worse by your partner’s betrayal or violation.

In other words, dreaming of your partner killing you implies that your relationship with your partner is on the rocks. You should share your feelings with your partner before it is too late.

dream about shot by your partner
Your romance may be on the rocks

Shot by a stranger

If you have repeated nightmares about someone shooting you, it’s time to be cautious of others around you.

Tension may have developed at work, where some of your ‘so-called’ friends and coworkers are most likely daring your downfall or attempting to ruin your image.

If you experience this scenario, be wary of boasting about your successes in front of people. You should work on your humbleness and communication skills as well.


A dream about getting shot and not dying is scary. It may wake you up with a racing heart and excessive sweating.

Although most of these nightmares can be a warning, they don’t always imply that you’ll be in a dangerous situation. 

Hopefully, the information we have shared can keep you calm after what you encountered in your sleep. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for following this post! 

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