Dream About Suicide – What Is It Trying To Tell You?

Dreaming of killing yourself or someone killing themselves may bring confusion and concerns to your spirit.

Though these dreams are by no means linked to factual events, they tend to reflect our thoughts, beliefs, and current conditions in real life.

You’re probably worrying about impending difficulties or delaying solving the problems in real life. Sometimes, this nightmare denotes that you need to let go of bad habits or are seeking freedom in spirit or space.

What a dream about suicide means depends on the specific situation and the character you play in that dream.

There are ten common cases you’ll usually encounter, and now, we’ll walk through the general interpretation of each.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Suicide?

Dreams about suicide are notoriously connected with poor self-images. Death does not always indicate bad things. But in most cases, it does.

Death is usually synonymous with the last scenario of something. It may indicate a bad habit that you need to kick or change in the future.

If you’re addicted to cigarettes or drugs, it’s not uncommon to encounter dreams with death as a metaphor.

Also, if you’re suffering from intense depression and frustration in real life, you will end up encountering this situation sooner or later.

Life is incomplete without difficulties and challenges. It’s sometimes normal to be mentally unstable or feel that you need an escape door to get away from the current troubles.

10 Interpretation of Suicide Dream

Death-related dreams are usually synonymous with unwanted feelings. It might be hopelessness, discontentment, or frustration.

Killing Yourself

This case denotes something currently negatively affecting your spirits. It happens since you are stuck in a difficult situation without a prospective solution or sign of change.

Dreaming of killing yourself also represents the desire for freedom.

Thus, you should think about what has currently made you depressed and stifling so you can work out on it.

What’s more, a self-harming dream warns that you probably grant trust to the wrong people. Some around you are not trustworthy, and they may strive to hurt or betray you.

So, do not trust anyone easily and never share too many secrets with those you’re not close to.

Seeing Someone, You Know Committing Suicide

Watching an acquaintance killing themselves isn’t an easy scene to understand or cope with. For those easy to get panicky, it can be obsessive.

The most common interpretation of this case is that you need to recognize someone’s characteristics or change your prejudice toward them. You might have acted incorrectly with them.

If you witness a friend killing himself in your nightmare, it may signal that one of your loved ones is facing difficulties.

Thus, it’s time to pay more attention to your friends and close acquaintances and ask if they need help.

Real friendships are present in the hardest, most challenging periods. Show them your willingness to stay and help.

Watching A Stranger Committing Suicide

How about dreaming of witnessing a stranger killing himself? If so, it represents a misunderstanding.

You feel like other people’s problems are nothing since you can solve them effortlessly.

You suppose that people around you are notorious, attention-seeking, and only look to stand in the spotlight.

You deem them ungrateful folks who’ve never gone through suffering and pain.

Mass suicide

dream about someone committing suicide
Your physical and mental health is suffering.

Dreams about mass suicide suggest that you feel exhausted lately, either physically or mentally.

It’s high time you took a moment to refresh yourself and recharge positive energy.

Why don’t you wind down and chill by traveling or taking a vacation? Spending time on entertainment and relaxation can significantly refresh your mind.

Stopping Suicide

In this scene, death doesn’t happen, which is a good sign. It indicates that someone will owe you since you’ve helped them or come to their rescue.

They will feel grateful forever. Even when you don’t ask that person to do anything to pay you back, that person will send you gifts and pay more attention to you.

Giving Up On suicide

Similarly, death also doesn’t happen in this case, implying that you’ve made up your mind thoroughly about a complicated, tricky problem and gotten over it.

You might take up new hobbies and interests that are worth your spare time and can improve your mental health.

In other words, you’re working out on yourself.

Suicide At Work

dream about suicide at work
You’re probably dealing with stress at the workplace.

As you can easily guess, you and your work have a poor relationship. You may go through an employment termination in the future.

Another prospect is that someone has set an evil trap to block your path.

You should double your dedication and attention to work and be cautious to avoid adversaries in the professional walk of life.

Someone Convincing You To Kill Yourself

If you encounter this situation, it implies that you’re gullible and easy to fool. You can trust someone easily, believing in anything people say without doubting.

To say you’re naive is not nonsense. You need to change your naive attitude toward others to prevent someone from stabbing you in the back.

Such dreams hint that a selfish friend is beside you and trying to harm you. You’ll realize that you usually suffer from that friend’s egoism.

Threatening Someone With Your Suicide

The meaning behind this miserable scene is that you’re desperately craving attention and care.

You hate being alone and want everyone to care about you. Recently, your partner, parents, or friends have spent little to no time with you.

Someone Threatening With Their Suicide

It seems like everyone is overwhelming you with negative stories and problems. They bombard you with toxic dramas and pass bad energy on you.

Those problematic people exhaust you and make you sit on the fence all the time.

Instead of letting their stories bother your mind, why don’t you spend time enjoying your favorite activities and relaxing?

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In A Nutshell

Dreams are often related to specific contexts and situations in real life. Your thoughts and emotions, as when you’re conscious, somehow lead to your behaviors in dreams.

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