What Does Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out Mean?

It’s pretty common for people to search what does dreaming about teeth falling out means. That’s because this dream is pretty common. Almost all people have experienced this strange dream, which could sometimes cause people to panic. Upon waking up, they will immediately run to the mirror to check if their teeth are still intact. Sure, this dream is pretty strange but you’re definitely not the only one who has experienced this dream.

As it turns out, this dream has nothing to do with your oral care. Instead, this dream is triggered by some situations in your life. So what does it mean when you dream about teeth falling out?

Let’s discuss this a bit more and find out the possible meanings behind this somewhat strange dream.

What Does Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out Mean?

People immediately think that dreaming about teeth falling out is bad news. But this is not always the case. There are also good interpretations of this dream. This dream could mean everything, from a lack of self-esteem to major life changes, both positive and negative. The dream may also mean a fear of getting old and dealing with money issues. In some instances, this dream could also signify rebirth or perhaps regretting something that you have just said.

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Positive Interpretations of Dreaming Your Teeth Falling Out

what does it mean when you dream about teeth

When dreaming your teeth falling out, the initial reaction is worry and fear. But then again, this dream is not always negative.

There are also positive interpretations about this dream and here are some of them:

Personal Growth

Teeth symbolize growing of age. We are all born without teeth and as you get older, you’ll start losing your teeth. Thus, when you dream about your teeth falling out, this could mean progression or growth. Perhaps, this could mean a promotion.

Renewed Strength

Others also see teeth as a symbol of power. So if you’re dreaming that your teeth are falling out, this could refer to your personal strength. Perhaps, you’ll soon get more control over a particular situation or environment. Or perhaps your level of confidence will soon improve.


Some psychologists consider the falling teeth as rebirth or giving birth. If your teeth are falling, this could represent tension or pain, which is a result of giving birth or starting something new. Aside from having a new baby, this could also mean having a new relationship or undergoing a period of growth in some aspects of your life.

Negative Interpretations of Teeth Falling Out

dreaming your teeth falling out

Just like with other dreams, dreaming your teeth falling out can have both positive and negative meanings. We’ve talked about the positive meanings above. Now let’s take a look at what the negative meanings are.

Communication Issues

As mentioned, teeth could mean power. So if your teeth are falling out, this could mean losing control over some aspects of your life. Maybe you are feeling powerless over something and this has caused distress over you.

The dream may also refer to some communication issues where you are feeling powerless over something you wanted to say or that you’re afraid that others will not understand what you are trying to point out. This could be due to some lack of opportunity or people are just not willing to hear you out.

Health Issues

Some people associate a good set of teeth to good health and good quality of life as well. Thus, if your teeth are falling out in your dream, this could mean that your health is deteriorating. But there are also instances where you are totally healthy, but because you tend to worry too much about aging, that’s why you’re being confronted with a dream about falling teeth.


Interpreting the dream to be about death may just be too dramatic, but if you take a closer look at the symbolism behind teeth falling out, it could somehow lead to death. As mentioned above, the dream could mean aging and health issues.

If you’re having a bad feeling about your health and you’re dreaming about your teeth falling out, it’s probably about time to get yourself checked. There’s really nothing to fear about. Instead, take this dream as a warning or a precaution.

Cultural Interpretations

dream about teeth

If you find yourself asking what does it mean when you dream about teeth then you may need to consider the cultural interpretations behind this dream as well.


In the Greek culture, if someone dreams about the teeth falling out, this could symbolize an upcoming death in the family or that someone might soon suffer from a serious illness. As you know, we all depend on our teeth to eat. Without our teeth, it would be hard for us to survive.


For the Chinese people, teeth falling out in dreams could mean that you are being deceitful. You’ve probably told a lie recently or that you have spilled a secret that you weren’t supposed to spill.


In Islam, if you’re not feeling any pain when you dream that your teeth falling, then this could refer to worthless deeds. This means that you’re doing something that doesn’t give significant value to your life so it’s time to stop that. However, if in your dream, you’re feeling pain as your teeth are falling, then this could mean that you’ll soon lose something. And if you end up catching your falling teeth, you might soon get rich or you’ll gain wealth in the form of property or money.

A Scientific Explanation of This Dream

Scientists have long studied the dreams about falling teeth since they are pretty common. Most people do not really experience oral problems on a regular basis so it’s somehow strange as to why this dream is very common.

In line with this, a psychologist from Hong Kong has proposed one theory. He says that this is related to bruxism, an act of teeth grinding while on sleep. The sensation that one feels as a result of bruxism is what perpetrates the dream, which leads to images of teeth falling.

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