Will You Really Lose Your Hair If You Have Dreams of Hair Falling Out?

Many people have dreams of hair falling out. This is a common dream that has varying meanings and interpretations.

Hair has long been considered a complex symbol. The loss of hair could signify the loss of sexual satisfaction, vanity, sensuality, and health. On the other hand, hair can also suggest power. Thus, if you dream of getting a haircut, then this could suggest losing power or entitlement and may also indicate a fresh start of life.

There are many ways in which the dream of losing hair can be interpreted. Just like with any dream, it usually depends upon your particular situation in life. For instance, some people dream about losing hair as they get old simply because they’re scared of aging and losing hair is one of the most visible signs of aging that’s difficult to conceal.

Your emotions, such as fear and anxiety, can also affect your dream about losing hair and can provide meaning and context for your dream, making it easier for you to interpret and analyze it.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hair?

Before we dig deeper on the meaning behind the dreams of losing hair, let’s first find out the symbolic meaning behind a dream involving hair.

Hair is interpreted differently in many cultures and religion. In some cultures, hair signifies knowledge and thoughts, as well as abundance and prosperity. Others also relate hair to beauty, sensuality, vanity, seduction, virility, and health.

Dream About Hair

If you dream about hair and you want to know the meaning of it, you need to take into consideration all the details involved in such a dream. For instance, if you dream about short hair, this could indicate trustworthiness and integrity. On the other hand, long hair could signify spiritual and physical strength. In some instances, the dream of long hair may also be a sign of sexual satisfaction. White hair or grey hair may be a symbol of knowledge and experience, which usually comes with aging.

There are many different kinds of dreams that involve the hair but the most common is the dream of cutting hair, losing hair, or going bald. With many meanings both negative and positive, the dreams involving hair are a bit tricky to interpret. Some people find this kind of dream frightening, as it’s often an indication of a bad omen, just like the dream where teeth are falling out. But depending on what’s involved in the dream, the dreams of hair falling out can have different meanings and interpretations.

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Meaning and Interpretations

Dreaming about Seeing a Hair

If your dream simply involves a hair without any particular situation, then this dream could symbolize sensuality and seduction. Hair is usually linked to sex appeal and beauty. Thus, dreaming about hair usually may have a sexual connotation, which represents your present situation.

If you dream about your hair getting longer, this might imply increasing troubles in your life. Perhaps, the pressure in your job is becoming too much for you to deal with. This may also indicate that your health is declining, which means that it’s probably about time to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dreaming about Cutting Your Hair

If you’re cutting your hair in your dream against your will, then this could mean that you’re not that strong enough to continue what it is that you’re fighting for in life. Perhaps, you feel that someone is trying to pin you down and you’re losing the strength and the courage to fight this person.

Cutting your hair in dreams may also indicate some major changes are about to take place in your life soon. Therefore, you have to be prepared to face these changes. This dream could also indicate that it’s about time to change your way of thinking. It could refer to changes in your goals and ambitions in life or getting rid of some habits that are harming you.

dreaming of cutting your hair
Dream of cutting hair.

If you know the person who’s cutting your hair in your dreams, then this could mean that such a person is talking behind your back or criticizing you in your absence. This could also mean that you’re too weak to fight off that person who may be trying to destroy you because of jealousy.

If in your dream you have voluntarily visited a hair stylist to get a new haircut, then this could mean that you’re in the process of rethinking or reshaping your life decisions. However, if the hair stylist is doing something to your hair that’s against your will, then this could suggest that there are certain views in life that are being forced on you. This is usually something about how you represent or look at yourself.

If the hairstylist is shaving your hair without you knowing, then this could mean that someone is taking advantage of you, usually in the financial aspect.

Dreaming about Hair Falling Out

One of the most common dreams concerning hair is the dream of hair falling out suddenly without you knowing the reason. There are many meanings behind this kind of dream. It could represent the fear of death, fear of aging, lost creativity, abandoned ideas, feeling of helplessness, loss of energy, loss of power or control, and the fear of becoming less attractive.

dream about losing hair

Just as people don’t have any control over going bald, the dream of hair falling out also means that the dreamer has no control over a certain situation. When interpreting this dream, one should determine if there are certain aspects of his or her life that they have no control over. Maybe someone is trying to manipulate them into doing things and they have no power to say no.

Another interpretation of the dream about the sudden falling of hair is insecurity or vulnerability. Perhaps there are certain situations in your life that you’re insecure the most. This dream is an indication that it’s about time that you address your insecurities and face any vulnerability that you have in your life.

Dreaming about Hair Falling in Chunks

If the dream involves hair falling out in massive quantities or in chunks, similar to someone who’s undergoing cancer treatment, then this dream could be the indication of a process of self-transformation. You’re probably working on certain things in your life that you feel are better for you and you’re at the point in your life that you care less about what others think about these changes.

Dreaming about Hair Falling in Chunks

In some cases, the hair that’s falling out could represent poisonous material. Thus, the dream may suggest that you’re trying to get rid of some toxic people in your life. These are the people that have triggered unnecessary stress and you want to get rid of them so you can live a harmonious life.

Losing hair may also signify lack of strength. This could mean that you’re losing the power to succeed over certain undertakings. Maybe you’re finding it hard to get that much-needed promotion in your job or perhaps you’re feeling vulnerable and weak about certain aspects of your relationship with another person.

Dreaming about Lashes and Eyebrows Falling Out

Lashes and eyebrows are types of body hair and if you dream about them falling out, then this could signify an upcoming betrayal. Perhaps, your lover, best friend, or anyone close to you will betray you. Consider this dream as a warning to assess your life and be wary of any deception that’s about to happen.

dream about eyebrows falling out

However, there’s actually no need to panic because this kind of dream has other interpretations, too. It could also indicate that you might have difficulty expressing yourself in your everyday life. And since eyelashes and eyebrows are seen as a symbol of beauty in some cultures, the dreams about lashes and brows falling out may also suggest a loss of sexual appeal, especially for women.

Dreaming about Cutting Someone’s Hair

If in your dream you’re cutting someone else’s hair and you know who that person is, then this could be an indication of your expectations for that person. Perhaps, you want the person to act or behave in a certain way. In this case, you’re the one who’s trying to gain control over that person since you’re the one who’s cutting his or her hair in your dream. Dreaming of cutting the hair of another person may also have a positive connotation. This could indicate your ability to help that person in the future.

dream of cutting someone's hair

On the other hand, if you’re cutting the hair of a person who’s unknown to you, then this may indicate your unconscious mind’s ability to control the people and things around you. Perhaps, you want people to change for your own happiness. It could be your partner or anyone close to you. Maybe you want that the people around you adopt or follow your own habits and lifestyle.

Dreaming of cutting hair that’s not yours basically indicates that you want to rule over other people. You have to be careful when it comes to this because you can never force somebody to live the kind of life that you want for him or her. Otherwise, it could lead to conflict or an end of a relationship.

Dreaming of Another Person’s Haircut

If you find yourself dreaming of someone else’s haircut, then this kind of dream can have many interpretations, which usually depend on the details surrounding the dream. For instance, if you dream of the haircut of a person you know very well or someone who’s close to you, then consider that a good sign. Whoever that person is, he or she will be lucky in the future.

The person might experience good things in his or her life soon and will share the success with you. Perhaps, your significant other is about to get promoted soon or maybe a close friend of yours is going to win the lottery.

cutting hair dream meaning

The dream of seeing another person’s hair being cut may also have a negative meaning. It could mean that you envy the life of that person and you want to be like him or her. This could also indicate that you’re not satisfied with your life situation at present. Thus, you’re desperate to change things.

If in your dream, you’re looking at a person whose hair is cut very short, then you may want to warn the person. Short hair is often attributed to the person’s ability to spend a lot of money that could drain out his or her finances soon. You should take this dream as a sign to warn the person against unnecessary spending.

Dreaming about Drastic Changes in Hair

Perhaps, you have drastically changed the look of your hair in your dream, either you cut it too short or style it differently. In this case, something is about to happen in your life soon that will cause some major changes. The change can be so drastic that you might find yourself surprised. Therefore, you should be ready to embrace whatever these changes are, whether it’s something positive or negative.

The dream may also indicate that it’s about time that you leave all your past worries behind. Maybe there’s something from your past that keeps on coming back and this affects your present decisions. It’s about time that you forget about these and move on with your life.


So these are some of the most common interpretations of dreams of hair falling out. If you had a haircut recently or perhaps you have witnessed a haircut, then your dream may just be a reflection of the things that have happened in your real life so there’s really no need to decipher the dream and overanalyze it.

Remember that dreams can have different meanings and symbolism and shouldn’t be interpreted literally. But if your dream about losing hair is something that bothers you, it’s time that you assess your life situation and see if there’s something that you need to change. Perhaps your dream is just your life’s way of telling you that it’s time for a change. Whatever it is, you should be ready to embrace it.

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