What Do Dreams About Whales Mean?

The meaning of whales in our dreams can vary greatly. While some people believe that dreams about whales are a bad omen, others view this kind of dream in a more positive way. Generally, whales signify strength, protection, and spirituality. In some cultures, whales are seen as a symbol of darkness and could lead to the loss of a special someone. It’s worth noting that the presence of whales in our dreams is also influenced by many factors, such as our present life situation, previous experiences, religion, and belief.

People tend to make different hypothesis and assumptions on their dreams about whales. But there’s definitely no exact meaning behind this type of dream, as it will mainly depend upon certain situations. However, if you’re bothered by this dream and you are curious to know as to what your dream might be telling you, then you better read on.

In this article, we’ll explore the various meanings and symbolisms of whale to somehow understand how our experiences and perceptions may have played a role in the presence of whales in our dreams.

The Symbolism of Whale

The whale is often associated with creativity, emotion, and inner truth.

Here are the other things that the dreams about whales symbolize:

  • Communication
  • Emotional rebirth
  • Importance of community and family
  • Keeper of history
  • Peaceful strength
  • Emotional and physical healing
  • Wisdom holder

As you see, whales come with many different meanings and symbolism. Thus, the whale dream meaning can be interpreted in several ways.

Dreaming about a Whale

dreams about whales

After knowing the many different symbolisms and meanings of a whale, let’s dig deeper as to what this dream could possibly mean. First of all, if you dream about the whale “in general”, this could mean that you’ll soon experience kindness and happiness in your life. It could depict your relationship with another person who is special to you. Perhaps, it’s your significant other or another person dear to you. That person is someone very important and someone you often think about. This dream could mean that you need to pay close attention to your relationship with this person.

Dreaming about a Humpback Whale

If the whale that appeared in your dream is a humpback whale, this could mean that you are about to enter in a new journey in your life. And if the whale is howling or crying in your dream, then this could symbolize love and attraction. Since humpback mother whales tend to swim together with their babies, this dream might also mean growing spiritually. The humpback whale may also be associated with speed or the ability to move fast in certain situations since these whales have very powerful tail fins.

Dreaming about Killer Whales

Dreams about killer whales are not really that bad at all. In fact, it could indicate an opportunity to improve certain aspects of your life. Perhaps, there’s a certain issue that’s preventing you from grabbing certain opportunities in life. This dream is basically telling you that it’s time for you to face your fears and take advantage of whatever opportunity life is throwing you.

Dreaming about Multiple Whales

humpack whales

Seeing many whales in your dream could mean that it’s about time that you value your relationship with friends and family. Whales symbolize kindness and gentleness and seeing a lot of them in your dream could mean that you’re experiencing lots of love in your life as of the moment, which is definitely a positive thing. If you’ve not shown enough attention to your family members or you haven’t been spending lots of quality time with them, then consider this a sign that you’ll have to pay more attention to this relationship.

Dreaming about Swimming with Whales

If in your dream you’re swimming with a bunch of whales, then this may mean that you’ll have to make some important life decisions soon. This decision may have something to do with your relationship with others or perhaps about a new career. You’ve got to trust your instincts when making such a significant decision.

Dreaming about Baby Whales

If you’re seeing a mother whale with baby whales in your dream, then this could symbolize your maternal instinct. This could also mean a strong focus on happiness in your life. Usually, these kinds of dreams could happen if you’re having a strong desire to keep your family protected from certain calamities. Such a dream may also occur after you free yourself from a stressful and toxic relationship. If you’ve got no kids yet, then this particular dream may symbolize your desire to have your own family soon.

Dreaming about Seeing a Jumping Whale

If you’re seeing a jumping whale in your dream, this could mean a feeling of relief after finally overcoming certain emotional challenges in your life. This dream may also mean suffering from a certain problem in your life. In some cases, your dreams about whales may also mean that you need to seize every opportunity that will come your way.

Dreaming about Whales Communicating

If the whales are communicating in your dream, then consider this as your desire to try to say something or reveal a secret to the people around you. Perhaps, you’ve been keeping a secret for a long time and it’s something that keeps on bothering you. This whale dream meaning is probably telling you that it’s time for you to focus on your inner courage and you’ve got to openly communicate with the people around you.

Dreaming about a Whale That Swims Near a Boat?

If the whale in your dream is swimming by a boat, then this could signify that you’re about to enter a new phase in your life and you’ve got to prepare yourself for it. Sometimes, this dream could also symbolize your present worries in life. Furthermore, the dream may also mean that you’re about to encounter certain misfortunes in your life soon. But the good news is that you’ll be able to overcome all these challenges.

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  1. What does it mean when you see a whale attacking someone In your dream. (I can’t remember who it was attacking) I was trying to drag the person out of the water to safety and the whale was dragging them back. I managed to save the person.

    • That’s an awesome dream that you saved them. The whale in this case would mean something BIG was emotionally (water) overwhelming that person. It’s very important who the person was. Ask the person in your dream, who are you? What do you represent? You DO know. It could be a part of yourself or it could be someone else. You would have known at the time because that’s how you felt about it, it was a HUGE threat. What were you doing in your life at the time. Were you drinking or taking drugs or doing something in particular? If you were on medication that can affect your dreams and may make the dream meaningless, it was just the medication was affecting you badly. Whatever it was you overcame it but it was a huge challenge and you need to avoid whatever it was again.


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