Dreams About Tsunami – Meaning & Significance

Tsunamis are a natural phenomenon and proof of the immense power of nature. They are enormous tidal waves which take thousands of lives whenever they occur.

Dreams about natural disasters like tsunami are quite disturbing but very common. If you have ever had a dream about tsunami and wondered what it could mean, this article will help you learn about the secret meaning and significance of the dream.

Tsunami Dreams – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming about tsunami is a powerful indication. Seeing the tidal waves approaching from a place can fill you with fear and panic. As water is a symbol of emotions, tsunamis indicate getting the feelings out of control and getting overwhelmed. Tsunamis appear in dreams during times of stress and pressure or when we go through major life changes.

They generally represent feeling overwhelmed and threaten our abilities to cope with present circumstances. The dreams about tsunamis suggest addressing the issues which cause stress and to deal with them as soon as possible to bring back the balance to lives. Tsunami dreams often indicate feelings of emotional devastation due to unexpected incidents.

Dreaming About Seeing a Tsunami

dreaming about tsunami

A dream about seeing a tsunami is a representation of big issues or problems you may be currently facing in life. Those problems might be present for some time and you may not know how to solve them. You might have tried to solve them but nothing worked. And this is why your inner stress got represented by the natural force.

Dreams about natural disasters like tsunamis are generally symbols of deep emotions buried within. In this case, sharing your feelings with friends and family might be the right solution as more brains can come up with better ideas to get rid of the problems. Having somebody to talk to can help you a lot in such distress.

Dreaming About Being a Victim of Tsunami

When you dream about being the victim of a tsunami, it represents distress you may feel due to certain events taking place around you. They can be either your private issues or social disturbances or anything else.

Something might be troubling you and you may not know what you should do about it. This dream can even reflect some injustice done to you that makes you angry. No matter the reason, you should act on it and protect what belongs to you.

Dreaming About Somebody Being a Victim of Tsunami

If you see a dream that somebody you know became the victim of a tsunami, it indicates negative things surrounding the person. Such a dream suggests that something bad can happen to the person or he/she can get into some risky deals.

If you get strong feelings that bad things would happen to the person, you should try to protect them from the negativity and help them understand that whatever they are doing is not good.

This dream can, sometimes, indicate that a near one, like friend or family member, will face a health issue in the coming future. They may have ignored health problems and you should try and convince them to take necessary steps to deal with the issues in a timely manner.

Dreaming About Avoiding Tsunami

If you dream about escaping from tsunami, it means you will be able to defeat your enemies and deal with the problems in your life. Such a dream symbolizes good luck and suggests that your upcoming time will be quite good.

The dream indicates that you should use the time in the right way and not waste it. You should devote more time to the new project as it can be a success. It is also a good time to focus on personal relationships.

Dreaming About Tsunami Approaching You

If you dream that tsunami was approaching you, the dream represents an important event coming towards you. This can be a business meeting that could greatly affect your career or your wedding.

The event might be causing stress and you might find it difficult to relax and wait for the event to take place. In this case, you should try indulging in what you love and spend time with family and friends.

Dreaming About Dying From Tsunami

Dreaming About Dying From Tsunami

When you see a dream about dying from a tsunami, it indicates a relief you may experience after suffering from problems and worries for long time. The troubles may have bothered you for long and you were not able to solve them.

You might have run away from the problems and it is the time to relax now. You can finally focus on the future without taking stress. It is also the right time to start focusing on new projects and working on ideas.

Dreaming About Surfing a Tsunami Wave

If you see a dream about surfing on a tsunami wave, it is a good sign that symbolizes your attitude to face whatever comes in your way.

Such a dream indicates your efforts to solve all the problems and that you are not afraid of changes that might come. It can even suggest using a negative situation to your advantage.

Dreaming About People Destroying in the Storm

If you see in your dream that people were vanishing in a tsunami, the dream is an indication of a health problem you are about to experience. The problem can be something you may have faced for a while but you may have delayed visiting the doctor.

Failing to deal with the problem may have made your health worse and all you need to do is focus on the problems. Such a dream can also mean that your close friends or family members can face some serious problems in the near future. You should warn them about these things.

Dreaming About Creating a Tidal Wave

In your dream, if you had the power to create or control the tsunami or tidal waves, it means you have the ability to control your feelings.

It also indicates that you have power over other people’s emotions as well. It can mean you can make some major changes in your life or business affecting the lives of other people like employees and family members.

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  1. Had a dream a tsunami was coming from a distance and I was scared shocked , I quickly drop to my knees and began praying ..”god you is my savior and warrior” I’m sorry for all my sins , I’m sorry I failed you in life !!! .. the waves was right in front of me like a beach house on a beach .:: scariest dream of my life !!!! Now I’m opening a stronger deeper connection with god Start praying more often and change !!

  2. I had a dream a few nights ago, about being in the ocean or sea, with someone and somebody else, vice versa, and I think it was another woman or female, and we were paddle board surfing?? and just swimming around in the ocean or sea, though it was in deep water, Way out beyond the shore or shore line, I wasn’t afraid or scared like I am in real life, but when we both started to paddle and swim back to the shore or shore line, this big wave, not a huge wave, came at us from Both directions,coming and going, and going and coming!!! I think we both made it back to the shore or shore line, I HOPE!! and then I think the dream ended or stopped there??


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