Dreams About Earthquakes – Meaning & Significance

Earthquake dreams can be powerful symbols, particularly if you don’t live in regions where earthquakes occur frequently. Earthquake dreams represent strong emotions and major events that can threaten your stability and life.

Earthquakes symbolize unexpected changes about to happen in your life, turning your life upside down. They indicate life events which would completely change your beliefs and situation. Dreaming about an earthquake can be quite troubling and the aftershock of such a dream can leave you in thoughts about what it can mean. Read on to learn about the meaning and interpretation of dreams about earthquakes.

Dreams About Earthquakes – Interpretation

Dreams About Earthquakes

Experiencing earthquake condition or vibration in a dream represents that you are dealing with a number of emotions, thoughts and actions at the time. As an earthquake occurs out of pressure, the dream can also mean that you are excited and challenged about a change or an achievement.

Earthquake also symbolizes a major shakeup threatening your stability in life. It is possible that you feel insecure about your job positions or fear to lose your loved ones. Though earthquakes cause destruction, it has the ability to create valleys and mountains. This means earthquake dreams can suggest new changes affecting your life positively.

The location where you were when the earthquake took place is quite important to be able to interpret the significance of the dream in your life. For example, if, in your dream about the earthquake, you were at home, it is possible that you experience some major changes about your family members and household. If you were at work in the dream, it can suggest work-related major changes like losing the job. This dream also indicates your insecurity about a present life situation.

Dreaming About Destruction Due to Earthquake

If you dream about a violent earthquake where the earth shakes and buildings fall down, the dream can be a warning of being cautious. You might come across unpleasant circumstances which can shake the peace and stability in your life. If you see destruction due to an earthquake, it is a sign that you should protect what belongs to you. It can also suggest that you are insecure about your possessions.

For unmarried people, the dream of destruction can indicate changes and problems in the relationship. Those who are married should consider it as a sign of some changes happening in the marriage and being unaware of the results of the changes. Businessmen can interpret this dream as a decline of their wealth and spending more than what is earned. For older adults, it can mean declining health and health problems in the coming future.

Meaning of Running Away From Earthquake in Dream

If in your dream, you tried to run away from an earthquake, it indicates being disorganized, spontaneous and indecisive when making decisions, often causing cancellation of plans. If you dreamt that you found a safe place to hide during an earthquake, it signifies that you will make right decisions to solve your problems in life. If you saw people running from an earthquake and looking for places to hide, it suggests your near ones need help from you.

Watching an Earthquake in Dream

If you saw an earthquake in your dream, it means you are observing how things are falling apart. It can be anything, your job, marriage, relationship, career or friendship. Such a dream can also indicate misfortune coming your way. The dream also symbolizes your emotional state. You might be experiencing anxiety, depression and stress. But as you overcome the worry, you will feel stronger.

Dream About Rescuing Somebody from an Earthquake

Dream About Rescuing Somebody from an Earthquake

If you rescue someone from an earthquake in your dream, it indicates you are worried about the safety of someone near to you. You might fear that something may happen to your loved ones and you will not be able to help them. To rescue somebody also suggests that you may put your life at risk to protect somebody else. You might be a kind person but may not be able to recognize the people who really need your help. This dream can be a warning.

Feeling the Earthquake in Dream

To feel an earthquake in your dream is a symbol of shake up or loss of stability. You might have recently broken up with somebody or you may have lost your job. Experiencing earthquake in your dream reflects the difficulties you are currently facing in life. It signifies your emotional state. It can even symbolize feeling overwhelmed in your life. You might be feeling insecure about something. To feel an earthquake also means you are going through a difficult time.

Driving away from an earthquake in a dream signifies your desire to drive away from responsibilities and problems. Such a dream can suggest that you are looking for quick fixes to problems in life. You might be feeling trapped and want to get away. The dream can also reflect your readiness for changes.

Spiritual Meaning of Earthquake

spiritual meaning of earthquake

Dreaming about earthquakes generally, imply that you are experiencing difficulties in waking life. A dream about earthquake signifies the way we deal with our own mental and spiritual state. Your present mental health gets reflected in your dream most often. For example, if you recently broke up with somebody or got divorced or had an argument with someone, it can result in dreams like that of an earthquake.

It can mean that you have been struggling against tide for some time now. Earthquake dreams appear out of stress and pressure in your spiritual life. You should note how you felt in your dream, sad, depressed or terrified. It is possible that you feel the same in your waking life as well.

Biblical Meaning of Earthquake

According to the Bible, dreams about earthquakes symbolize destruction, accident or warning. This means such dreams warn you about a possible destruction or accident. You should be careful about the people you trust and protect yourself against any mishaps.

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