What Does It Mean If You Have Dreams about Dragonflies?

Some cultures consider dragonflies to be a symbol of good luck. Others, a sign that rain is coming, and since rain is often associated with change and renewal, so other dragonflies by correlation.

These insects have something mystical about them, from their shape to their beauty and how mysteriously they seem to appear whenever rain is close by. They are deeply connected to positive concepts such as self-improvement, adaptability, and change, so they should always be perceived as a welcoming presence in your dreams.

In this article, we’ll analyze what’s the hidden significance behind your dreams about dragonflies and why they are usually such a great omen to receive.

Dragonfly Landing on You

If you find yourself having dreams about dragonflies landing on you, then this is a great omen for the future.

When a dragonfly visits you and lands on you during a dream, this means this beautiful insect has a message to deliver to you, and it should be well received, as it will only bring good news. 

Dragonfly Landing on You

This means you are ready to let go of the illusions and the lies in your life, that you are going to be facing life around you as it is and how it could be if you work hard enough to obtain your dreams. You might have been tricked into believing something that wasn’t true for a long time, but now you will be able to see things clearly.

Soon you will enjoy moments of great clarity and experience a pleasant awakening. This is the perfect moment to finally follow the dreams you have been pushing forward for years now, as good luck will follow you wherever you go.

Consider the dragonfly landing on you a sign that Lady Fortune is smiling at you and will continue to for a long time. This is certainly a lucky dream.

Trying to Catch A Dragonfly

If while experiencing dreams about dragonflies you find yourself trying to catch them, then this is a sign that you tend to procrastinate and waste time in real life.

You might be a bit of a dreamer and might spend too much time simply lost in your own thoughts, planning for the future and imagining a million different scenarios that could occur and how you’d solve them. That’s great, to a point. If you spend all your time locked away in your mind, you never actually take any action.

This dream is a sign that you should try and focus on the real world a bit more, to get out of your dream world and your thoughts and take action. If you spend all your time procrastinating, all the tasks you need to fulfill will end up catching up to you and you’ll struggle to get them finished in time. To avoid unnecessary stress, try and correct this behavior before it’s too late to do anything about it.

If someone else is trying to catch a dragonfly in your dream, then this means others in your life see you as a dreamer. This is a good thing, in part, but it might also mean people think of you as lazy. You should try and make more of an effort at work, school or at home to avoid uncomfortable confrontations about this issue.

Eating A Dragonfly

If you experience dreams about dragonflies and how you attempt or even manage to eat them, then this is a warning you should pay careful attention to.

You are a passionate and ambitious dreamer and those are great traits to hold, but you should remember that passion is very similar to fire. Fire can bring warmth to a house and be greatly useful, but it can also be highly destructive. 

It can help as often as it can hurt, and it all depends on how it’s used. Your passion is exactly the same: Left unchecked, it can go from helping you achieve your dreams and move forward in life, to hurt those around you… and even yourself, in the long run.

So try and consider just how far you are willing to go to achieve your dreams. If your actions can potentially harm people you love or even be detrimental to your own health, then you should consider the path you’ve taken.

Don’t forget to remember you should never let go of the fire within, as it’s an intrinsic part of who you are. This dream is merely warning you to keep it in check.

Seeing A Pair of Dragonflies Flying Together

If your dreams feature two dragonflies flying together around you, then good luck: You will be fortunate when it comes to love!

If you are already dating or married, then you will share a special moment with your significant other and this will bring you two closer to one another. Prepare for a great few weeks filled with romance and love.

dreaming about dragonflies

If you’re still looking for that special someone, then you are in luck: Soon the man or woman of your dreams will arrive into your life, and you’ll fall deeply in love with one another.

Dragonflies, when seen in pairs, signify romance, love, and fidelity, but still hold the usual symbolism of good fortune and creativity, so your relationship will never lack any of these traits. You will never have a boring moment with the person you’ve fallen (or you will soon fall!) in love with.

So open your heart to love, since this dream will only bring you good luck in the love department. Kudos!

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Holding A Dragonfly in Your Hands

If you find yourself experiencing dreams about dragonflies, this means to tell you that you tend to focus for too long on small details that aren’t worth your full attention.

Though attention to detail is a desirable trait to have, losing yourself in the small stuff and ignoring the most important -and sometimes urgent- situations around you will eventually get you in trouble. You are most likely a dreamer, always lost in your own thoughts. You also tend to obsess over those problems you cannot change.

No matter how much you try to keep water between your hands, it’ll eventually slip away. The sooner you learn to accept this and let go of things you cannot control and that occupy your mind instead of those things you can indeed change and should be focusing on, the sooner you will achieve true happiness.

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